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Best Apple Apps in 2018

Best Apple Apps in 2018

Apple have revealed their top favorite apps for the year 2018.  Apple named Lara Croft GO the Game of the Year and Periscope Best Apple Apps for the year 2018. Check out the full list of Best Apple Apps below and we provide you with download links for each app.

Best Apple Apps


List of Best Apple Apps

1. Periscope

Number 1 in the list of Best Apple Apps is Periscope. Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.

Other features:
[+] REPLAY: When your broadcast is over, you can make it available for replay so viewers can watch later. Viewers can replay your broadcast with comments and hearts to relive the full experience.

Replays currently last 24 hours. You can delete your replay at any time.
[+] PRIVATE: If you want to broadcast to specific people, press the lock icon before going live and choose who you want to invite to your broadcast.

[+] TWITTER: You can choose to share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter by tapping the bird icon before you start broadcasting. When you go live, you’ll tweet a link so that your Twitter followers

can watch on the web (or in the app)
[+] MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS: Periscope will suggest people for you to follow based on your Twitter network. You can always follow new people, or unfollow them if you don’t want to be notified

when they go live. You can also adjust notification preferences in Periscope Settings (in Profile)
[+] HEARTS: Hearts are a fun, easy way to let the broadcaster know you’re enjoying the broadcast. Tap the screen to share the love!

Download from iTunes

2. Enlight

Enlight is the superior way to create stunning images on iPhone. The most comprehensive, highest quality photo editing app so powerful and user-friendly it’ll be the last photo app you ever download. Try it today and see for yourself.

Enlight offers:

Image Perfection
• Brilliant features to bring the best out of your photo
• Precise & selective control over tone, color, and details
• Create and save your own unique presets
• Built-in masking within every tool allow you to seamlessly blend effects

Analog & Duo Filters
• Reproduce the style of classic cameras and vintage film
• Revitalize colors with two-toned gradients
• Add light leaks and custom vignetting for a retro feel

Black & White Photography
• Discover the magic of monochromatic photos with darkroom-inspired techniques

• Signature presets dedicated to stunning b&w photo conversion
• Add artistic touches with film intensity, grain, and fade

An Artist’s Dream
• Easily convert your photos into artistic masterpieces
• Create amazing painterly effects
• Convert any image to unique street art
• Transform your photos into realistic looking sketches

Decorative Touches
• Personalize: draw, write, or doodle directly on your image
• Decals & special effects add-ons make your photo unique
• Add and customize text, borders, frames, and more!

Photo Mixer
• Overlay two photos to produce a double exposure effect
• Create photo montages for impressive surrealistic results
• Seamlessly merge photos with various blending modes

Intelligent Photo Correction
• Instantly repair under or over-exposed photos
• Bring out lost details with a simple swipe
• State-of-the-art noise reduction tool
• Clone/Heal tool allows for seamless removal of defects

Power Tools
• Bloat, shrink, or reshape specific objects in the photo
• Linear, mirror, and radial tilt-shift options to shift focus
• Multi-channel curves for ultimate control over image tonality
• Universal masking for precise control over every effect

Crop Options
• Flip, rotate, and straighten crooked photos
• Perspective: vary the photo as if taken from a different angle

Social Media Heaven
• Make your photos square-ready for Instagram!
• Create funny memes to share with friends
• Design unique photo collages with a variety of templates
• Share your amazing results directly to social media
• Share multiple photos at once

Innovative Workflow
• Not finished editing? Auto-save photo sessions, continue later
• Compare your work to the original with before & after
• Choice of export quality (JPEG, PNG or TIFF)
• Real time 19MP editing on iPhone 5 and iPad 3/iPad Mini 2 and above
• Animate your editing sessions to show your workflow

Download this powerful all-in-one photo editor from iTunes

3. Robinhood

Robinhood for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is a free download that allows people to buy and sell stocks for free! View market data in real-time, build a personalized watchlist, and place trades with a few taps.

Robinhood for iPhone
– Free trading refers to $0 commissions for Robinhood Financial self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via mobile devices. SEC & FINRA regulatory

fees may apply.
– Access market data and quotes in real-time
– Build a personalized stock watchlist with historical market data and detailed charts
– Place market, limit, stop loss, stop limit, and good till canceled orders
– Track your portfolio through our Notification Center widget
– Quickly tell when the markets are open and closed, with simple color schemes

Robinhood for Apple Watch
– Check your portfolio’s overall performance
– Peek at your watchlist and view detailed information
– Buy and sell stocks

– Authenticate quickly with Touch ID or set a custom PIN code
– Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted using SSL

Account Protection
– Robinhood Financial is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash).

Explanatory brochure available upon request or at

Please read important disclosures below:

All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security, or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. Keep in mind that while diversification may help spread risk it does

not assure a profit, or protect against loss, in a down market. There is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities, or other financial products. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing.

Margin trading involves interest charges and risks, including the potential to lose more than deposited or the need to deposit additional collateral in a falling market. Before using margin, customers must determine whether this type of trading strategy is right for them given their specific investment objectives, experience, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

System response, execution price, speed, liquidity, market data, and account access times are affected by many factors, including market volatility, size and type of order, market conditions, system performance, and other factors.

All securities and investments are offered to self-directed customers by Robinhood Financial, LLC, member FINRA ( & SIPC ( Robinhood Financial, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robinhood Markets, Inc.

Download from iTunes

4. Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Workflow includes over 200 actions, including those for Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, and iCloud Documents, to name a few.

For example, you can use Workflow to:
* Make animated GIFs
* Add a home screen icon that calls a loved one
* Make PDFs from Safari or any app with a share sheet
* Get directions to the nearest coffee shop in one tap
* Tweet the song you’re listening to
* Get all of the images on a web page
* Send a message including the last screenshot you took

* And so much more…

Your workflow creations can be launched from inside the Workflow app, from other apps using Workflow’s Action Extension, or from our new lightning-fast Today Widget. You can even export a workflow as a standalone app on your home screen.

Workflow opens up infinite possibilities of what you can do with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

Download from iTunes

5. Instagram

5th in the list of Best Apple Apps is Instagram. Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Transform your everyday photos and videos into works of art and share them with your family and friends.

See the world through somebody else’s eyes by following not only the people you know, but inspirational Instagrammers, photographers, athletes, celebrities and fashion icons. Every time you open

Instagram, you’ll see new photos and videos from your closest friends, plus breathtaking moments shared by creative people across the globe.

Over 400 million people use Instagram to:

* Edit photos and videos with free, custom-designed filters.

* Improve photos with 10 advanced creative tools to change brightness, contrast and saturation as well as shadows, highlights and perspective.
* Find people to follow based on the accounts and photos they already love.
* Make videos look cinematic with Instagram’s custom-built stabilization.
* Instantly share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.
* Connect with Instagrammers all over the world and keep up with their photos and videos.
* Send private photo and video messages directly to friends.
* Use Handoff to switch between your Apple Watch and your iPhone

Download from iTunes


HBO NOW is the new standalone streaming service from HBO, currently available for a limited-time, introductory free trial. Now all you need is the internet to get instant access to all of HBO, including

all the big premieres at the same time they air on TV. Watch every episode of every season of Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Jinx, Girls, The Sopranos, The Wire and so many more series, as well as hundreds of exclusive movies. A subscription (30-day free trial, then $14.99/month) gets you instant access
to the best of HBO: the original series, movies, comedy specials, documentaries, special events and smart talk shows.

Download from iTunes

7. Hopper – Airfare Predictions

Save up to 40% on your next flight. Hopper analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change, and tells you when to buy your tickets.

Hopper constantly monitors prices to find great deals, and notifies you the instant you should buy. It’s like having a super-fast, all-knowing travel agent in your pocket.

Hopper predicts the right time to book your flights, advising you to buy now or wait for a better price.

Discover the best time to go, the cheapest travel dates, and the cheapest airports.

Get notified the moment that prices drop and before they’re about to rise. Save up to 40%.

Securely store passenger and payment info so you can book instantly when you’re notified about a deal. Book in 60 seconds or less.

Download from iTunes

8. Darkroom – Photo Editor

Darkroom makes it easier and faster than ever to capture the perfect look for your photos. Skip the import process and start editing in our refreshingly simple interface. Make, edit, and share filters with the Pro Kit (In-App Purchase) using powerful yet easy to use tools.

Pro Kit Features:
•    Curves — Capture the perfect tone with the easiest to use and most accurate Curves editor on iOS
•    Color — Create emotion by adjusting the hue, saturation, and luminance of each color separately
•    Filter Sharing – Create, Edit, then Share your filters with the community. All filters link back to your Instagram account so you get followers as your filters spread!
•    Tone — For the first time, a split tone tool that gives you access to the entire color spectrum.

Other Key Features:
•    No need to import photos
•    Create white borders with a tap for sharing landscape and portrait photos on Instagram
•    Infinite undo history
•    And many, many other features.

Download from iTunes

9. Lark – Personal Weight Loss Coach & 24/7 Nutritionist

Wanting to lose some weight and struggling to stick with it by yourself? Tired of tediously counting calories and steps? Help is here. Meet Lark, your personal weight-loss coach on your phone that handles all the busy work and then texts with you to help you succeed.

◆ “Lark has helped me lose twenty pounds and I feel great! Because of how user friendly Lark is I have made it the only weightloss app on my phone.” – Kayla (Lark user)
◆ “Our favorite App for Apple Health: It’s like Siri for fitness and sleep goals.” – Macworld
◆ “It’s wonderful because lark actually cares about how I’m feeling. I love it and I’ve lost about 26.4 pounds.” – Liz (Lark user)

== Lark uses your phone to track your food, exercise, and sleep – automatically ==

No need for clunky, expensive activity trackers or complex calorie trackers – Lark automatically monitors your steps, activity, and sleep with the motion sensors built into your phone. And, instead of tedious calorie counting, simply tell Lark what you ate for lunch and your personal nutritionist will respond in 2 seconds.

◆◆Lark requires the low-power motion sensors (M7/M8/M9) found in iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus to provide optimal coaching. Lark does not require Apple Watch to work, but has special features for Apple Watch.◆◆

Got an Apple Watch? Talk to your Personal-Coach-On-Your-Wrist anytime, anywhere.

Download from iTunes

10. The Everything Machine

5th in the list of Best Apple Apps is Everything Machine. Dive inside your device and make your own machines! In Tinybop’s first maker app, kids are empowered to build anything they can imagine using the hardware and sensors already on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

In this award-winning app, kids use a simple visual programming language to combine your device’s camera, microphone, speakers, gyroscope, and screen to make a light, a stop-motion camera, a kaleidoscope, a voice disguiser, a cookie thief catcher, or anything else you can think of!

Kids can also play with friends. They can connect devices to play a prank or talk in secret codes, add logic gates and routers to build more complex machines, and save all inventions.

The Everything Machine is the second app in Tinybop’s Digital Toys, a series of open-ended building apps that let kids ages 6+ create, test, play with, and collect whatever they can imagine. The first is

The Robot Factory, a Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner.

* Make any machine you can imagine!

* Connect and use your device’s built in tools and sensors: the camera, microphone, speaker, screen, gyroscope, light, and more.
* Drag and snap dozens of parts together easily.
* Use logic gates and routers for more sophisticated machines.
* Kids can play together (or with grownups!): use transmitters and receivers to connect to other iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, or Apple Watches.
* Example machines help you get you started quickly.
* Download the free Everything Machine Manual for more details on parts and their functions, in the app or on our website.
* Save every machine you create. Use it every day, anyway you like!
* Introduces kids to programming and circuitry.
* Parts have labels in 40+ languages.
* Original artwork and sound design.
* Intuitive, safe, and kid-friendly design.
* Multi-user system: each child can create and save their own machines.
* Entertaining for kids and adults alike.

Download from  iTunes

11. Pacemaker

Create and save mixes with Pacemaker for Apple Watch and iPhone or DJ live on iPad.
With tracks from iTunes and Spotify.

**Selected as one of the first music apps for Apple Watch by Apple**
**App Store Editor’s Choice 2014 and 2015**
**App Store Best of 2014**

“It’s not just a DJing app – it’s DJing reinvented for the touchscreen” – Wired
“An excellent balance between simplicity and feature bloat” – The Verge
“You’re likely to see Pacemaker at a house party near you” – DJ TechTools

Pacemaker takes the effort out of mixing by adding the magic. Just pick your music from iTunes or Spotify, hit play and get into the groove! It’s like having your own personal DJ on your wrist, back pocket or lap.

*Pacemaker for Apple Watch – One-touch-mixing magic!*
Add live effects, mix in new tracks and see notifications about your mix directly from your wrist.
– Quickly get the next track into the mix! Just tap it and Pacemaker will move to the next mix moment.
– The music never stops! Pacemaker for Apple Watch notifies you when the current playlist is about to end. Pick a new playlist, or let Pacemaker choose and play tracks for you.
– Rule the party from your wrist! Pacemaker for Apple Watch comes with our most popular effects, ChopChop, Whitenoise, 8-Bit and Hi-Lo! – for free!!

*Pacemaker for iPhone – Create and save your personal mix in a flash!*
Just pick your favorite tracks or playlists from iTunes or Spotify and snap, your unique mix is created!
– Pacemaker’s track selection assistant Match Machine™ reshuffles your tracks for an optimal listening experience. While Pacemaker’s Autopilot™ (patent pending) technology does the mixing for you.
– Save your mix on your iPhone with our patented mix Recipe™ technology and listen to it again and again.
– Which tracks to mix? Let Match Machine™ find and suggest tracks for you.
– Add your personal touch! A full range of colorful live effects awaits to blast your mix to the next level.

*Pacemaker for iPad – The complete live DJ tool with the epic Autopilot™ feature.*
With its carefully crafted design, Pacemaker for iPad makes DJing easy, beautiful and fun.
– Sync with the tap of a button and with a full set of colorful effects and a crossfader, you have unlimited creative influence over the music you love!
– What to play next? Pacemaker’s track selection assistant Match Machine™ finds tracks that match perfectly with the tracks currently playing.
– Need a break? Activate (pat. pending) Autopilot™ – your personal DJ that automatically mixes music for you.
More functionality:
Split the output – and preview a track with the headphones crossfader.
Scratch – Put the needle to the groove and scratch like the grandmaster.
Adjust the Bass, Middle and Treble of your tracks and glue them together.
Record a mix on the fly. Play it, cue it and rewind it (only with music from iTunes).
Loop – With a tap you can loop it, extend it, halve it and re-loop it.
Beat Skip – Hop back and forth between the beats in a track to create your live remix.

Download from iTunes

12. Tandem

Tandem helps you find real native speakers for one-on-one language learning that’s easy, fast, and fun. Choose the language you want to learn, browse the community, and practice with other learners who share your interests. It’s that easy!

Talking in a new language is the best way to get fluent. Learn what you need to know in real life situations.


A stress free way to quickly meet amazing Tandem partners. No organising meetups, no obligations, just dive straight in.

This isn’t school, there’s no homework. Tandem is all about having fun while developing a new language.

Download from iTunes

13. Jet

Jet is a new kind of app — a smart shopping platform that finds ways to turn built-in costs into opportunities to save you money.

*Get awesome prices from the start, on pretty much anything you already buy and more.
*Now offering 20% off your first order. Use code APPLE20 at checkout.

*Look for “Smart Items” across the site. The more Smart Items you buy together, the more you save.

*Waive returns on items you plan to keep or pay with a debit card for extra savings.
*Checkout is even easier with Apple Pay (available only for iPhone 5s or later).

*Click the re-order button on the homepage to go straight to your order history and stock up on essentials.

*Get free 2-5 day shipping on every order over $35, with faster 2-day shipping on the basics, and free returns within 30 days.

*The Jet Heads, our Salt Lake City-based customer care team, are always here to help no matter which one of our trusted retailers fulfills your order. Contact us with any questions, or even just to say hi.

Download from iTunes

14. Timeline – News in Context

Timeline puts today’s news in context. Our award-winning editorial team creates original, meaningful and media-rich content that connects past to present in an intuitive and immersive experience.

Timeline is advancing the way we consume news, providing essential historical context that deepens our knowledge of the forces that shape the present.

Here’s what the press had to say about Timeline:

“You may be surprised how it makes you think differently about headline news. ” – NYTimes

“It makes everything into an epic.” – Fast Company

“Timeline ensures that you get the correct context when you consume the news” – Gizmodo

Key Features
* Get today’s news, in context. Scroll through its history to understand how the news got here
* See the timeline view to move quickly through a story and read what matters to you
* Discover and explore stories based on your unique interests
* Bookmark your favorite timelines and view your entire reading history
* Share timelines instantly via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and SMS

Download from iTunes

15. Vee for Video

Shoot creative videos using multiple clips without complicated and slow editing tools. Vee adds each clip you shoot to your video, so you don’t clutter your Camera Roll. Reorder, trim, adjust speed, add filters & transitions, then share to your friends or to the world. It’s easy, fast, and beautiful. It’s the way shooting video should be.

• Drag and Drop Editing — move clips around to craft your perfect video
• HD Quality — 4K, 1080p or 720p widescreen
• Filters — 18 beautiful filters to apply to your clips, and preview instantly
• Slomo — shoot up to 240 FPS on the latest devices
• Speed — slow down or speed up clips (or parts of clips)
• Transitions — 12 awesome transitions to make your videos shine
• Stabilizer — active video stabilization eliminates camera wobble while you shoot

• Soundtrack — pick a song from your iTunes library. Control the volume mix with your video.
• Focus and Exposure — choose focus and exposure points by touching the screen. Split your focus and exposure by using a second finger.
• Ghost — line up your next shot with a transparent overlay of your previous shot.

Vee shares to all of your favourite services. Up to full 1080p resolution. Vee also exports and shares your video in the background so you don’t have to wait.

Download from iTunes

16. Fit Men Cook – Healthy Recipes

Struggle free, healthy and practical recipes that are easy on the wallet. It’s as simple as that, and it’s a message that’s seen over 1 million people join Kevin Curry across social media.

Be honest, have you ever heard these complaints about healthy eating?

– “Eating healthy is too expensive!”
– “It takes too long! I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.”
– “Healthy food is too bland”
– “I just can’t afford to eat the food needed for bodybuilding”
– “I always end up cheating and slipping back in to bad habits”

Kevin Curry, founder of Fit Men Cook, has been there. After spotting a picture of himself on a friend’s Facebook wall he knew it was time for a change.

He followed all the common advice, changed to a healthy diet and started hitting up the gym.

For a few months, things were great, but after a while he found himself craving the old foods he was trying so hard to avoid.

Download from iTunes

17. Spark – Like your email again

Spark makes it easy to work through your inbox faster than ever before and comes 17th in the Best Apple Apps. No matter if it’s one new message or hundreds, you can do it in a couple of minutes. Moreover, Spark is fun, friendly and fully customizable!

Smart Inbox automatically detects if an email is personal, a notification or a newsletter and groups it with similar emails for easy processing. With just a glance, you can see if emails are important or just a product announcement from a service you’ve never used.

We all love the feeling of accomplishment when we have finally dealt with our inbox. Spark makes this easy to achieve. Quickly process your emails, swiping to archive or delete as necessary. Pin emails which relate to things you need to do today, or quickly swipe left to archive those you’ve already dealt with. If you can’t finish a task today, swipe to snooze for tomorrow or another day (if you’re really busy).

Quick replies let you reply to a message with just a tap. Like an email, say thanks, or send a smile by tapping the relevant button at the bottom of any email. This is especially handy on Apple Watch, where you can quickly reply to an email on your wrist. Need a longer reply? Just dictate!

Download from iTunes

18. RefME – Citations Made Easy

RefME is the world’s #1 tool for automating citations, reference lists and bibliographies, on mobile and web (

– Generate citations by scanning book or journal barcodes using your phone’s camera.

– No barcode? Search by Book/Article Title, ISBN, ISSN, DOI or URL.

– Citing a website? Simply paste in the URL or use, which syncs with the app and is perfect for websites.

– 7,000+ supported citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago and AMA as well as most school/college-specific styles.

– Add notes to your citations, both in the app and at

– Collaborate with others by inviting team members to access and edit any project.

– Export via Email or Evernote using the app.

– Cite webpages directly from Safari, using the App Extension.

– Send your work straight to MS Word, EndNote and more from

Download from iTunes

19. Wildcard – Know the Day in News and Entertainment

Wildcard is a news and entertainment experience like no other. It’s everything that’s happening in the world that’s interesting, broken down into easy, understandable experiences perfect for your phone. Whether you have a spare minute or a long commute, there’s always something fresh and interesting waiting for you in Wildcard.

WILDCARD IS EDITORIALLY CURATED. Our editors help you to rise above the noise by surfacing and organizing interesting content from across the web into a continually updated feed. We do the hard

work so that anything you choose to read, watch, or listen to in Wildcard will be easily accessible, full of context, and click bait-free.

WILDCARD IS VISUALLY STUNNING. We don’t always have time to read entire articles or blog posts. We designed Wildcard specifically for your phone, to make skimming, browsing, viewing, reading, and sharing as easy as possible.

WILDCARD IS EFFORTLESS. We make it easy to scan and find what interests you. It’s designed to get you the right choice of articles, videos, photos, and stories that you care about, from across the internet and all of your favorite sites and publications. Wildcard stays on top of the day for you, and YOU choose when and where to dive in.

WILDCARD IS FAST. We use streamlined card technology to deliver the internet’s content to your phone in high fidelity without the wait. See more, wait less. Simple.

Download from iTunes

20. Paper – Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches

When inspiration happens, put it on Paper. Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you.

Paper’s swipe-to-style formatting makes creating checklists and notes faster and more fun than any other app. The photo spotlight tool helps you quickly clarify essential details.

Bring text, photos, and sketches together. Keep your ideas organized, and see everything in one place to make connections you can’t see in siloed lists.


Paper’s unique visual notes are designed to help you get your point across quickly and precisely. Paper also lets you share your ideas any way you want to, including as professionally-formatted PDFs,

Keynote and Powerpoint presentations.

The original iPad version of Paper is a winner of Apple’s App of the Year and is used by millions around the world. The Universal version adds support for iPhone, in addition to text, photos, and sketching, all beautifully designed for touch. Paper is completely free with no in-app purchases.

Download from iTunes

21. GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera

Record your life as a series of GIFs made with GIPHY CAM. Feeling creative? Add some filters or special FX! Then share the best moments of your day via text or social media.

• Press and hold the button to RECORD GIFs on loop
• Tap the button to shoot a 5-frame BURST MODE GIF

• The best filters to help you make the best GIFs

• Enhance your GIF with photo filters with everything from 3Dee to VHS!
• Get creative with one of our 40 overlays and effects

• Text your friends your favorite GIF selfies
• Share you GIFs on Instagram, Tweet them to Twitter, or send them in Facebook Messenger
• Or just save it for later on your Camera Roll!

Download from iTunes

22. PRY

A story revealed by opening a character’s eyes, pulling apart his memories and grasping his infinitely scrolling thoughts. Six years ago, James–a demolition expert–returned from the First Gulf War.

Explore James’ mind as his vision fails and his past collides with his present. Pry delivers an iPad-based reading experience in the form of a book to watch and a film to touch.

Download from iTunes


23. Reuters

Reuters app delivers breaking news, analysis and market data from the world’s most trusted news organization. Explore a seamless stream of articles, pictures, and videos on your phone or tablet.
Reuters App accolades include the Apple App Store “Editor’s Choice”, “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” plus a 2014 Appy Award for News.

Features include:
• Breadth of Coverage: Navigate between stories to explore a wide range of topics from Politics to Opinion to Oddly Enough and more.
• Customization: Create and edit your personal watchlist of tickers.
• Flexible Access: Read online or save stories and read them later offline

Download from iTunes

24.  Zova

Zova helps you to become a fitter, stronger, healthier version of you. Discover 400+ workouts designed by expert trainers. Enjoy a variety of styles including circuit, strength, cardio, HIIT and yoga.

Challenge yourself with training plans and collections added each month to reach your goals, faster.

**Awarded App Store Editors’ Choice & Best of 2014 App**

Tired of sweaty gyms & over crowded classes? Feel it’s impossible to find a convenient space to workout?

What if you could achieve all your fitness goals:

• In the comfort of your own home?
• In 20 minutes or less?
• In a space no larger than your yoga mat?

Zova allows you to do just that.

• Choose from a variety of workouts ranging from 3 to 30 minutes.
• Workout anywhere, anytime; from your bedroom floor to a hotel room or your local gym.
• Select from a range of workouts styles including Cardio, HIIT, Strength, Tabata & Circuit.
• Enjoy a variety of stretching sessions to support recovery and rest.
• Set your workout goal and review your activity as you progress throughout the week.
• Achieve your fitness goals with motivational notifications that keep you on track and accountable.
• Easily locate your favourite workouts from the iOS 9 spotlight screen.
• Download workouts directly to your iPhone for offline access.
• Share your workout activity with your closest friends and community.
• Save your favourite workouts so they’re ready when you are.

Zova for Apple Watch helps you work towards your goal and maintain your fitness on the go:

• View your heart rate with real time monitoring while you workout.
• If you have a new Apple TV, you can now see your Heart Rate on the big screen in real time.
• Workouts contribute to your activity ring on Apple Watch.
• See your progress in real time on the workout overview screen.
• Check your technique with exercise lists right on your wrist.
• Receive gentle nudges when it’s time to workout and easily reschedule if you’re not quite ready.
• Easy access playback controls if your miss a beat or exercise technique.

Download from iTunes

25. Blue Apron

Blue Apron’s occupies 25th position in the list of Best Apple Apps. This app features Blue Apron’s simple, seasonal recipes with integrated how-to videos, cooking tips, information about our specialty ingredients, and the stories of our farmers and suppliers. You can browse or search our entire recipe collection, and save your favorites to your personal recipe box. When you’ve finished cooking, use our camera with food filters and special effects to take photos of your dish to share with friends. If you’re a Blue Apron customer, you can customize your menu each week and manage your Blue Apron deliveries right from the app.

Features of the Blue Apron App:
–Discover seasonal recipes and cooking tips each week–
Each week, our culinary team creates 10 new recipes that feature what’s in season. Recipes include integrated how-to videos and cooking tips along with step-by-step instructions.

–Create photos of your meal with custom filters and effects–
The camera feature includes food-friendly filters and special effects like captions, stickers, and even animated steam!

–Save and share your favorite Blue Apron recipes–
Save your favorite recipes to your personal recipe box in the app, and share these favorites with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, and text.

–Manage your weekly deliveries and review your meals–
Blue Apron customers can manage their deliveries in the app, including customizing your menu, updating your delivery information, and scheduling deliveries. After you’ve cooked your meals, review your meals and send us your feedback!

About Blue Apron:
Blue Apron delivers simple, seasonal recipes and farm-fresh ingredients nationwide. Each week, the Blue Apron culinary team creates 10 original recipes based on what’s in season, all designed to be prepared in 35 minutes. Recipes are never repeated in the same year, so you’re always learning to cook with new ingredients, techniques, and cuisines. You can choose the recipes you’d like to receive, and delivery is always free.

In each Blue Apron delivery, you’ll find all the pre-portioned ingredients you need to cook your meals so there’s no waste. We work directly with hundreds of farmers and artisans to get you the freshest specialty ingredients – many of which would be hard to find at your local supermarket.

Deliveries arrive in a refrigerated box, so the food stays fresh even if you’re not home to receive the delivery and you can choose a delivery day that best fits your schedule. We can’t wait to cook with you!

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