Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android Phones

We all have a few or hundreds of photos or even videos on our smartphones and it’s possible that there are some particular picture or video that we prefer not to show to other people. Sometimes, when someone unknowingly takes their hands on our smartphone, we might feel like a disaster. Or there are times when we show someone family photos and accidentally end up showing private photos or sensitive images or videos. To prevent that from happening or to save yourself from such embarrassments, fortunately, there are some beautiful apps that will hide sensitive photos & videos from your photo gallery. Let’s take a look at some of the most secure and reliable free apps to hide photos and videos on Android phones.

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

11 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

These are our selected 11 best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on your phone to help you protect your privacy.

1. Hide it Pro
2. Private Photo Vault
3. AppLock
4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
5. Hide Pictures &Videos – Vaulty
6. Smart Hide Calculator
7. keepsafe photo locker
8. Gallery Lock
9. Andrognito
10. FotoX
11. Photo Locker

Hide it Pro
Hide it pro is definitely our number choice for hiding pictures and videos on Android. It is light and powerful, an all-around app that will let you hide pictures, videos, apps, SMS, contacts and call records with just a few taps. The app works as disguised Audio manager (fully functioning audio player) to hide its identity and ensure data safety.

Disguises itself as an Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. If you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch, which is basically your SECRET VAULT of pictures, videos, messages, apps etc. If you have root permissions you can also hide other programs from the list of applications
hide it pro
This app lets you hide pictures and videos into different folders. You can then sort files or folders by name and multi-select those files that you want to hide. The app also has a slideshow and video player option that allows you to view media without needing to unhide them and share them out of the app. You can use both PIN and a password to protect your data, and all your important data is encrypted with AES 256-encryption for maximum security.

There are a lot more features like custom slideshow durations/slideshow order/ effects, custom folder thumbnails, Batch operations, Delete, Share, Unhide Move data between albums, Sort files, and folders to your liking etc. but I’ll leave some of the secrets of the app to be discovered by the users. This app is completely free (ad-supported) you can also get an ad-free version for $3.99. Hide It Pro is the recommended app for hiding pictures and videos on the Android phone.

Download Hide It Pro from Google Play Store

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is another great tool that keeps all of your private pictures and videos are hidden behind a password.  Private Photo Vault keeps your photos and videos safe by requiring a password to view them. It allows you to password protect the entire app as well as individual photo albums (double layer password security).

With this app, you can also create your own personal photo locker. All your secret images and videos that are protected with the app are then hidden from view of potential intruders. If anyone goes on trying to unlock the app, it will save GPS coordinates as well as capture the photo of that person. Also, you can keep some fake photos as well as a fake password to fool people.

private photo vault
Sometimes a nosy person will beg you to see what photos you have in Private Photo Vault. In this situation, you can give them your decoy password that opens up to an entirely different set of photos. This will then make them lose their curiosity about what is in the app while your private pics are still in there in your normal vault account. It also has a fully functioning image gallery with zooming, rotation, panning and Photo Slideshow.

Get Private Photo Vault from Play Store


With over 100 million users one of the most popular apps for hiding images and videos. Apart from images and videos, AppLock can also lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. It ensures maximum phone security.  All hidden pictures and videos have vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault.

The unique feature about AppLock is that you can decide which apps should be password protected and which should not. It also supports Fingerprint lock but it only works in Android 6.0 and above. Download now, to hide images and videos and lock android apps.

Get AppLock from Google Play Store

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault is designed to hide private pictures, videos, SMS and contacts on your phone. Like the above apps, Vault is an all-around app for hiding all the data in your phone including, photos, videos, contacts/SMS/Call logs and even Apps will be hidden and can only be accessed with a correct password.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
It also has some interesting advanced features to protect your phone’s data. You can create a Fake Vault The decoy can also store files. Make Vault icon disappear from your home screen and can only be found again with a password, so no one knows it exists. It can also alert you by secretly snaps a picture of anyone who attempts to access with a wrong password. This is obviously a bit beyond what most people need, but if you take privacy seriously then it’s worth considering. Vault is no doubt the perfect app to hide files and apps on Android from prying eyes.

Get Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos from Play Store

Hide Pictures &Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty is one of the oldest and most reliable apps to hide pictures and videos. Vaulty is a powerful tool, with its simple interface, you can easily hide almost everything on your phone. Vaulty not only hides galleries of photos and videos with a password, but it also allows you to edit the images, filter files and create multiple archives with passwords.

Hide Pictures &Videos - Vaulty
With Vaulty you can password-protected galleries, allows you to edit your photos, sort and filter your files, and create multiple vaults with different passwords. You can also view, search, zoom, share, filter, and rename photos from within the app, and it’s easy to filter videos and select multiple files.

It also provides us option to save out Photos and Videos into its online backup server. It can also automatically take pictures of an intruder trying to snoop in your secret gallery using your phone’s front-facing camera. However, this feature is available only in the premium version.

Download Hide Pictures &Videos – Vaulty from Play Store

Smart Hide Calculator

As the name suggests Smart Hide Calculator is a smart fully functional calculator app with the ability to hide things. This app can hide and unhides pictures, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed in a folder on SD card. Once you enter the password (u get to set it on the first start of app and can also be changed in future) and press the ‘=’ button then boom you are presented to an interface where you can hide, unhide pictures, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed in a folder on sdcard, and if your device has root you can also hide (freeze) and unhide (un-freeze) apps.

Smart Hide Calculator
In case a user forgets the password he can recover it by going into password recovery mode by pressing 123456789+987654321 in a calculator and providing the secondary password.  Compared with other apps to hide pictures, this one always displays on your phone screen in the mask of a calculator.

Get Smart Hide Calculator from Google Play Store


KeepSafe is another great photo locker app with a fully multi-functioning app that lets you hide pictures & photo albums and lock videos behind multiple layers of security. KeepSafe has a clean and simple interface for quick navigation and photos can be added to it right from the phone Gallery. KeepSafe can also be used as a photo storage app to free up space and internal storage.

All the photos inside, videos can be protected with a PIN, and while using KeepSafe your app list will not show its presence. It’s easy to store and lock pictures! Simply look through your photo albums and choose the pictures and videos that you want to be protected. Once you upload them to the KeepSafe photo lock app, you can delete them from your phone photo gallery and still view them in KeepSafe picture vault.

keepsafe photo locker
KeepSafe basically creates a digital vault on your phone where you can hide. To use it, you just have to create a Pin to access the app. KeepSafe also provides cloud backup service, you can upload all your private pictures and videos to the cloud if you feel comfortable so. In this way, you can recover your photos if your phone is lost or damaged. It also syncs photos, albums, and videos securely across your devices.

KeepSafe automatically locks itself when your phone turns face down. With KeepSafe you can share private images via email with approved people – pictures disappear 20 seconds after they are received. It’s one of the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Download KeepSafe from Play Store

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock has the ability to put the app icon in “Stealth Mode,” so it doesn’t appear on your phone. If anyone tries to access the app, after 3rd failed password attempt, the built-in camera takes a photo of the attacker. It has a good interface. Like most other apps it can hide photos, videos, folders and you can even back up your data to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.

gallery lock
With multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing and easy-to-use PIN, Pattern access, you can easily add photos/videos to Gallery Lock using different methods, both from inside the app and the gallery. You can even add whole folders to Gallery Lock for easier hiding. It supported slide Show supported and Mp3 background music playing while slide show.

Get Gallery Lock from Google Play Store


Andrognito has a smart designed with material design, keeping simplicity and ease of use in mind. Experience it in its best on Android 5.0 Lollipop and enjoy all the cool Material Design animations. Andrognito hides and encrypts any type of file with military-grade encryption with one of the fastest and most secure encryption algorithm ever. It is secured by a four-digit PIN, with files being bound in three layers of encryption.

Andrognito photo locker
It supports hiding all types of files, and will never appear in the recent apps list. It creates unlimited Vaults and organizes your files the way you want. It has the ability to deceive intruders into a fake account with some fake hidden files. It also supports automatic backup and backups all your hidden files, vaults and settings.

With this app, you can Import any type of file from any app of your choice and supports native image viewing with GIF playback. You can even customize the look and feel of the app as you like. Andrognito is one of the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android smartphones.

Download Andrognito from Play Store


FotoX hides and protect your private Photos and Videos in private Gallery and securely backup your data in the Cloud. It stores your private pictures, photos, and videos in FotoX Gallery. You can take a photo directly from the FotoX, import photos from the Android gallery or simply “Share” any picture or Video to FotoX. Once in the FotoX, all your private data will be secured, encrypted and invisible to other Gallery apps. It has good security measures and lots of ways to protect your photos.

fotox photo locker
It provides four types of locking methods – including Pin, Password, Pattern and Face Detection. Every time someone enters a wrong pin code creates the wrong pattern, or face recognition fails, FotoX app will record and store this attempt. It also has a stealth mode which enables you to completely remove FotoX icon from your device making the application invisible to others. In case you forget your pin code or pattern you will always be able to reset existing lock and regain access to FotoX app.

Get FotoX from Google Play Store

Photo Locker

Photo Locker is specially designed to lock your sensitive photos from your Android photo gallery can be kept safely locked away in a secure Photo Locker accessible only via a secret PIN code. All hidden files are encrypted using advanced 128 bit AES encryption. This means that even if someone manages to steal your SD card and copy the hidden picture files, they will still be unable to view the locked photos. It has a user-friendly interface, you can your photos easily via default gallery or from within Photo Locker itself.

photo locker
It provides folder level locking which means that you can show only 1 hidden photo album without exposing the others. You can also zoom in and out of hidden photos with multi-touch. All hidden photos maintain their original resolution and are not scaled down. It can automatically lock on sleep even if forgot to exit the Photo Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.

In case you forget your PIN, it has a PIN recovery feature, you won’t lose your precious files even if you forgot your PIN code. The app will email the PIN to you in the event you forgot Photo Locker’s PIN code. Like most other locker apps, this app hides.

Download Photo Locker from Play Store

These are some of the best and the most popular apps to hide photos and videos on the Android phone. You can choose any one of your choices and keep all your media files safe. If you know any other good app to hide files on android then let us know in the comment box below.

Last Updated on April 23, 2018.

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