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Best Hairstyle Apps 2019 for Men and Women To Try New Hair Style

Best Hairstyle Apps 2019 for Men and Women To Try New Hair Style

Having trouble choosing a hairstyle for your face before hitting up the salon? Or want to try a new hairstyle, and have no idea what you should look like? Ready for a new hairstyle or color, but too shy to try it at the salon. Well, with today’s mobile technology, you don’t have to wonder any longer. If you’re looking for a new haircut or styles, there are few good hairstyle apps or virtual hairstyle changer apps out there that will make your decision a whole lot easier.

We’ve broken down the best hairstyle apps for men and women, whether you are having oval, long, round, square, diamond, and triangle face shape. If you catch yourself asking “what kind of haircut should I get?” these hairstyle apps for Android and iOS listed below will let you set your face into different hairstyles and know which hairstyle looks good on you.  All you’ve got to do is select a picture of yours, or take a snap, and select the style you want to have a look at. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best hairstyle apps in 2018 for men and women.</ br>

Best Hairstyle Apps 2019 for Men and Women

1. Insta Hair Style Salon
2. Hair Style Changer app
3. Celebrity Hairstyle Salon
4. Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On
5. Mobile Virtual Makeover
6. Hairstyle Mirror
7. Hair Changer Photo Booth – Men Hair Style Photo Effect
8. Men Hair Style
9. Facial Hair Changer for Men and Women
10. Hairstyle Makeover

Insta Hair Style Salon

Insta Hair Style Salon is one of the best Free Hairstyle Apps for iPhone available, developed by Shenzhen Bigger Lens LLC. If you ever wonder what you’d look like with colorful hair or just looking for a new hairstyle and not sure what will suit you? This wonderful app will do the trick for you.

Insta Hair Style Salon app


With this app, you can digitally dye your hair that color you’ve always wanted to and also try on a different hair style completely free. Just take a photo or upload your photo from your phone and try on with 150+ hairstyles in various lengths.

This app comes with super realistic hair coloring and easy to use, directly tap on the hair to change the color. It has a huge range of hair colors with IRIS, you can choose from any color that you’ve always wanted to. You can create your own Color Box and Color Library and share the results with your family, friends or hairstylist. The app can also give you hairstyle information and important tips and understand what suits your face shape.

Get Insta Hair Style Salon App from Apple App Store

Hair Style Changer App

The Hair Style Changer app is one of the best and most popular hairstyle apps for Android devices. The Hair Style Changer app has all the greatest collection of hairstyle, hair color, and haircut. With this app, you can also try on different hairstyles of your favorite celebrities from around the world. This app gives you the ideas about different hairstyles of both men and women.

Hair Style Changer app helps you decide on how you want to wear your hair, or which type of hairstyle or a new haircut or hair colors you want to try and give you your best look. You no longer need to worry about how you look in different hairstyle, haircut or hair colors; you can just download the app and check out what you look like in different hairdo or haircut.

 Hair Style Changer app

You can select your own photo from your phone or instantly capture an image using the camera. You can select your own photo from your phone SD card or instantly capture an image using your phone camera. The app gives you different hairstyle options on both male and female, the ladies can try on the guy’s hairstyles and the guys can as well try on the ladies hairstyle which makes it so much fun. This app gives you lots of option to choose from on hairstyle, haircuts and hair colors.

There is two section inside the app, one section is for the girls hairstyles and the other section is for boys. The men hairstyle pack includes Kooples pack, to get different fashionable hairstyles that go well with the certain outfit. Mowie pack to gives you a variety of trendy spike hairstyles.

Curtained pack to gives you the 90s men hairstyles and flowing hair cut pack to gives you different long hair men hairstyle collections. Worldcup pack to get the trendy football players hairstyles. It also includes Savvy haircut pack to gives you the boys hairstyles for a trendy look, Texturized pack to give you the texture of men hairstyles and Buzz pack to give you a variety of short men hairstyles usually designed with electric clippers.

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Whereas, the Women hairstyle packs includes Mix pack to get different hairstyles and color collectively, Party pack to give you different girl hairstyles that you want to have to go to parties and outings. It also includes Bob pack for short and mid-length women haircut styles to try on, Curly pack for all kinds of a curly hair makeover or curly hairstyles collection to try on. Fringe pack for long and short fringe hairstyles and hair colors. Blond pack for a variety of hairstyles in blonde, curly, waves, braided, long, short and many more.

Download Hair Style Changer App from Google Play Store

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon is another wonderful hairstyle app developed by Modiface with over 5,000,000 installs. Celebrity Hairstyle Salon is the ultimate hairstyle simulation application which allows you to virtually try on tons of different celebrity hairstyles on your very own photo. You can see how you look like with different celebrity hairstyles before actually going to the hair salon. With this app, you can try on all sorts of hairstyles, haircuts and hair colors. Whether you want to try a curly, short, long, wavy, blonde, updo, top knot, straight or wedding hairstyle, this Celebrity Hairstyle Salon app has it all.

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

Other features include automatic update of hairstyles within the app, you can also try on over 20+ realistic hair colors to find what look is best for you. It also includes 100+ decorations items such as sunglasses, jewels, and much more. With this app, you can compare your looks Before and After. Once your hair makeover is completed, you can also share the results with your friends on Facebook, or save it to your phone.

Download Celebrity Hairstyle Salon from Play Store

Ultimate Hairstyle Try On

Ultimate Hairstyle Try On is another amazing app worth a try if you are looking to try out different celebrity hairstyles. With Ultimate Hairstyle Try On you can virtually try-on tons of different celebrity hairstyles and hair colors. Just simply upload your photo from your phone gallery or take a photo with your phone camera and in seconds you can have your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle on your very own photo.

With this ultimate hairstyle simulation application, you can get your hair done virtually on your device.  You can try for a curly, updo, straight, short or long hairstyle, this apps has tons of options to choose from. Change the color of your hair from over 20+ hair colors to choose from.

You can also decorate your photo from 100+ decorations items e.g. sunglasses, jewels, and much more. You can also make a comparison of Before and After. It also comes with a browser which allows you to browse thousands of celebrity hairstyles and colors with simple swipe controls.

Ultimate Hairstyle Try On

You can tap on any hairstyle to zoom and zoom out into that particular look. Also, toggle between two different modes for applying hairstyles and colors. It also has the ability to make face adjustment and full social sharing options to share the results of your new hairstyle.

Get Ultimate Hairstyle Try On for iOS from App Store
Get Ultimate Hairstyle Try On for Android from Play Store

Mobile Virtual Makeover

Mobile Virtual Makeover app is developed by Mary Kay to customize looks with endless combinations of eye makeup, lip colors, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories and more. It has a quite a number of trendiest hairstyle for different occasions. Just upload a photo of yours or take a picture or select a variety of models from the app and start trying on different styles.

Mobile Virtual Makeover

Mobile Virtual Makeover allows you to save your favorite makeovers and products, download your makeovers right to your mobile device. You can also shop online for your makeover must-haves or buy the whole look with just a few clicks within the app itself. The app also has the ability to share the results of your new looks with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail.

Download Mobile Virtual Makeover for iOS from Apple App Store
Download Mobile Virtual Makeover for Android from Google Play Store 

Hairstyle Mirror

This wonderful app turns your phone into the mirror and lets you change or try different hairstyles. The has the ability to trace your face real-time and stimulates various hairstyles to match your face. All you have to do is just look in the phone or tablet and a new hairstyle pops-up.

Hairstyle Mirror

You can choose from more than 100 haircuts for women in 5 categories: long, medium, short, special, crazy. You can try many haircuts you won’t find anywhere else – like hair with flowers, glitter, butterfly etc. You can also easily switch between haircuts with next-previous buttons or select one from the lists. With this app, you can change the hair color, adjust the position of new haircut and size with fingers, brightness, and contrast as you wish.

Download Hairstyle Mirror from Play Store

Hair Changer Photo Booth – Men Hair Style Photo Effect

Hair Changer Photo Booth – Men Hair Style Photo Effect is one of the best iPhone apps to change men’s hairstyle. This Hair changer app allows you to change your hairstyle in a few seconds and it comes with a lot of customized magic mirror effects.

Hair Changer Photo Booth - Men Hair Style Photo Effect

Hair Changer Photo Booth has a nice interface and is very easy to use. Just take a new photo or select one from your phone gallery on which you want to change hairstyle. Select the hair style which you want to apply to your photo using Hair Changer makeup tool. This app has different categories of hairstyles and different kinds of a mustache. You can choose your desired style of Hair or Mustache and paste it to your Photo Face.

You can also make use of its effects features like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Blur, Temperature, Shadows/ Highlights, Crop and Focus. The app also allows you to share your finished photos with new hairstyle with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networking sites.

Download Hair Changer Photo Booth – Men Hair Style Photo Effect from Apple App Store

Men Hair Style

Men Hair Style app is a Men Hairstyle Guide which includes haircuts for all types of stylish men. This app comes with a large variety of hairstyles from the latest celebrity looks to salon hairstyles from top salons around the world.

Men Hair Style

This application also comes with tips, concept, design, color, and also different style gallery and hairstyle for your hair. It also has a collection of trending hairstyles of 2018- Undercut hair styles, Short Hair styles, Young Men’s Hair styles, Hair styles for Teen Boys, Hair styles for Short Hair, Hair styles for Older Men, Cool Hair styles for Men and many more. This photo editor app is one of the best virtual hairstyles apps worth trying.

Get Men Hair Style from Google Play Store

Face/Facial Hair Changer for Men and Women

Face/Facial Hair Changer for Men and Women is another great application to change the style of your hair, mustache, and beard. With this app changing your look from your existing pictures/images is not a difficult task. Face/Facial Hair Changer for Men and Women gives you a lot of options to play with your face. You can try on a different & unique style of your hair, mustache, and beard.

Facial Hair Changer for Men and Women

This app allows you to browse your existing pictures, transform your photo cropping and rotating. It also allows you to Crop and cut any part of your photo as you like. This app helps you to change the style of your hair, mustache, and beard. It also allows to save Image to your gallery and share the photo with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and others.

Get Face/Facial Hair Changer for Men and Women from Google Play Store

Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover is another great iOS app which you can try on hairstyles, beards, and mustaches. The app is user-friendly and it matches the hairstyles to your photo in an easy to use interface. It features includes, a 5 Sample Styles for each type, if you want more styles, you can unlock Hundreds of the highest quality hairstyles, beards, and mustaches that were professionally edited from real photos via In-App Purchase.

It has both Male and Female Hairstyles and all the styles are sorted by Male, Female, Short, Medium, Long, Beards, and Mustaches.

Hairstyle Makeover

It also comes with some advanced editing tools to cut the hairstyle by touching parts you don’t want. Controlling brightness/Brightness editing on the style. You can also blur the hair to match your photo, adjusting the width or height only of the hairstyle to help match the hair to your face structure. You can save and share with friends through Email, Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage integration.

Get Hairstyle Makeover  from Apple App Store iTunes

That concludes our list of best Hair Style Apps 2019 to try different styles. What do you think about these hairstyle changer apps? You can also share your thoughts on the above-mentioned apps, or suggest the name of other such apps in the comments.

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