Best Pregnancy Apps 2018 for Android & iPhone

Are you ready to become a Mom? Becoming a Mom isn’t an easy thing as compared to other stuff. But it differs to different girls as all girls are not the same. The hardship and pain suffered by a Mom during pregnancy are sometimes not bearable. However, with the increasing technology in this world, somehow it makes people life easy. By now, all things are becoming easy and helpful with the introduction of various application available on all mobile phones and tablets or other electronic devices. So, if you are looking for the best pregnancy apps, there are hundreds of pregnancy apps that you can look out. Here, in this post, we will provide you with some of the best pregnancy apps in 2018 for Android and iOS.

Best Pregnancy Apps of 2018

Below is our list of 20 best pregnancy apps for your Android and iOS devices. These apps are selected based on users’ ratings and their functionalities.

Best Pregnancy Apps 2018

1. Glow Nature

Glow Nature is a comprehensive, advanced and free pregnancy app. It has a variety of useful features that would be helpful for any pregnant women. Glow Nature is perhaps a tracker that can log anything that relates to pregnancy. It is an excellent pregnancy app where you can get all your needs during the pregnancy period. It includes a list of useful articles where you can read and listed down some useful needs to you.

Glow Nature app

This app also provides great useful tips and advice. Also the ability to share and communicate with other users of this app. Moreover, you have the ability to view and track all the insights and visuals of your pregnancy. So, it is a great pregnancy app to look for.!

2. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy is a great and amazing pregnancy app. Its features are all great that one can get all the necessary needs she had while pregnant. It is an app with a full package of information and other useful materials. Isn’t that great to you? You can get with this small apps for any information on your phone. Moreover, the app itself does not only provides an information.

Sprout Pregnancy app

In fact, the app allows you to writes notes, upload your belly pictures, log your measurements and other things. Apart from that, it also includes a practical feature such as Weight Tracker, Kick Counter, and Contraction Timer and so on. You can also personalize you pregnancy timeline and much more. After all, everything you need is to track your pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy ++

Pregnancy ++ is a complete guide app for pregnancy. With Pregnancy ++ app, you can keep track your pregnancy details. You can log all the necessary things you need to know during pregnancy. Such as your weight, visits to a doctor, baby shopping lists, notes, when to except etc. Moreover, you can organize all the necessary details of you and everything will be secured and wouldn’t be getting lost or forgotten.

Pregnancy ++ app

Besides, the app does not only track things. It further provides future moms, dads, grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc. with information concerning the development of the fetus. Also, every week you will receive a beautiful image of a baby picture to get you inspired. So, if you have any difficulties while pregnancy it is better to get this app and look out information on that. However, the best thing is to consult a doctor of your own.

4. The Bump

The Bump is an interesting and amazing pregnancy app. It is beautifully designed and simple with easy interface. In this app, there is a great 3D visualization that will help you see the exact state of your baby is. What an amazing thing was that! I guess after using this app, you would want to look every day what exactly is your baby size. Moreover, the size of your baby is also compared to a fruit.

The Bump pregnancy app

Also, this app provides you with all the necessary information about pregnancy. You will get all the latest news about pregnancy and parenting. The app developer is well updated and you can ask any questions whenever you need help. They will respond you quickly. You can also ask questions to any other users of this app. You can communicate and chat with them. Besides this, this app has an embedded calendar planner which can be timely integrated with your phone’s calendar. So, enjoy and feel amazing every time with the updates on the development of the fetus of your baby. No doubt, this app is one of the best pregnancy apps.

5. What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

What to Expect is a perfect pregnancy app. This app is made based on a pregnancy book called “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,”. It is one of the best selling pregnancy books in the market. With the help of this app, you can start tracking your baby’s growth. For this just enter the due date of your baby. Not sure about how to calculate the due date, the app provides you due date calculator and you can check on that too.

What to Expect - Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This app provides a list of articles and many more useful features. You can get the latest parenting news all the time and stay up to date to your baby growth. Also, you can join in the community section of the app. You can get a daily advice on some other parents whose due date are same as you. You can even get support from active users or other experts or from the developer. Upload your pictures if you wish and have fun with others. So, enjoy tracking the development of your baby inside you.!

6. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is another pregnancy app for Android and iOS. It is an amazing app with a lot of features included. This app is a tracker, a social health network, a kick counter, a contraction counter, a name generating tool. It is one of the best apps for pregnant women. The app is beautifully designed with a simple and easy interface. It is a great support and a guide to a pregnant woman during hard times or in any other difficult situation. You can always go to the forums page and to seek advice given by experts and some other users. There are millions of other women who got the same problem as you, so it is a good thing to always seek an advice before its late.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Besides, the app always send daily updates to those who face such problems. Moreover, you can see the developments of your baby’s growth. You can also track anything you wish in relevance with your pregnancy like weight, size and many more. The amazing part of this app is that you can share a photo slideshow of your belly every day. This is a great way to make a good memory to look back after giving a birth. Also, the app features a name generating tool. There are thousands of listed names to look up with all given its meaning. After all, spent your pregnancy period with fun and exciting using this app.

7. Today’s Parent My Family

Capture an amazing moment with Today’s Parent My Family app. This is a pregnancy app for those who likely to become parents and already a parent. It is an amazing app where you can create and learn all the necessary things as a parent should do. The app provides you with good useful tips, health information, developments of the fetus and other more. Also, this app provides trackers that help you to record your baby naps and record breastfeeding and bottle feedings.

Today’s Parent My Family

It also includes a gorgeous storybook that helps you to create your own scrapbooks. You can collect family photo, baby’s photo and your own photo. Add a caption and write notes and quotes. You can even add a video and share it with other friends and relatives. So, if you want to become a good parent, download Today’s Parent My Family app and become a parenting pro!

8. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is another pregnancy app for both Android and iOS. You will find many similar types of apps and said that what’s the reason. This reason is that there are a lot of requests coming up from users. The app maybe somehow similar and sometimes produce the same features, but they are competing on the designed and the interface of the app. So, do not make it wrong to get these ideas. You can choose anyone which suits you the best from one them.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is beautifully designed with a simple and easy interface. All the features provided in this app are of great help to pregnant women. It includes thousands of articles, tips, and health information. You can track the development of your baby’s growth anytime. With this app, you can compare the size and weight every week or every day. You can always go to the calendar center and lets you remind the appointment of your doctor consult day. One of the great parts is that you can always refer to this app and see what food should be taken, and what medications are good and also for your health. So, stay safe and be healthy during pregnancy.

9. Totally Pregnant

Totally Pregnant is a good and very helpful app for pregnant women. We can say that all you need during pregnancy are available in this app. It is developed specially for pregnant women. This app will guide you from the initial period till the end of your pregnancy. Do you need a Hospital? Need where baby products are sold at a low price? or Need advice during sick? You can find all these in a Totally Pregnant app.

Totally Pregnant

Totally Pregnant provides you with a lot of features which include supporting amazing 3D videos of the development of the fetus. You can watch video from video section where real moms documenting their experience week by week during pregnancy. This app also has a pregnancy experts who will guide you from time to time when you are in needs. You can also have the ability to communicate with other moms-to-be by joining the community section in the app. so, get all the benefits you can get from this app and stay healthy.

10. My Pregnancy and Baby Today

My Pregnancy and Baby Today will guide you through to initial stage till the final stage of your pregnancy. It is a great tracking pregnancy app and beautifully designed with a simple interference. This app will help you track everything you need to know. The development of your baby’s growth, its size, weight, and health information. It is also a baby developmental calendar during your pregnancy. You can always look at this too when is the time and what is the due date. Various expecting mom will guide you on a week by week or day by day. For this enter your baby’s due date.

My Pregnancy and Baby Today

Another great feature of this app includes pregnancy tools like bumpy photo diary, names generating tool, kick counter and many more. Moreover, the app will still guide you after giving a birth until the very first year. The pregnancy app will automatically turn into a parenting guide. Isn’t that great? Wow! that amazing.! So, download My Pregnancy and Baby Today and get all the benefits. This app is not available on the app store, so you can get it from the official website My Pregnancy and Baby Today.

11. BellyBump

BellyBump is an app designed only for iOS users. It is a fun app which allows users to take pictures of their own. However, this app requires a payment. Unlike other free apps, you can not just use it without making the payment. It also allows you to edit your photos and share it with your family and other relatives and have fun. You can even create the video of your pregnancy days to make a good memory of your time.


The app will remind you when to take a picture from time to time. From that, you can know the increased size of your belly and your baby development. Once you’ve downloaded this app, you will feel all the fun and exciting during pregnancy time. Enjoy and have fun with BellyBump!

12. CineMama

Cinemama is a pregnancy app beautifully designed to store all your memories. Its features are mainly taking a picture of yourself during pregnancy. Take a photo of your belly and upload it to the app. After every week, you can track how big is your belly increase. You can make a photo animation with the help of this app, the ability to edit your photo, making an alignment are all included in this app.


You can use it all and create fun and exciting memories of your pregnancy time with the help of this app. So, as from the name of the app Cinemama, create your photo and turn them into good memory videos that you should watch later on with your baby. Also, you can share and have fun with any social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

13. Baby Pics

Baby Pics is another good and amazing pregnancy apps. With this app, keep all your memories during the pregnancy period of your time. Every woman gets easily inspired when looking back all their photos during their pregnancy period. With Baby Pics, create and make photo album especially your belly. Save it in this app. There are thousands of artwork and photo editor supported by this. Used it makes a perfect photo of your belly.

Baby Pics

After every week feel the difference in the size of your belly. Also, this photo will be perhaps a great memory of your own which will make you feel proud of yourself. It will even be a good memory by the time when the baby grows up. You can even show to your own baby how it looks like during inside your womb. So, with Baby Pics start making pictures, edit beautifully, and save it and print them if you want to. Or whatever you wish to do. Enjoy and have fun during and create a perfect memory of you and your baby.!

14. iPregnant

iPregnant is also designed only for iOS users. It is an amazing pregnancy app. But unfortunately, it requires a payment. However, sometimes those payments require apps do usually are great and amazing apps than those with a free app. Likewise, This app is beautifully designed with a smart, simple and easy interference. Once you make the payment you will not regret paying your money. iPregnant includes a great variety of useful features that are all helpful for pregnant women. Firstly, it includes a tracking device where you can track various symptoms, fundal height, weight, and a doctor’s appointment.


Next thing is that you can see the developments of your baby’s growth with clear 3D images and other information. Furthermore, you can even track your future pregnancies with the help of this app. That a great work for the app developers! Besides this, it includes a community section where you can ask any questions and share your problems. You will get answers quickly from experts and others moms who had a lot of experience in pregnancy. So, get the app to support your needs during pregnancy.

15. I’m expecting Pregnancy App

I’m expecting Pregnancy App is pregnancy app for both Android and iOS users. It is an app for pregnant women that gives useful tips, advice, updates on what’s happening to the body and to the fetus. With the help of this app, you can track your body and the development of the fetus day by day and week by week.

I’m expecting Pregnancy App

It also provides a guide on pregnancy video and development of baby growth weekly. Also, with this app, you can make the symptoms that you suffered less pain and get relive somehow. Other than this, always keep track of doctor’s appointment, tests and other things for a safe delivery.

16. Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer concentrates only in contraction time. It does not have a lot of features like other apps. It is a clean and simple user interface. It is one of the best contractions timers for pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. With the help of this app, you can easily know the time of your delivery. Also, the app includes both duration of contraction and intervals that will help during labor. So, try Contraction Timer now to let know when your baby is coming out.

Contraction Timer

17. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is another timer app for both Android and iOS users. If your one of those kinds who loves to meditate, then this app is for you. Insight Timer is one of the best free meditation apps with more than 3 million meditators are there. This app provides thousands of meditation guide to which you can stream during pregnancy.

Insight Timer

Meditation is one of a kind that helps to keep the body and mind clean. This will help a pregnant woman during pregnancy period to keep them clean and healthy. It also includes audio guidance meditators that you can listen to. Overall, Insight Timer is a nice app for those who used to meditate.

18. Full Term

Full Term is the best app for tracking labor contractions. It is free, clean interface app with a lot of features. With this app, you can track the times, duration and frequency of the labor period during pregnancy. It also includes a kick counter. You can count the number of kick it produces and records its kick count session. Then, email the entire session or a single kick session.

Full Term

You can also set up a reminder to track the kicks at the same time each day. It will be a great fun to do this kind of stuff. You can even have the capability to edit and undo the kick if you have any mistake. Besides this, you can always refer to the reference section for any other bits of help. So, why not try this app to test and experience it.

19. KickMe

KickMe is the best kick counter app for Android user only. The main feature of this app is to count all the kicks made by your baby inside your belly. However you cannot count them all the kicks with the app, so add other kicks that you felt which is necessary and useful. This would be an interesting and fun thing to do during pregnancy.


You can show it to your family and other relatives to enjoy it and feel amazing. Perhaps, this type of feature is included in other apps. But if you are looking just only for this, this is the right place as the app is clean with a less disturbance from other features.

20. Mommy Meds

Mommy Meds is the best pregnancy app for checking a medicines safety. Nowadays, there are a lot of fake medicines and ones need to be careful about taking medicines. As this app is developed by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s InfantRisk Center, all the information given in this app are all true and legit.

Mommy Meds

This app will give you useful tips and which medicines are to be taken during pregnancy and even during breastfeeding. Medicines taken from outside can be verified using this app. Scan the barcode with this app and it will provide you with all the information on that. So, taking a prescription from this app is not a risk. After all, taking a good medication during pregnancy is of great importance. Stay safe and healthy!

That concludes our list of best pregnancy apps. Hope these apps help you during your pregnancy period. Best of luck.


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