15 Best Sports Streaming Apps for Android and iOS (2018)

Are you a sports lover? A diehard Fans of any Clubs in any kinds of Sports? Well, any sports lover or diehard fans of any clubs would like to know how their teams perform and what their results are at the earliest. So, in order to know all these, there needs to be a quick way to watch them live. Also, access to the latest news about the sports results and all the updates. As we are living in a modern world where technology ruled over us, you can get all the information and updated result with the help of your smartphones. But, you wonder how that is possible? Okay do not worry, in this article, we will provide you with the best sports streaming apps for Android and iOS users in 2018.

With these smartphones, you can get all the news you wish to know at any time and anywhere if your phone is with you. You can also watch the video of any live match through your phone.

Best Sports Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

Best Sports Streaming Apps 2018

There are dozens of sports streaming apps available on the app store. However, finding a good or perfect app is not an easy task. To make things easier for you, we have listed here some of the best sports streaming apps for Android & iOS.


ESPN also known as the Sports Center by its popularity is a sports app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. ESPN provides all the latest news and information about any sports. With their good active and services of 24 hours, they now get a million users and still increasing. They also provide a live streaming where you can get stream all the matches you like by your smartphones. This app helps those sports lover who doesn’t have time to watch their TV or a situation in which they are in a place where there is no availability of television. With this app, you can easily customize a list of your favourite teams and get a notification of any information and a newly updated news.

espn app

ESPN has listed a wide variety of great features which are fast and easy access to scores from Football, Cricket, F1, NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf, MLB and many more. So, pick your favourite leagues and teams to get started and get real-time notifications on score updates and breaking news for your favourite teams, directly to your phone.

2. LiveScore

Live Score is one of the best sports streaming app for any sports events worldwide. With its wide features, it has more than 50 million downloads already. With this app, you can watch live football match every week. You can also watch any other live sports like tennis, basketball, ice hockey, cricket scores and many other more. Its interface is a friendly user and understandable. It consumes fewer data and you can watch it with a slow connection with fast and responsive.

LiveScore app

You can also get any live scores from different competitions and leagues. It provides the detailed match information and the date and time are well localized. For a sports lovers, this app is a great place to know all the necessary information and the latest news about your team. For using this app it requires a device of Android OS 2.0.1 or higher.

3. Football Live Scores

Football Live Scores is a free powerful app for Android and iOS users. With Football Live Scores, You can stream your favourite football match anywhere at any time. It enables users to easily watch their own support football club playing live. This is a great help for those trying hard to watch their support club playing. Sometimes, it makes a problem to those who are not with the TV but likes to watch the match so much. It takes time to search on google which website telecast the live streaming match. Once you came to this app, all these problems will be solved and let you watch the live match instantly.

Football Live Scores app

Also, this app gives a lot more features which are very helpful for the users. Every live match schedule is also important to know as a football lover. In this app, you will get all the information of all the leagues around the world. Also about the international competitions as well. This app also listed all the full fixtures for every league. Also the video highlights, top scorers and all statistics for every league. In short, you can get all the detailed information and latest updated news for every league you wish to know.

4. SuperSport

SuperSport gives you all the new level of live video for any game like Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis and many more. The interface is user-friendly and easily understandable. By using this app, you can catch all the live video stream for any club match. It also gives a live commentary, match chat and a group chat for all fans. Also if you, however, missed the live video match, You can at least watch the match highlights video given by this app after the match was over. This video highlight was given just after the match was over. With this app, you can also follow your favorite team and receive updates for the match events.

SuperSport app

The best part about this app is that it has a notification reminder of the time and date of the match by any chance if you have forgotten. This app also supports an additional language which is a great help for the users. So, why not try this app and enjoy all profit from this app.

5. Sportle·Live Sports Streams & Score

Sportle is an amazing Sports Streaming Apps available on the App Store for only iOS users. It is a personalized app guide for live sports streams. With this app, you can find where the game is streaming for any match played within a minute. You can also discover any sports events which you did not know before. If you do not have a cable tv also, this app can guide you to watch the live stream. For this, go to the top row of events on the home page and you will know which are free to stream.

Sportle·Live Sports Streams & Score app

For the greatness of this app, some applications have noted about this app as follows;
Fox Business: “The Google of streaming sports”
Vice: “The easiest way to find live sports streams”
Mashable: “Sportle makes streaming major sporting events easy”

6. Livestream

Livestream is another free Sports Streaming Apps for iOS users. Livestream lets you stream all the live matches of every competitive game. You can stream your favorite team playing in live. It gives a great advantage for users to chat with other fans and discuss the matches of the game while they played.

livestream app

Also, you can explore the live events to your friends and other fans from hundred of broadcasters via any social networks like Facebook, Twitter or any other. You can also enjoy live events on any big screen with Chromecast or Apple TV. You can even have a bet with other fans while enjoying in a big screen. Notifications are also given to you by the app if you have forgotten by any chance.

7. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a popular free sports streaming apps for both Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can watch live sports events anywhere at any time with your phone. This app provides all the latest information and events of all sports. Once you sign up and select your favourite clubs, you will get a notification of about that clubs ( latest news, team line up, scores, statistics and other more).

CBS Sports app

You can also follow up to 8 games at once on one screen. For that, it is according to your will. This app also had an additional feature which let you control the way the app looks with custom navigation to rank the sports that matter to you.

8. Fancred – All Sports, All the Time

With Fancred you can watch your favourite team play by streaming live. Fancred is a free Sports Streaming Apps that provides a live video of a sports match. Updated the latest score of every match, statistics, point table and many more which you would like to know. Video highlights of the match are updated just after the match was over. Users can chat with other fanmates by joining in the group chat room or privately. Fancred also has a feature to customized your fan profile.

Fancred app

With this app, you can get a personal profile that captures and organizes everything you do as a fan of sports. So, you can organize all the information needed like photos, events you attend and other things as a sports fan. As a sports fan, this app is a great place to create a relationship with other sports fan. Maybe the same team you support or maybe with your rivals team. At last, why not follow the games you are passionate about and build your own crew of sports fans.

9. 365Scores

365Scores is a nice and easy Sports Streaming Apps for both Android and iPhone users. The interference is a friendly user and understandable. They are actively in service with 24/7 and till have over 30 million users. So, why not join with the 30 million users and become one of a part. This app covers a live coverage of 10 different sports including the score update, live statistics, Breaking News, In-Game Insights, Highlights, Lineups, Live Tables and many more. It also has a well-personalized content and notification services are included. With this app, choose and select what teams and leagues you want to follow and get a notification instantly on that to your phone.

365Scores app

One of the best parts of this app is that you can give feedback on what your thought is about on the transfer market. This is something like you are one of the members of your support club. This advantage is one which every sports lover would like to see and enjoy. Also, this app gives a live match commentary which helps users a lot when you cannot see the game.

10. Ustream

Ustream is a free application where you can stream to watch a live video of any match. It has a friendly user interference. With this app, users have the ability to watch their favourite games anywhere at any time. This means that, when you have your phone with you and a have an internet connection, that’s all you need. You can enjoy watching live videos all the time.

Ustream app

Another advantage is that you can also upload videos of any live events you attended using the direct links given by the app. You can also interact with other users by chatting in a group or in private. Discover upcoming events which you have not known it was happening. Lastly, go live right from your home screen to broadcast it with a big screen.

11. fuboTV Live

fuboTV is a free soccer streaming app for iPhone users only. It covers all the major leagues’ soccer around the world. So, you can choose your favourite team and leagues you want to stream live. It also included multiples of channels so as not to face any problem in searching for a live match. To connect with this app, firstly, register in this app and you can get a push notifications to your phone screen. This will be a reminder for any news, maybe about the game match or other things. With this app, you can also record the live match using your phone. You can review it back your recorded video if you have any queries about the match. Also, if you have forgotten to record it, you can later do so by replaying the match provided by the app itself.

fuboTV Live

Moreover, some popular website has talked about this app as;

“Sports fans finally have a streaming TV bundle” — Mashable

“fuboTV threw its hat into the ring, changing the landscape of sports streaming” — Forbes

“The best way to watch sports, or anything else” — BGR

12. sport TV Live – Television

sport TV Live – Television is a TV channel app where you can watch all the matches of every game around the world. Sometimes, it is hard to get the right channel of the match where your team was playing. Sport TV Live have solved all this problem. In this app, you can easily know which channel your favourite team play was telecast. It includes all popular sports channel where you can stream to watch in live an enjoy. This app has also enabled a push notifications service and get all the latest information you need to know.

sport TV Live – Television

The live streaming of a match is free of charge and it does not need a registration. I guess this one will be loved by all who said that they are football fans. This app gives a great opportunity to all those sports lovers. Another great advantage is that all the live streaming is in HD quality. So, why not grab this opportunity given to you by the app developer for you to enjoy and watch your favourite team playing. Do not miss it and quickly download the app to your phone. It will be a pleasure for you.

13. FlashScore

FlashScore is a free application where you can get all the information about your favourite teams. FlashScore gives you all the required information about your favourite team news if you are unable to watch the match on TV. With this app, you can follow the LIVE text commentaries that are updated second by second. FlashScore provides more than 30 kinds of sports and 5000 competitions. You need not worry about the information of your team news.

flashscore app

Just stay with this app to update with the latest information. It starts to update with even before the match begins, you can get your team line up, whose are playing and whose are not playing. It also includes a notification to remind you if by chance you have forgotten the match timing. So, just stay in touch with FlashScore not to missed any match and stay updated.

14. FootballStreamingApp

Unlike other apps we listed, this app is only for football as from the name itself is a Football Streaming App. This app provides a live video of every football match around the world. This includes top leagues from every nation and international matches plus Champions Leagues.


With this app, you can stream a live video match of your favourite team. There is nothing to worry about using this app. The interface is a friendly user and easily design to understand. All you need is only to have a high active internet connection. The best part about this app is that all live stream video comes with HD quality content streaming. So, catch it quickly this app to watch your favourite team playing in live video. This app is not available on the app store, you can get the latest version of FootballStreamingApp apk from here.

15. SofaScore Live Score

SofaScore is a great Sports Streaming Apps for android and ios devices. This app gives you the live coverage of all leagues and competitions. You can also get information like results, fixtures, standings, video, and much more. Moreover, you can choose your favourite team and player and get a notification of every information on that team and player.

SofaScore Live Score app

You can know which player is in the squad or who got injured. Video highlights are also given for you to watch if you have missed the live video. So, download now to get all the information and latest news of every sport you are interested.

These are some the best sports streaming apps 2018 that can help you watch and stay updated with the latest scores and news. If you like this post, please share. You may also check out other best app lists from below!

This post was updated on February 28, 2018.

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