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Best Cartoon Yourself Apps for Android & iOS to Animate Yourself

Best Cartoon Yourself Apps for Android & iOS to Animate Yourself

Looking for ways to transform yourself into a cartoon, animate yourself or want to cartoonise anything? You can now actually cartoon yourself or anything with the help of third-party applications. This is the beauty of smartphones, because of its adaptability to many applications, we can easily now almost do anything that the desktop PCs are capable of doing. There is plenty of cartoon yourself apps or cartoon apps or apps to turn a picture into cartoon available, which allows you to create cartoon characters without any technical skills.

These apps will create cartoon characters for you by simply putting or uploading your photo and choose the anime character you would like to create and use. It’s time to embrace the style and share your cartoon character pictures on your social networking accounts.

Here we have compiled some of the best cartoons yourself apps that lets you convert any photo to cartoon or cartoon your pictures by applying various cartoon effects on to your photos. These apps are the best in their own way, some offering live cartoon camera while at the same time allows you to convert any photo to cartoon from your own photo gallery.

Best Apps To Convert Photo to Cartoon or Cartoon Yourself Apps

These are some of the best android apps to convert photo into Cartoon or best iPhone apps to to convert photo into Cartoon.

1. Cartoon Yourself
2. Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera
3. Cartoon Photo
4. iMadeFace
5. WeeMee Avatar Creator
6. Change Photo Into Caricature
7. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
8. Cartoon Effect On Photo
9. Sketch Master – My Cartoon Photo Filter Avatar Pad & Pic Edit Booth
10. Fatify – Make Yourself Fat App
11. Cartoon Photo
12. Pencil Sketch – Photo Editor
13. 3D Avatar Creator
14. Sketch Me
15. AgingBooth
16. Cartoon Face

Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself has been the best and the most favourite apps for converting photo to Cartoon. Unfortunately, this app was recently removed from Play Store for some unknown reason. However, Cartoon Yourself app is still available out of play store as apk. This app is good for those who love to see themselves in a caricature form.

With this app one can easily convert any picture into a cartoon form or character in few simple steps. You can easily transform people and objects like landscapes, animals, etc. into any caricature form.

It has a simple user interface, just select an existing image or take a quick snap of yours, then edit with six different cartooning effects like classic, posterization, edge detect, quantize, Laplace, and glow.

cartoon yourself

Some of the main features of Cartoon Yourself app includes emotional expressions or emotions like a flirty wink, beautiful smile, sad or surprised face and many more. It can transform any image or portrait into a cartoon character, your image can be converted into a freaky one like into an alien, a troll, a Martian etc.

Editing is easy, you just need to select an image or take a new image and edit it with various effects. It can also enhance your picture and your friend’s picture. Transforming your picture into caricature is easy, just follow the app’s on-screen instruction to get your photo cartoonized. The app also allows users to their finished photos into their social networking accounts.

Cartoon Yourself APK Download

Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera

Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera is a wonderful all-in-one Filters Camera & Photo editor pro app which allows you to create pop art photo, art pics, pencil sketch photo, a photo of painting style, a photo of cartoon movie style, perfect selfie picture and many more. It also the perfect beauty camera & selfie camera app for Android at the same time. This app has been voted one of the best apps in several countries for the year 2016.

photo cartoon and selfie camera

Some of its key Features include Glamour Pop Art Photo Filters, Cartoon Filters & Gorgeous selfie beauty Filters and Effects to turn your photos into unique works of art pics, cartoon photos. HD camera effects with Photo Collage Maker & Layouts& Grid. It comes with many art filters such as cartoon Filters, modern art filters, and pencil sketch effects.

Apart from cartoon effects, this app is perfect for beauty apps and comes with several beauty Filters Photo editor of various stylish and perfect selfie filters to make your selfie a perfect look.

photo cartoon app

It also has a powerful selfie camera such as double exposure and many more. It is easy to use with Photo Frame Blur& Layouts Blur and Vignette Blur. Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera has a simple, clean and user interface design. Just take a snap or choose a photo from your photo gallery and start playing with various filters such as art filters, cartoon filters, pencil sketch effects, or the selfie beauty filters you wish to use. The app also users to share the finished pictures to the social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Get Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera from Play Store

Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo app is another impressive free camera applications for Android. With Cartoon Photo you can easily apply cool and artistic effects to your new or existing photos. You can transform your photos to cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings, and a lot more features.

cartoon photo app

Some of its main features are different effects which you can to the photos in your gallery and real time effects and take photos with your camera. The app lets you use back and front cameras of your phone. It supports pinch to zoom, autofocus just tap anywhere on the screen, and it lets you choose from many impressive effects. It allows users to save images or take a photo quickly by a single touch of a button on the screen. It also allows you to share photos with your friends.

Get Cartoon Photo app from Google Play Store.


iMadeFace is one of the best cartoon yourself app for iPhone or iOS devices which easily lets you create your own face into many cartoonic features and changing your face shapes, noses, hairstyles and many more. Like Cartoon Yourself app for Android, the iMadeFace app has been removed from the Apple app store, fortunately, you can still download this app from the link we have provided and give it a try.

imadeface app

It has a clean and simple interface, you won’t have any problem using it, the app will walk you through the steps to create your first cartoon pictures. Opening the app will give your four options of categories to choose such as Boy, Girl, Store, and Gallery.

The top bar lets you choose different faces, swipe left to right to select face shapes, hairstyles, eyebrows styles, eyes shapes, nose shapes, mouth, lips, facial hair, ears shape, and accessories. Swipe through the choices to find the perfect part. This is the most fun part of this app, changing your looks. The app also provides an option for text input and changing the background as well.

imadeface apk download

The app also has examples of celebrities that you can apply to your face to have the looks celebrities. Famous celebrities such as John Lennon, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Frank Ocean, Marilyn Monroe, and many others. This wonderful cartoon yourself app has 30 choices in facial part to select.

When you’re done editing and satisfied with your cartoon creation, the app gives you an option to save your image within the app gallery or save it in your iPhone camera roll. The app also allows you to share it with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Download iMadeFace APK

WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee Avatar Creator is another cartoon app for iPhones which helps you makeover anyone from yourself, your friends and family, or even your favorite celebrity into a cartoon character. The app also lets you try out the latest fashions, hair, make-up, and more to get the perfect look.

WeeMee Avatar Creator

It has unlimited WeeMees with over 350 items free, offering millions of creative combinations and filters. You can dress up in popular styles, from vintage fashion to silly seasonal costumes. It has specialized premium collections and bonus FREE closets available as well. It also lets you snap photos of your WeeMees and share them with your friends via Messages, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Get WeeMee Avatar Creator from iTunes

Change Photo Into Caricature

If you want to change photo into caricature with few taps, Change Photo Into Caricature is an app to consider for. Thia app will help you replace your face with hilarious caricatures image which brings a touch of humor into your life. Change Photo Into Caricature provides more than 80 men and women caricatures and cartoon images for free.

Change Photo Into Caricature

The is simple with the user interface, just take a photo or import from the gallery and the app will automatically give a caricature or cartoon look to your photo. It lets you edit your photo to give an anime look, decorate with funny cartoon related stickers, and lets you share and surprise your friends every day. It does not require any technical skills to do this.

Change Photo Into Caricature app

If you are one of those people who wants to turn photos into cartoon image or cartoon avatar pic for humor this app promises full entertainment. The app also has some funny comic stickers to apply and the ability to write text on photo surface in more than 30 stylish text fonts. You can also save the entertaining caricatures and emoticons to your SD card and share to your friends.

Get Change Photo Into Caricature from Google Play Store

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers is an amazing all-in-one photo editor app, which allows you to create funny Cartoons and Emoticons from your photos. It is one of the most popular Cartoon yourself app for Android and iPhone with over 400 million downloads each on Play Store and iTunes.

It has a clean and user-friendly design, just select a picture of yourself or your friend MomentCam will run its magic by turning it into a stylish cartoon. You can add some funny features such as beards, hats, glasses and select a background to create a cartoon looks. It has a huge database containing thousands of backgrounds created for every occasion, region, cultural and pop reference. All these updated daily.

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Just choose between Comics and Emoticons and select a picture of yours or from your Albums or Facebook photos and then pick one of the backgrounds from thousands available to customize your avatar entirely. The app allows you to share your caricatures and animated emoticons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WeChat. This is one great cartoon apps to create a completely personalized cartoon of yourself.

Get MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers app for Android from Play Store
Get MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers app for iOS from iTunes

Cartoon Effect On Photo

This Cartoon Effect On Photo is a cartoon effect tool that lets you allow to convert your photos into different cartoon and artistic looks. No technical skills needed, just simply take a snap or select from the gallery and convert them into caricatures and photo to cartoon. It has several effects such as seven oil painting, artistic, sketch, drawing, black and white, dark fx, lightning and caricature effects.

It also provides an adjustment tool to adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness of photo to get a real cartoon effects on your photos. You can also crop the image into your desirable size, and share your own cartoon and animated anime with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat etc.

Cartoon Effect On Photo

Get Cartoon Effect On Photo for Android from Google Play Store

Sketch Master – My Cartoon Photo Filter Avatar Pad & Pic Edit Booth

Sketch Master is a simple and funny app that lets you convert your photos or anything into cartoon avatars or sketch by just applying different effects filters. Sketch Master has more than 60 different sketch & cartoon effects which you can choose from such as Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil Sketch, Skateboards Sketch, Crayon Sketch, Comic Black-White Sketch, Gouache Sketch, Water Color Sketch, Blue Art Sketch, Frame Sketch, Bricks Wall Sketch, Smooth Sketch, Posterize Sketch, Gamma Sketch, Black & White Sketch, Black & White Photo, Reverse Color, Memory Style Photo, etc.

Sketch Master - My Cartoon Photo Filter Avatar Pad & Pic Edit Booth

With this app, you can crop your photos into 5 ways, and the options to save your photos into three image quality -high, medium and low. Apart from apply effects, it also supports image editing and sharing of photos to your favorites social networks.

Get Sketch Master for iPhone from iTunes

Fatify – Make Yourself Fat App

Want to see how you would look like if you were fat? This is a perfect app for that purpose. This app can make you real fat. Fatify is completely free to use, it can lets you face swap for a fat, jiggly, animated one. This app can make a fat version of you with just a few taps. It has various weight options to select to put on your snap such as 20, 60, or 600 pounds and see how funny you look.

Fatify - Make Yourself Fat App
Playing with this app is easy, you just need to take your snap or upload one from your camera roll. Now, choose your weight, tap your fat photo face to smack your jiggly self. Fatify lets you get fat and animated – in 3D. You can now share your fat pic online.

Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo app is an automatic cartoon photo generator with art filters. It is light and easy to use with lots of filters to apply. With its user-friendly interface, you can convert your photos into cartoon and sketch pictures with just a single tap.

The app is completely free, it has several quick photo filters that are available for the processed images. It also allows you to share and save your finished photos into your camera roll. It does not have annoying ads. All the results looks very professional. It just takes a minute to get used to it. Just give it a try this handy cartoon yourself apps.

Cartoon Photo

Get Cartoon Photo for Android from Google Play Store

Pencil Sketch – Photo Editor

Pencil Sketch is an all-in-one photo photo editor app for Android. It is one of the best editor apps and the best way to transform your photos into works of art and express your creativity with the world.

Simple and easy to use an app to make you an artist by creating pencil sketches of your photos. Just take a picture of yourself or pick a picture from your gallery to generate the sketch. It also supports a generation of both black-white and color sketch photos by just one tap.

Pencil Sketch - Photo Editor

It provides three styles “Sketch”, “Doodle” and “Hatch”. The Sketch style lets you create pencil sketches with smooth edges and curves. The Doodle option converts your photo into a doodle style cartoon photo. And the Hatch style generates a cross-hatching texture on photos. It also comes with several beautiful photo frames to easily apply them to your photo sketch results.

Other features include Fun stickers, Color balance, Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo, Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation, Sharpen and blur,m Color temperature, Color Splash, Focus for tilt Shift, Draw and add text. It also has a Cosmetic tools to fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth.

Get Pencil Sketch  for Android from Play Store

3D Avatar Creator

3D Avatar Creator is one of the best avatar apps available for iOS devices. It has been around for quite sometime and downloaded a million times. The app works well on both iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can create and save avatars of friends and family. You can turn your photos into avatars by dressing up and make mini-me, or amazing chibi, goth, emo, vampire or superhero characters.

You can also change hairstyle, eye shape, clothing, and many more. The app has an in-app purchases for expansion packs such as coats, hats, caps and masks. This app allows you to share your avatar characters as animated gif emoji to friends by email, Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, Instagram and Twitter.

3D Avatar Creator
Get 3D Avatar Creator app from iTunes

Sketch Me

Sketch Me app lets you turn your photos into drawings, cartoons or sketch images in just one click to create instant works of art. It is light, simple and user friendly with no complicated editing tools. It has several effects to choose from to apply to your photos.

Easy to control the different effects such as black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, color sketch, cartoon, stamp, halftone, hatching and many more. You can also control the edge strength, opacity adjustment, contrast, brightness and saturation. This fantastic cartoon yourself apps lets you save or share the results with your friends on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Email and many more.
Sketch Me app

Get Sketch Me app for Android from Play Store.


AgingBooth app is one of the most popular apps for iPhone Android. This app will give you the look when you’re old? You can even do this to your photos, family and colleagues. AgingBooth is a funny way to instantly age face photos. Using it easy, with an amazing face aging machine, the app will give the looks you are looking for.

You can use any photos, it has auto-cropping using face detection. You can even use without an internet connection and the transformation process just takes a few seconds. You can save the output results to your photo gallery or even share with your friends.

Cartoon Face

Cartoon Face is another fun and amazing cartoon apps to edit your selfie and convert into a cartoon character. Cartoon Face is said to be the first camera in the world interpreting pictures into Color cartoons. It has various effects along with ready made cartoon faces including your favorite characters such as Superman, Batman and other super heroes. World Cup stars from different games, and also it has more than 100+ face and hair to apply to your photo.
cartoon face app

Other features include Auto face-detection such as Self-portrait, group photo, one touch auto facial-detection, smart select face, hair and background.  The filter function is easy to use, even kids can play and have fun with this app. Like the above apps, it has a share functionality to share your photos with friends. It is an intelligent camera app and a must try.

Get Cartoon Face app for Android from Play Store.

That conclude our list of some of the best cartoon yourself apps to transform yourself into a cartoon, animate yourself or to cartoon your pictures. We will keep updating this list as we found new apps to anime yourself. So keep visiting this page and if you like this post please!

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