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Clash of Clans TH11 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Clash of Clans TH11 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to change your strategy with this December updates. The latest is one of the biggest updates according to Supercell, it has brought several new features and changes in the village. This update will completely affect all players regardless of their Town Hall level, so here’s everything you need to know about Clash of Clans TH11 Update.

Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Update: Bite Sized Guide

Our biggest update since Clan Wars, Town Hall 11 will prove to be really, really, humongously epic sized. Here’s a broad list of new features, additions and upgrades:

New Hero for TH11 – the Grand Warden: for air or ground, offense and defense, he is a most worthy addition to your arsenal!
New defense – Eagle Artillery: rain feathery death from above! Caw!
Extra defence buildings at TH11: Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow
New levels for: Laboratory, Wizard Tower, Gold Storage and Elixir storage
New upgrade levels for: Minions and Witch
League bonus awards now depend on destruction percentage: big wins, big bonuses!
Clan donations: request a dark spell
Longer battles: an additional 30 secs to pillage other players!
Freeze Spell unlocks at TH9, and lasts longer than before at all levels
20% more space in your village – get all your pretty decorations out now!
Boost time and cost halved for army buildings and Heroes (1h/5 gems)
Rearm your traps for less!
Did we forget anything? Oh yeah… Town Hall level 11 itself!

Prepare yourself for major shield tweaks, you might want to sit down:

30% destruction gives 12 hours, 60% gives 14h and 90% gives 16 whole hours
Players can attack while shielded. However, doing so will shorten your remaining shield time
Destroying the Town Hall will NOT provide an automatic shield
Attacker must use at least 1/3 of a full army to trigger the defender’s shield
We’ve added the Village Guard – like a mini-shield to protect your village from attacks when you leave the game or have just defended without gaining a shield – or you can buy it for gems.

Village Guards: How they work

A Village Guard prevents any attacks on your village for a short period of time. That time is from 15 minutes up to 3 hours, depending on your League level, but even unranked players can get a 15-minute guard.

While the Guard is active, your village will act as if online. Only available after your Shield has ended, the Guard will take your Village out of matchmaking as you raid to your heart’s content. Entering matchmaking does not cost time off your Guard — unlike the Shield, which gets shorter with every attack you make.

There are three ways to activate a Village Guard:
Purchase a 2-hour Village Guard for a very low cost via the in-game shop (23h cooldown).
An automatic Village Guard will activate after your Shield expires (time based off Trophy League).
Every defense that does not result in a Shield will trigger a 15 minute Village Guard.

Keep in mind, while under a Village Guard you can do pretty much whatever you want without fear of being attacked; continue playing, or even pocket your phone while putting those finishing touches on your custom set of P.E.K.K.A armor. A Guard also always counts toward your Personal Break timer.

Shields: How they work

Once you exit the game and your Village Guard expires, your village is open to attacks from other players. With a shield, you can protect your village and prevent other players from attacking you.

At the very start of the game, all players get a 3-day shield to prepare their village. After that, you can either buy shields for gems at the in-game shop, or make the most of the free shields activated after being badly damaged in an attack.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a shield will turn on, protecting your village for the next 12, 14 or 16 hours. However, an automatic shield appears only if the attacker deployed at least 1/3 of a full army (calculated according to your TH level).

Purchased shields last for 1, 3 or 7 days. Buying a shield is followed by a cooldown period, during which the same type of shield cannot be bought again. The cooldowns are 5, 10 and 35 days long respectively.

You can join the multiplayer game or visit another village using the ‘Revenge’ button as much as you want, even when your shield is active. Please note that if you start an attack by deploying a troop or spell, your remaining shield time will be reduced. The time-cost of attacking with a shield is 3h for the first attack, and rises with each attack from there on. With every new shield, the time-cost of attacking is reset.

You can participate in Clan Wars or play the single player campaign without fear of losing any shield.

What’s the difference between a Shield and a Village Guard?

While both protect you from being attacked, there are some important differences between them:

Short intervals (15 mins to 3 hrs)
Useable while Shield is inactive
Can be purchased every day (23-hour cooldown)
Active guard counts toward your Personal Break timer
Attacking while it’s active will not cost Village Guard time
Duration depends on Trophy League

Long intervals (12 hrs to 7 days)
Useable anytime, but buying a Shield cancels an active Village Guard
Requires a longer cooldown after purchasing (5-35 days)
Does not add to Personal Break timer
Attacking while Shielded costs Shield time
Duration is consistent for every Clasher

I lost a defense, but didn’t get a shield!

So you lost a defense but weren’t granted a shield? The reason: shields have come to operate differently (since December 2015):
Town Hall destruction no longer grants a shield for the defender; bring your Town Hall inside! At least 30% of destruction is necessary to get a shield, and the attacker needs to deploy enough troops.

To compensate, you can now attack while shielded — it will not break the entire shield, but instead deduct a small amount of it. Think of your Shield as a resource.
Shields are flexible to your needs. Use them as you wish to suit your own style of play.

I did not get any loot from the Town Hall/Clan Castle!

Town Halls or Clan Castles are different from regular storage buildings in two key ways:

1) To get any of the loot in a Town Hall or Clan Castle, you need to destroy it completely
2) Town Halls and Clan Castles are not immune to damaging spells, which means you can use Earthquake or Lightning Spells to bring them down faster

Also, remember that there’s no guarantee that loot can be found. Town Halls only store a part of the collected loot (not the loot that remains uncollected in mines, pumps or drills), and the Clan Castle holds War Win Bonuses, and nothing else.

What kind of shield can you get after a defense?

The length of shield received after a defense depends on the destruction percentage you have sustained:
A 12-hour shield is granted at 30% destruction
A 14-hour shield is granted at 60% destruction
A 16-hour shield is granted at 90% destruction

However, NO SHIELD is granted if the attacker does not deploy at least 33% of a full army, based on the TH level of the defender

In other words, losing a defense is no guarantee for getting a shield. If you don’t get a shield after defeat, you do get a Village Guard, lasting 15 mins to 3 hrs depending on your league level. However, you may still get a shield even if you do not lose the defense.

Town Hall and Clan Castle Loot Explained

Protect your Town Hall, protect your resources! Town Halls now store loot roughly equal to 1 Gold, 1 Elixir and a maximum of 20% of Dark Elixir storages. The amount of lootable resources available will depend on the Defender’s Town Hall level (the higher the TH, the more resources stored).

With these changes, Goblins will deal double damage to the Town Hall and Clan Castle, treating them as if any other resource building, but with two key difference:  1. Both the Town Hall and Clan Castle must be FULLY destroyed to reward resources, and 2. They are not immune to spells.

Army boosts: duration & cost down by 50%

All heroes and army buildings can now be boosted for one hour at the cost of 5 gems. This has replaced previous boosts costing 10 gems, and lasting for two hours.

By boosting, you can increase the production speed of your Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory by 4X. You can even quadruple the healing rate of any hero.

Why have my obstacles moved?

In the December 2015 update, we increased village area size by 20%. That 20% had to be crammed in somewhere, and so as not to interfere with players’ current village layout, we added it to the outer edges of the usable village area.

Any obstacles that wer e entirely outside that area, i.e. beyond the “red” line in the tall grass, will have stayed there. However, anything that was even partly on the usable map area will have moved inwards.

We hope this didn’t interfere with any careful, deliberate obstacle planning. If it did, we hope the added real estate and extensive layout options should make up for it.

Healing effect of multiple Healers reduced

Healers are great. Sometimes they’re a bit too great. That’s why a group of Healers stacked up to heal the same target (like a Hero) could easily be too much to handle.

That’s why, from December 2015, the stacking effect of multiple Healers begins to drop after 4 Healers, and plummets quite dramatically after 6 Healers.  You can still use more than one Healer for amazing effect, only they are at their best when used in moderate formations.

Preparation Day in Clan Wars reduced to 23 hrs

Yes, we know there are 24 hours in a day, but Preparation Day now has only 23. This is to make the wait for Battle Day’s epic action shorter, letting clans declare Clan Wars at the same hour every two days, if they so choose.

A lot of players are asking for an ever shorter preparation period, and in many case we agree. At the same time, we know that several clans operate across time zones, with a variety of schedules and urgency levels.


Clash of Clans Updates: Town Hall 11 (Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery)

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