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Best Cooking Apps 2018 for Android and iPhone

Best Cooking Apps 2018 for Android and iPhone

No doubt the Smartphone era or revolution has completely changed the way we live. There are all kinds of applications developed for various purposes, that are helpful in our daily life. Whether you are a foodie or not, when it comes to recipe apps, there are lots of good options to choose. Here, we have curated a list of some of the best cooking apps 2018 or recipe apps 2018 to help you in your kitchen.

Best Cooking Apps 2018 for Android and iPhone

1. Cookpad

Cookpad is one of the best cooking apps so far for both Android and iPhone users. If you are looking for a recipe, Cookpad is the best place for you. In Cookpad you will find tons of recipe which you can choose any one of them according to what you like. Cookpad also provides recipes for various occasions like any festival or Christmas. So, you can look up the recipe if you are to prepare a dish for any occasions.

Also, you can search the ingredients from what you have at home and make a dish that matches to what you have and start cooking. Share your cooking recipes with other Cookpad users. For this, you can take a photo of your dish and upload it to Cookpad. This is completely legal from what we see from the app publishers. You can help other users to cook their dish tasty. No one can live and survive alone in this world.

Cookpad app

We are all living to other hands and no one can separate each other. It is a helping hand in hand. Moreover, You can create a chat with other users for asking questions and also giving answers. You can chat with them privately or in public by creating a group or in public chat. This is a great help to users to interact with others to get answers in preparing a dish or not to feel lonely while cooking. So, download the app for free and start cooking.

Get it for Android, for iOS

2. BigOven

BigOven is another best free cooking apps for Android and iOS. It is one of the most popular cooking apps with more than 11 million downloaded already. BigOven makes your cooking task easy and simple. It has over 350 different recipes. You can choose and select what recipes you are going to use. With BigOven get inspired and organized in the kitchen and on the go. Get access to a huge library of recipes and upload a photo of your own with your dish. Here, in this app, you can create a list of grocery products on which the dish of your own choice.

BigOven app

This app will help you in making your dish a lot easier with fast and tasty. Also, this app features a social network where you can chat with your friends and other relatives. You can let them watch and see what food you are making and also see them theirs. In other cases, this will not let you feel lonely by chance if you’re making the dish alone by yourself. BigOven is a great app to get inspired and create amazing food. Download it now for free.

Get it for Android, for iOS

3. Food Network in the Kitchen

Food Network in the Kitchen is one of the *top recipe apps* for Android and iPhone users. It has more than 10 million downloaded already. It is a well beautifully design with a friendly user interference. From this app, you can find all the necessary things required to make your dish quick and easy.

Food Network in the Kitchen has over 1,000 recipes and new recipes are added each month. With this, you can try and prepared a new dish every month. It also includes your favourite TV cooking shows and many other videos of cooking done by various chefs. You can look and copy them and make your family eat a special food.

Food Network in the Kitchen app

Moreover, you can get the required volume and weight of the products you wish to make and get a well-organized food right in your kitchen. Add comments on the recipes and take a note down for further reference. Also, share the photo of yours to any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. After all, the Food Network in the Kitchen is a sensible and sustainable meal finding apps for you!

Get it for Android, for iOS

4. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a community application which includes more than 30 million people. If you are a newbie on cooking, this app is the best place to look out for. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner provides a step by step cooking videos which is a great help to users. It has more than 1,000 friendly mobile recipe videos with good instructions given on cooking. You can also skip the parts where you want to see it quickly. Other features include photos, reviews, and ratings, which make this app more of a social feed than others.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Another great advantage of this app is that you can see what ingredients are sold in the net market and what recipe are the cheapest and expensive. This will help you on what budget you can make your own dish and feed your family. Also, being in the store, the app will tell you the correct recipe and what products are sold in the store itself. With this app, you can create your shopping list, save your favorite recipes, and filter your search results by diet, cooking time and many other more. So, create your own recipes with the help of this app and enjoy cooking.

Get it for Android, for iOS

5. Epicurious

Find the world best recipes with Epicurious. Epicurious is a fresh free cooking application with a friendly user interference. In this app, you will find over 30,000 tested recipes which you can pick the one that tastes to you. Manage your own list of grocery and take notes. Review other users recipes and give a rating. You can also comment and interact with other users. The best part of this app is that it has a feature of voice control which will delight you while cooking. Food videos are also available to watch and learn and make a delicious meal for your loved ones.

Epicurious app

With smart kitchen timer, you can exactly know how much time needed to cook a different dish. This will prevent you from overcook and other problems. Furthermore, the latest new content and video feeds are updated every day. With this, you can try and cook different meals every day to make you happier and enjoy inside the kitchen. Lastly, share your recipes to any social networks via Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Get it from here.

6. SideChef

Sidechef is another great free cooking application that comes for both Android and iPhone users. With Sidechef create one of the best delicious meal for your family and your loved ones. In this app, you can get access to more than 25,000 kinds of recipes and follow top bloggers and chefs.

The main purpose of this app is to make cooking a lot easier even for those an experience cooks. Sometimes, cooking is also a hard task for those who haven’t experience yet but want to make a special meal for their loved ones. Sidechef will guide you to make a delicious food. There are different recipes you can choose in this app.

SideChef app

The app comes up with a step by step instructions for each recipe including photos, videos, voice commands, and even cook timer. Moreover, you can even change the serving size of a recipe and also the app itself will change the amount of the ingredients. You can even share your own recipes to the app and also rate other users recipes and make a comment. So, take your time to download this app and make a delicious meal and enjoy the kitchen.

Get it for Android, for iOS

7. Weber’s On the Grill

Food usually prepared on the grill are mostly preferable during summer times. However, its hard to find the main recipe on the internet. With the introduction of Weber’s On the Grill app, you can find the right recipe that helps in transforming the process of grilling in an amazing and simple way. This app has about 250 different recipes which include desserts. Also, in this application, you can add or remove the items on the grocery lists. One of the main features of this app is that it includes a special timer and a special function.

Weber’s On the Grill app

You can also enter the thickness of the meat, its compatible size and automatically the app will adjust the temperature accordingly. This feature will help you a lot in not making a mistake while cooking. If you have an Apple watch, you can further connect to this app and lets you remind the timing of the meat to cook when frying.

Get it for Android, for iOS

8. My New Roots

My New Roots is a great cooking application for iPhone users. This app is mainly for vegetarian people designed by various vegans and professional bloggers who spend a lot with fresh food in the kitchen. If you love vegs, then is the exact place to look for. Here, you can see over 100 plus recipes for any occasions including breakfast, lunch, snack and many other more like a birthday party. It is an easy search for any ingredients and recipes. Also, it gives you a step by step instructions attached with photos and videos. You can just tick it if you have a doubt while cooking.

My New Roots app

Also, in this app, you can take down your favorites recipes and mark it on the app itself for further reference. You can also use the filter to show only vegan, gluten and other things. To sum up, it is a nutritional and healthy best cooking app for you. Download now and stay healthy.

Get this app from Here.

9. Yummly

Yummly is an amazing cooking app for finding all kinds of recipes. In this app, there are plenty of recipes where you can experiment as you like. It is also a strong power search engine. You can set up the search engine based on your cooking style and individuals. It is also a good app for those who are on a diet. Dieting does not simply mean just to skip the food. It is rather to take a fresh and healthy food with a limit. Knowing this, Yummly app has solved for you. You can still have a delicious and tasty food if you are on a diet. Also, it is good for those having an allergy.

Yummly app

Yummly has solved that problem too. Furthermore, this app is created to learn all about your tastes which offer you recipes that are good for you. You can choose and save recipes into the favorites list in the app itself and put ingredients into the shopping lists. Learn to shop in this app by using the built- Instacart that the app had. With this help, you can purchase from the store Instacart and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Get it for Android, for iOS

10. Kitchen Stories

With Kitchen, Stories cook anything you like to eat and have fun inside the kitchen. This app provides a lot of recipes and various instructions to follow inside the kitchen. The main features of this app include recipes with a picture, a step by step instructions with photos, and videos instructions made by popular chefs and bloggers. All this come up with free of charge. It is a well beautifully design with a friendly user interference. The user has the advantage to get a filter on different recipes and ingredients.

Kitchen Stories app

You can share your recipes and also can modify other recipes. Make a comment on other recipes and rate them. The app is updated constantly for a user to get new recipes and try an experiment on that new recipes coming up. So, try catching all the new updated recipes and prepared to cook a different style of recipes to make you happy and enjoy.

Get it for Android, for iOS

11. How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything is a well-designed cooking app for both iPhone and iPad. It is created by one of the best selling cookbooks by Mark Bittman “How to Cook Everything”. In this app, you will find over 2,000 different recipes. These recipes are again divided into different categories. You can use the filter to help you find easily on what recipe you search. If you are inexperienced in cooking, this app will guide you from the start till the end.

How to Cook Everything app

The app provides a free guidance and good instructions for using any recipes and even for using kitchen equipment such as knives, bowl and many more. Besides that, make your shopping list that will make you easy to buy any ingredients and others groceries. You can even bookmark recipes and jump over to another recipe with ease. Learn the basics of cooking any dish and meal with this application.

Get this app from Here.

12. Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives is a cooking app made with contributions of over top 20 chefs. Cooking comes easily and enjoyable with the help of this app. It has over 100 plus recipes with different styles. Each recipe can be made an experiment for finding out which recipes taste the best. Preparation is easy and simple as the app gives a step by step instructions attached with a clear photo of every recipe.

Forks Over Knives app

You can even prepare a shopping list and take notes and put a mark on your calendar. This will let you make easy when going to the market. Moreover, you can see tips given on different lifestyles and plant to choose. New recipes are added every week for users not to get bored with the same recipes. So, prepare and make a delicious meal using Forks Over Knives!

Get it for Android, for iOS

13. Foodily

Foodily is one of the best cooking apps which have a rating of 5 stars in the App Store. This app has a lot of cookbooks with a lot of recipes. It is designed with beautiful and simple with a friendly user interference. With Foodily, you can collect your favourite recipes in one place and also have the ability to create your own recipes. You can add your recipes even in the app itself. Get ideas and instructions to any of your friends and also from top chefs! You can also search for recipes by ingredients.

Foodily app

Prepare and make a chart menu for an everyday meal including other special events. Also, you can share your recipes photos with any other friends and get a bunch of followers. You will feel the beat after making your own recipes with the help of the Foodily app. Learn to cook one of your favorite dish with the help of this app.

Get it for iOS.

14. Pepperplate

The perfect ‘go to’ recipe app! Pepperplate is a cooking best app for Android and iOS. It is a friendly user interference with simple designed. With this app, you can make a delicious food that tastes great to feed your family and friends. From user review, it is one of the applications that you must have on your phone. In this app, you can upload your own recipes as well as other recipes that you found on other sites. You can even put together recipes into menus for some occasions like birthday party, festival and other more.

Pepperplate app

Organized meals for week and month by adding menus and recipes to the schedule. You can create a shopping list that matches the order you shop in the store market. Then, share your recipes with any social networking sites via Email, Facebook and Twitter. You can even make a video of your cooking and upload to your YouTube channel.

Get it from Here.

15. Green Kitchen

By Green Kitchen, it does not mean that your kitchen will be in green colour. Green Kitchen is a cooking app perfectly for vegetarian people. It has a large collection of vegetarian dishes and gluten-free meals. It is a friendly user interference. The app provides with step by step instructions on every recipe all attached with photos. Also, each dish has a video and you can comments if you wish. The main courses of this app are snacks and healthy drinks. It also includes breakfast and other more.

Green Kitchen app

If you want more recipes to try, you can buy around 30 more recipes in the app purchase. Each recipe estimated time are also included to look by the user. Also, you can set your own cooking time in the timer given from the app. Moreover, you can connect and see the timer on your Apple Watch. And last, share your recipe via Email, Facebook and Twitter.

Get it from Here.

16. Fit Men Cook

Do you ever say that you can’t afford to eat the food needed for bodybuilding? Well, with Fit Men Cook you can!! Isn’t that good!? Fit Men Cook application is a cooking app where you can easily prepare and cook food. It is beautifully designed by Kevin Curry and has over 1 million followers over social media.

Fit Men Cook app

This app has a lot of healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and affordable. From the name Fit Men Cook, you will think first that it mainly for men who love cooking, but it is not so. It is for all people who love healthy food and especially for people who love to be in good form. So, if you want to keep fit and healthy, download this app now and always stay fit.

Get it for Android, for iOS

17. The Great British Bake Off: Step by Step Better Baking

Do you like to make a birthday cake for your children or your love? Or do you just want to learn to bake a cake? With the help of The Great British Bake Off, you can try and prepare one of the most delicious cakes. This app will guide you with a step by step instructions on different types of baking recipes. The step by step instructions come up with photos, videos, comments, and notes.

The Great British Bake Off Step by Step Better Baking app

All recipes are divided into different categories according to their level of difficulty. You can also find plenty of tips and tricks from differently experienced bakers and top bakers. Also, it includes a timer function that prevents you from not to burn your buns. In this app, you can try the first 6 cupcake recipes that are all free. If you want more additional recipes then you need to buy and purchase from the App store with money.

Get it for iOS

18. Cook IT Allergy Free

Are you suffering allergy from specific food like eggs, nuts or any other food products? Cook IT Allergy Free is specially designed for you. You don’t need to spend time searching for a suitable recipe. In this app, you will find a bunch of tasty recipes that are suitable for you. It is an easy user interference. You don’t need to create a problem with your family. You can search the recipe on your phone using this app and prepare for yourself. There are more than 200 plus recipes you can choose. Each recipe has all the preparation instructions and will guide you through to the end.

Cook IT Allergy Free app

Get it from here.

19. Kitchen Calculator PRO

Kitchen Calculator PRO is a free calculating any kitchen products for iPhone users. With this application, you can calculate one unit to other units. You can even convert the volume into a weight of any products. But remember, when converting from weight to volume it is important to take into account the ingredient you are converting. As a says, “a cup of sugar is not equal to a cup of rice. Different ingredient weight different from another ingredient. Save your own ingredient weight for further reference.

Kitchen calculator PRO app

This will make it easier for you when you want to know the weight of that ingredients. Besides this, you can add your own if sometimes there are not enough ingredients marked in this application. With the help of this app, you can even calculate the ingredients on which number of people you are serving.

get it from Here.

20. Perfect Produce

Perfect Produce is a simple and useful cooking app for both Android and iOS. This app provides information on how to buy and handle some of the most common types of produce. It also has a nice selection of recipes and the ability to show you the nutrients. It includes mainly nutrients of fruits and vegetables. The app will help you with choosing the best fruits and vegetables. It is a clean looking app without a lot of clutter, easy to navigate and you can save your favorite produce items. Moreover, this application is very useful for people who look after their diet carefully.

Perfect Produce app

You can find which fruits and vegetables have more nutrients that match your meal planning. You can save them and mark in your shopping list. This will make you find easy and helpful when you go shopping in the market. Also, Perfect Produce helps you count how many fruits and vegetables you need to eat daily in order to stay healthy and fit.

Get it for Android, for iOS

That concludes our list of best cooking apps or best recipe apps 2018. You can also check out other best app list from below.

Last updated on January 11, 2018.

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