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How to Create Snapchat Group Chat: How to Use Snapchat Group Chat

How to Create Snapchat Group Chat: How to Use Snapchat Group Chat

Snapchat on Tuesday (December 13, 2016) rolled four new features in an aim to extend its reach as a mature communication platform. One of the new features added is the Snapchat Group Chat a different way to communicate with up to 16 friends on Snapchat. Snapchat Group Chat provides an option for Snapchatters a way to leave the group to message with one of the persons within the group, and then with just a tap should be able to rejoin the chat crew again. Like in the standard snaps, stickers, bitmojis, voice notes and others are likewise available in a group chat. This post will walk you through on how to create Snapchat Group Chat and how to use Snapchat Group Chat.

Apart from the Snapchat Group Chat, Snapchat also introduced two new creative tools – Scissors and the Paintbrush. The Scissors feature lets Snapchatters to cut out part of a message on the preview screen and after that turn it into a custom sticker. These custom stickers can be stored and can be applied to Snaps in your Memories, and turns a Snap into an artistic masterpiece. The Paintbrush tool will help you to give your Memories a new look by using various effects and artistic styles.

how to create snapchat group chat

Another big addition in this December 2016 updates is the Shazam capability. Snapchat has integrated the Shazam feature within the app to help you easily identify a song you have come across. This feature will not just help you to identify the name of the song, you also be able to listen to a previews, see the lyrics, watch the Vevo video of the song and also provide you recommended songs. All the songs you have Shazamed are saved which can also be deleted from your Shazam history.

What is Snapchat Group Chat is all about?

Snapchat Group Chat is similar to most other social networking groups, but with some key difference and certain limitations like the number of group members. Let’s have a look some of the main features of Snapchat Group Chat.

Snapchat Group Chats are more like a one-on-one chats, and the messages sent to the group are available for just 24 hours. All the chats are automatically deleted once it crosses the 24 hours mark.

When your group members open the Group Chat window, their names will light up inside a bubble above your keyboard (see the image below).  This will lets you know that they’re present or currently active in the group. You can tap on a friend’s name bubble from the group you joined to start a quick chat.

The Chat feature also gives you an option to add someone from your group who isn’t your friend yet. Like the popular messaging platform WhatsApp, you will be able to see which members of the group have read your message , saved it and many more. To see these features, just Tap or press and hold on a Chat like in WhatsApp. Like Facebook Messenger, when your group members open a Snap, his or her name will display or appear below the message in Chat.

Snapchat Group Chat

You will also be able to see Bitmojis or Friendmoji for the person who most recently sent a Chat to the group by just tapping on the Snap icon.  Please note that all the Snaps sent to a group don’t count for your Snapstreaks you have with individual Snapchatters. You can also change the Friend Emoji that appears next to all of your groups within the Snapchat settings. Currently Video chats and voice calls are not available in Snapchat Group Chat.

How to Create Snapchat Group Chat and Use it?

Want to get started using Snapchat’s latest feature – Snapchat Group Chat but not sure how to make Snapchat Group Chat, here’s a quick tutorial that will help you in setting it up. Follow the below steps by steps instructions;

1. First things first, since these new features requires the latest version of Snapchat, you will need to update your Snapchat app from your respective app store or by download the latest version of Snapchat apk. If you are on Android, open your Google Play and see for the Snapchat Updates and install the updates. For iOS devcies head over to Apple app store iTunes and update it.
2. To create your first Snapchat group, open your Snapchat app as you normally do from your device.
3. Open the Chat Screen (see screenshot below) and tap on the New Chat icon in left-hand corner of your screen.

snapchat group chat setup
4. Pick or select a few friends from the list of friends, and then tap ‘Chat” icon with the plus sign on it. You can select up to 16 friends. Please note that when you first create your group, you can only add friends to a group if you are both friends with each other.

snapchat group chat adding friends
5. You can also send Snaps directly to a group. After taking a Snap, just tap the send button, and then choose a group to send to. Everyone in the group will be able to see that you sent the Snap, and also who opened it.
6. Now name your group to whatever name you wish to give by tapping on edit tool icon after the New Chat (see screenshot).

snapchat group chat name
7. Tap on the “Chat” blue button and send your first message to your group.

snapchat group chat send snaps

8.  To rename the group, mute notifications, add someone to the group, or even leave the group or see who’s in the group, just tap on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner to open the settings. Please note that if you leave the group, all the Snaps and Chats you sent will be cleared from the Group Chat, even if someone saved them in Chat.  Also, when you rename the group, group members will be able to see that name as well.
9. When you create a group or if you are added to a group, all the groups will appear in the Chat screen itself. Just tap on the name of the Group Chat to open.
10. That’s it!

How to See Who’s in a Snapchat Group Chat?

When someone joins Snapchat Group Chat, their name will light up inside a bubble above your keyboard (see screenshot). Tap on a name to chat with that particular Snapchatter one-on-one. To see who has read a chat, just tap on the message. To see the list of group members, just tap on the group name.

How to See Who's in a Snapchat Group Chat.

How To Use Paintbrush Tool in Snapchat?

The Paintbrush Tool is a new feature added to make your snaps or memories even more creative by applying various effects or artistic styles. Please note that this feature might not be available, as it is rolling out slowly to Snapchatters. If you don’t have yet, just keep on checking. If you already have it, it should appear in the top left hand corner of your Preview Screen right after you have taken a snap along with other tools like text and stickers. Here’s how you use Paintbrush in Snapchat;

1. Just press and hold on any Snaps in Memories.
2. Then tap on the Editing Icon which looks like pencil to edit your Snap.
3. Now, tap on the Brush icon to add various various artistic styles that should appear in the snap.
4. That’s it.

How to Use Scissors in Snapchat?

If you have this tool, like the Paintbrush tool, it should appear  in the top left side corner of your Preview Screen right after you have taken a snap. This is cut and paste tool to copy and paste just about anything in your Snaps with ease. Here’s how you use scissors in Snapchat. All the objects you copy with the scissors are saved as stickers.

1. Take a Snap like you normally do.
2. Tap on the Scissor icon.

Scissors in Snapchat
3. Now drag your finger around an object you want to copy.

Snapchat Scissors
4. Take or drag it to the place where you want it to have or paste by lifting your finger, and the object will paste onto your Snap as a sticker.

snapchat scissors pasteSnapchat Scissors pasting
5. If you’ are not satisfy, you can again press and hold on the sticker and drag it to trash and start fresh.
6. To see the stickers you’ve made and to delete a sticker you have created, tap on the snap icon and just press and hold on it, and then drag your finger to trash bin.

How To Use Shazam In Snapchat?

Now with the integration of Shazam into Snapchat you do not need to wonder about the name of the song you just heard. This feature not tells you the names but also let you see lyrics, watch the video as well. Please note that you do not need to have the Shazam app in your device to use this feature. Here’s how it works;

1. Like taking a snap, just press and hold on the camera screen to Shazam a song.
2. If the song is recognized, a screen will pop-up. If you tap on the ‘Song Info,’ you will be able to see a full summary of the song.

shazam snapchat
3. To listen to an excerpt of the song, Swipe up.
4. If you want to share with your friends, just press and hold on the screen to send it. You can also add text on it.

snapchat shazam
5. All the songs you’ve Shazamed will appear in Snapchat settings > Shazam.
6. To delete a song from your Shazam history, just swipe left on the song and tap on ‘Delete” button.
7. That’s it.

That conclude our tutorial on the latest Snapchat features on Snapchat Group Chat, Paintbrush, Scissors and Shazam. Have you tried these new Snapchat features and how do you find it? What’s your response share with us in the comments below!

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