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Download Talking Tom Jetski for Android, Windows, iOS

Download Talking Tom Jetski for Android, Windows, iOS

Do you want to ride some seriously sweet waves? Are you ready to dash through cool missions and accept daring challenges? Talking Tom Jetski is the number choice games for this. Try now, it won’t regret it. It is free and available on different operating systems. Download Talking Tom Jetski now for Android, Windows, iOS and join Talking Tom and Talking Angela for the most exhilarating water action out there. With Talaking Tom, ride the wave of the freshest and funnest runner game on the horizon. Talking Tom Jetski has been on top of the Chart for Google Play Store for consecutive years.

Main Features:

Talking Tom Jetski

It has a clean and simple interface, easy to play. Let’s see some features of Talking Tom Jetski

MOVE FREELY: Greater swipe control allows you to be nimble, combining high-octane speed and accuracy.
RIDE THE ACTION: Enjoy the simple and action-packed gameplay.
ACCOMPLISH MISSIONS: Take on cool missions and challenges to win awards.
CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER: Ride along with Talking Tom or Talking Angela.
CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Who will have the highest score?
ENJOY EXCITING GRAPHICS: Have fun with cool designs and awesome graphics.

This app contains:
– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and contextual advertising. But not much of annoying.
– It links direct customers to their websites and other Outfit7 apps.
– It has the possibility to connect with friends via popular social networking sites.
– There is a possibility to connect with Game Center and Google+ accounts.

Download Talking Tom Jetski for Android, Windows, iOS

App Permissions: Here are some of the permissions which Talking Tom Jetski needs to access;

In-app purchases
# Phone
It can read phone status and identity.

It can read the contents of your USB storage.
Can modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

It can read the contents of your USB storage.
Can modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

#Wi-Fi connection information
Can view Wi-Fi connections.

# Device ID & call information
Can also read phone status and identity.

# Other
It can receive data from Internet.
Can view network connections.
It can gain full network access.
Can also prevent device from sleeping.

Download Talking Tom Jetski

Download Talking Tom Jetski from the links given below:

Android: Google Play 
Windows: Windows Store
iOS: Apple App Store

Talking Tom Jetski APK

If you have some problem downloading Talking Tom Jetski directly from the app store, you can always download Talking Tom Jetski apk. The best place to get APks is APK Pure, just head over to Apkpure and search for Talking Tom Jetski and get the apk. In case, if you can’t install Talking Tom Jetski make sure you have enabled installation of external apps or apk by checking “Unknown Sources” from your phone’s Security Settings.

Talking Tom Jetski Additional information

Last Update: March 18, 2016
Current Version: 1.1.1
Requirements: It requires Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Developer: Outfit7

Talking Tom Jetski Reviews & Feedback

Here are some of the honest reviews and feedback by users.

Anaya: Not good enough It could get more better. It actually failed to fulfill the expectations! Not really very fun to play as was written in the description. The game could include a shop to buy things such as power ups or different colors and styles of jetski and some more creative adventures could get the game into a very interesting zone!

Espe: Very fun, I love it In this game you can choose your players, Tom or Angela. Then you can ride and you try to get as far as you can throughout the obstacles and challenges. You also try to collect stars along the way. However many stars you collect determines your score. This app will keep your scores and will let you know if you get a high score. When you run into something you have the option to keep going if you watch an advertisement. This app is not boring at all. It works great and doesn’t take up much space.

Faith: Love it!!!!! So OK, their isn’t any other characters apart from Tom and Angela, but it’s SUPER fun! What age are you guys who put down 1/2/3/4 stars? This game is my fave game of ALL TIME I LOVE IT!

Kristina: Great app One of the best Talking Tom and Friends apps ! Works well on Android but it’s trouble sometimes on IOS ! Remove the ads please ? Love it, it’s easier to win then Talking Tom Gold Run.

Raghunatha: Boring.. It is very boring. There are only 2 characters (tom & Angela). There r missions but those words r out of our understanding. If there r buying anything then may be it will b good..

Crystal: I love it so bad The reason I love it so bad because I like it when you get your high score and my high score is 7,000890 ??and even I like Angela?? instead of Tom?? sometimes I play Tom?? sometimes I don’t ??most of the time I pick up Angela ??and thank ya she’s cool I hate it when you started doing all the missions ? the Talking Tom jetski is still cool? am I right am I right.

Tayana: Totally addictive The game is really fun zooming back and forth in between everything. It’s cool how you can make it to where you can get coins on My Talking.

Angela: Like it but… I love this game because you can ride on the ramps.But the only thing is it takes ages,long to even load. And one more thing when i want to go in Google search,play then when i want to try and get back in it because i have a tablet its completely gone so i have to all get back in it again.And again i love this game!

Joe: Amazing an awesome game It’s really cool and kind of active and all that stuff but I get more luck on Angela you know the jet ski girl the white cat of course you don’t understand it but it’s real and it’s very funny and I love it

Elizabeth: Okay. It’a not the best game in the world but it is pretty fun with all those obstixals. I also like how they have a fist in gold to let you use the obstixals that you normally crash into.

Mark: What I think of Tom Jetski 1 though 100 would be 90 so I am 10% short to 100 but in my opinion is I basitlie love Tom Jetski.?! So you download Tom Jetski now and give it a good rate today.?! So try the game today and play it right now.

Jennifer: Love it its so wonderful this game is the most fun game in all my games i even don’t know how to describe how fun it is but their are so many adds but its not so much a problem to me also its so challenging and addictive it gives your brain to constraint and it helps it function properly for the concentration and excitement that it needs and it helps you to get very smart because its a very smart game very fun trust me you all should try and play this amazing game.

Munir: Love it? It’s really hard to pick who u want to play with because they is tom? and Angela? but any way it is a very nice game to play. I play for hours and enjoy it ?

Korean: Fantastic. To:”Outfit7″ Hello Outfit7, I love your games, you should pay attention to the 5 star rating. I hope you take my message as a wonderful one. And you should never give up, no matter if it’s hard or not… Never, ever, Give up, because you are amazing. And so are your games, I am happy to see you reading this, and I hope you are too.

Shalu: I love this game I have all the games which outfit 7 has mad economic it makes the best games I would give 5 stars but I don’t like the slower motion thingies first of all I get the fast blue thingies then I get the slower motion blue thingie I hat that but then also its a nice game.

Dhiman: Improvement required Game is very good. I always enjoy to play this game. One thing that must be improved is that score and level of game should be saved somewhere so that when be login from any device be can play same level.

The Queen: Everything is great except controls. You literally have to punch your fingers to the extreme end of the screen to take Tom/Angela to the left/right but still it would hit obstacles

Ben: Rather Repetitive In my opinion, you could improve this app if you added things such as daily challenges, the other Talking Tom characters, and perhaps different tracks or worlds.

Emma: Fun This game is fun I would have died if I did not get this app. But there is only one problem with this game though. It is that there are so many obstacles and you lose the game all the time.

Princes: Boring This game is boring. You drive extra slow.It is easy to die. I don’t know why people like this game. Don’t waste your time.Don’t install this game.

Cloe: So fun When I’m playing the game I get so addicted I just can’t stop playing. This game is so much fun, if I turn It off I have to start playing it again, that’s how addicted I get. I hope you people have as much fun as I do.

Pablo2Games: I liked it but I didn’t get rewards from talking Tom and I wanted coins to buy something from taking tom. First time I brought the game, I got rewards from talking Tom. And now I didn’t got rewards so if you don’t fix it now, I would rate 1 star. If you do I would rate 5. Please fix.

Sofie: It’s awesome and the other one I was in my room to the hospital with her in her mouth to be with him in his own way in hell I’m not a big fan on a Saturday afternoon or night with the only way you do for me too rap and you know how you feel about that time and place on a date to go out and I will have the money I can see it now but it will get a job at it for a bit late but happy that we can get my message and I’ll see if my dad was in a while back but

Chelsea: Addictive and challenging It makes me put the score I wanna get in mind so I can work towards it and that inspires me to read my books. If I can determine that I wanna pass my high score who says I can’t get better grades. I love the game keep doing what your doing and make more games. To everyone I advise you to play this game?

Sean: Amazing game that I’ve ever seen In which you can find that to visa it will ask you that you want Tom Angel its you want in children engineering in general bus stop and if you want I’m that stuff when sitting on the stairs laughing on the Angel and when use when you start the game then you would see that there are many things kept on the River Kwai have to run but that an easy which is LC but I can tell you is if you touch the right and then you can pull it like this that’s not like that direction then you will be never I thank you.

Captain: What a shame. A nice game (though dreadfully simple) spoiled by the fact that there was an advert after almost every go. The option to turn off targeted ads didn’t help and so I’m uninstalling. So, well done. Your greed had the opposite effect: now I won’t see any ads at all. Think about it.

Dean: Oh please shut up. It is a very good game and a nice distraction for kids so stop saying it’s not good enough. If you are still so sure it sucks then try making your own game see how people reject it

Narendrabhise: Un-confident draw back. I have a score of 11423 and the ramps are super awesome. Just a request that if Angela and Tom can repeat what we say, then it would be very nice. I would give it 5 stars. Outfit 7 never ignore the request I know.

Esperanza: Fun! This game is so fun I would recommend this to anyone who asked. But…it’s a little bit boring after a while. In my opinion you should add all the other character’s .(-:

Meenakshi: A little boring It wasn’t as good as I thought. Other outfit 7 games are too cool, especially taking Tom bubble shooter. Not as good as I thought.. very simple but still nice.

Deb: Great game Except for the fact that when an add takes the whole screen and finishes playing you cannot exit out of it even when you hit the X button, it takes you directly to the game store, pretty annoying.

Peter: Love it This game is so much fun I can’t believe Talking Tom ever make this game I just love it so much and I’m a really big fan of Talking Tom and Talking Angela and Talking Hank Talking Ben Talking Ginger evening I play Talking Tom gold run all those games so much fun I had I used to have them I broke does my tablet so I couldn’t why couldn’t play on my tablet and then I get a new one but my when I work so I got my phone instead but I looked in my phone and I got a new one so my life is very very great I love you.

CHANNEL: I think that it’s a great game to play with. they have a lot of obstacles that you can play with and try to dodge them. It’s also a score below your score and if u pass it up you have a new high score. if you run into anything you have available options to watch an advertising video or you can press the x. You can also pick which character you want to use if your a girl it’s most likely to be Angela. And if your a boy it’s most likely to be Tom. Yeah it’s a great game to me it’s also great for little kids. It’s a great game so yeah it should have a high rate at all times.

Amy: This game is awesome! I like it when you choose your character, (Angela or Tom) the other one gets angry if you don’t pick them. The quality is good. Also it is great fun to play. I could play it for hours! ?

Manya: I love talking tom I like it soap mats I play all day this games guys I just love this your cariter is in the Sea you have fun I love it:):) that is the most cites game I have see that I seed was my love of the game now I am going to tell my fillings so sit down I love it its cute but I hate something the trash there is allowed were the sea but I still like it I will never hate the game if you like my love and filing just put a like please guys so yeah bey:)

Sofia: Amazing!!! It is so good good good that I can play it every day! Well did you even make talking Tom gold run because if It was your companies game it is great! Sorry that I putted four stars because I didn’t see that there were five stars so I accidentally putted four stars.

Sonam:I would like to give some ideas. should have more players.2. It should have more jetski with more abilities in it .3. It should have costumes .4. It also should have some options to update the obstacles. I hope if the next game comes it should be with these abilities.

Wedad: Love it! Creative It us really cool and fun but sometimes I don’t understand what some obstacles are so I am not able to pass some missions. Other than that, I am glad I downloaded this game and you should too??

Chevious: So much fun!! Even though this game doesn’t have different challenging levels to’s still a fun basic game.Its funny,cute, awesome graphics and has a Caribbean music to jetski to! and you can choose between either Tom or Angela to ride the jetski obstacles course.

June: Hannah Forbes Epic,amazing 100/100 First place I would put this game it’s amazing install it its my favorite game this game I can’t describe it it’s just amazing. be happy to play it if you hate cats it’s not for you if disagree you hate Canadians.

Shazia: Please introduce some new characters, challenges. It’s very boring to just without any particular purpose or an aim. If you introduce characters then it might be more interesting. The stars which are to be collected have no use further.

Melanie: Love it This is very cool of the jetskis and I’ve beat you fools with my sweet moves. I have never failed in this game so do the cool tricks ever!

Tayla: So much fun This game gets really addictive just warning. I would have given it 5 stars but I just wish there was more added to the game. Like characters! They could have Ginger and Hank but no they decide to keep Angela and Tom. Please fix this.

TheBabyGir: I think it’s cute and fun. This tablet freezes and sometimes I am trying to move them and they hit an obstacle, but it isn’t bad. Beats a few others I have checked out lately.

That’s it on Talking Tom Jetski, enjoy playing!

Last Update on August 25, 2017.

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