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Facetune Free Download APK for Android & iOS (Full Version)

Facetune Free Download APK for Android & iOS (Full Version)

Facetune is a powerful portrait picture and selfie photos editor, which is designed to give professional quality photo editing tools in the palm of your hand. Facetune is Photoshop for your phone. Although it might not have all of the different features that are available in Photoshop. But you can use a variety of features to make your pictures attractive. Retouching and adding artistic flair to your selfie or portrait with Facetune is easy. With its easy-to-use powerful tools to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look as it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine. If you are looking for Facetune feature, Facetune online and Facetune Free Download or Facetune APK download 2018 please read on.

Facetune is developed by Israeli startup Lightricks, it is one of the most downloaded apps on the Google App Store and Apple App Store. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The iOS version is compatible with all the iPad and iPod touch as well as the iPhones. The app is about 49MB that works in iOS 7.0 and later, and on Android, it requires 4.1 and up running.</ br>

facetune free download

Facetune 2 provides a large number of features to edit your image. With Facetune you can easily remove blemishes and dark circles or add natural makeup. An easy-to-use teeth whitening tool and many more features such as smoothing your skin, adding more detail to the face, change the shape of your body etc. However, to have access to all of the features you will have to pay $2.99 for the in-app purchase.

Features of Facetune:

Facetune is on the most powerful photo editing apps or tools available for smartphones in the app store with a lot of editing tools. The app has a clean and user-friendly interface design. Less complicated than most popular photo editing apps like PicsArt Photo Studio and has more functionality. With Facetune, you can achieve magazine-level photos by using this amazing app. Facetune will amaze you by its advanced filters which can make your pictures amazingly perfect. Without much further ado, let’s have a look some of its amazing features.

facetune apk

With Facetune you can widen or refine your smile by using its user-friendly teeth whitening tool. You can also add more detail to the face, you can change the shape, patch up imperfections on the skin, fix red-eye, blur the background like in professional headshots. The app has two levels – Smooth and Smoother. You just move the image around with a two-finger drag and apply the effect with a single finger.

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You can make your skin beautiful, smooth and rejuvenate your skin by applying its various effects. Brighten dark circles under your eyes like concealer and also remove blemishes, pimples, and scars as well. You can also emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze, making your eyes look brighter. You can even change the color your eyes and remove red and white-eye effects. As with any powerful photography software, it’s entirely possible to overdo it. There is an eraser to overdo the smoothing. You can always return to your original image if you don’t like what you’ve done.

facetune app

Facetune also comes with a hair salon tools to turn back time and color over grey hair. It also lets you fill bald patches and remove stray hairs. If you are not satisfied with the shape of your face, you can reshape or refine your jawlines, heighten cheekbones and your brows. You can also reshape or retouch your nose. You can enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image and lets you totally transform your face into an alien or other fun shapes.

You can also apply any shade of blush and eyeshadow and add volume to your lashes and shape your brows using the brush tools. You can add color to your lips, add intensity to your natural lip color and smoothen your skin as if you are using concealer.  With the focus tool, you can focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background. With the special effects filters, you can improve lighting and also create customized filters as well. There is a tool to add unique textures and customizable frames.

facetune photo editor

With rotate and crop tools, it lets you photo in 90-degree and flips to the photo to its mirror image. You can also brush on color tones, for a makeup effect. It also comes with certain frames and filters. Filters include the standard photographic options such as Sepia, Classic Lens Styles, Textures, Photographic Paper Types, Lighting, and Wipes. Just swipe your finger across the image to increase the effect.

Facetune offers a fine selection of classic and artistic Frames and you also have the option of showing before-and-after versions of your photo. Photo editor with customizable filters can also be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas. You can also compare your retouch work with the original photo at every step of the way, with just a tap.

facetune sharing

Facetune offers sharing options to instantly share for your edited photos with your friends & family to popular social networking sites. However, sharing options differ between the Android and iOS versions. On Android version, you can share photos via email, Facebook, Instagram or any installed application on your device. And on iOS share options are available for Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

FaceTune Specs

Current Version: 1.1.3 on Android; 2.6.0 on iOS
Size: 64.2 MB
Compatibility: On iOS, it requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. On Android 4.1 and up running

App Permissions:

This current Version 1.1.3 can access the following:

# Identity
It can find accounts on the device.
Access to accounts on the device.

Can read phone status and identity.

Can read the contents of your USB storage and modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

Can read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

It can take pictures and videos

#Wi-Fi connection information
It can access and view Wi-Fi connections.

#Device ID & call information
Can read phone status and identity.

It can receive data from Internet, view your network connections, control vibration, preventing your device from sleeping and Google Play license check.

Facetune Free Download from Google Play Store

Get the latest version of Facetune from Google Play Store. You can open your Google Play app from your device, on the Search bar type Facetune and tap the search bar. From search results look for Facetune and tap on it and tap on the Install button.

Facetune Download from iTunes

Facetune is also available for iOS tunes from the Apple App Store iTunes. Get Facetune from iTunes.

Facetune APK Download for Android

If you are having some problems downloading Facetune from the app store, you can download Facetune apk from the link given below.  Just open your web browser and get Facetune apk. Once you entered the page, click on the download button and for the apk to finish downloading. Once the download is completed, install the apk. Please be careful while downloading any android apk from various to keep your phone safe from unwanted malware.

To allow installation of apks, you will need to allow the installation of apk or apps from outside the app store. To do this, go to your Phone Settings and then to Security. Under your Security Settings look for Unknown Sources. Now, enable or check or mark the “Unknown Sources” to allow installation Facetune APK on your device.

FaceTune App Free Download for iOS Devices

You can download and install Facetune app on your iOS devices without jailbreaking by following the steps below;

1. Open your web browser and go here:
2. Scroll and look for Facetune
3. Tap on the Green button just below the image and tap on it.
4. Once you tapped, it will take you to a new page and tap on the Green bar again.
5. Now from the pop-up, tap on the Install button.
6. Tap on the Home button and go to settings.
7. On the General tab and select Profiles & Device Management from the right side.
8. Now look for “Fuzhou Fanhao Software Limited Company” tap on it.
9. From the pop-up tap on the Trust button.
10. Head back to Home and launch the app.

That’s it, you now got the FaceTune App Free.

Last Updated on January 16, 2018.

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