Best Free Movie Apps 2018 for Android & iPhone devices

Watching movies is one of the most effective ways to keep oneself entertained during a hectic or free time. With advancement in technology, we are developing the habit of watching movies on the move, either online or offline. This has resulted in the tremendous increase in the number of websites to watch free movies online and mobile applications. It also coupled with the increase in the speed of mobile internet which are being offered at affordable prices. Most of us prefer to stream or watch movies online, as downloading consumes time. This post will give some of the best Free Movie Apps for Android and Free Movie Apps for iOS to entertain yourself.

In addition, a number of movie sites and Free Movie Apps make an effort to exploit by generating money and also injecting unwanted malware and viruses that could harm devices. Even some of the best movie sites and movie apps are asking users for registration and subscription for bucks to stream movies which offer poor services and old content. This is one of the main reason most people prefer to watch movies with the assistance of mobile applications.

The mobile app stores like Google Play Store and Apple app store iTunes is now flooded with apps to watch free movies on Android and iOS devices. There are few good free movie apps for Android and iPhone with hundreds of movies available to stream at your fingertips. This post is created for you to make a selection of free movie apps for Android and iOS easier for you.

These free movie apps we have listed here are some of the best which will let you stream movies for free. Some of these movie applications have the latest movies, popular television shows available from around the world. Not only that, these free movie apps allow you to watch free streaming TV shows right from your phone or tablet when you’re on the go.</ br>

Free Movie Apps for Android & iPhone

Top Rated Free Movie Apps 2018 for Android & iPhone

You can now download some of these best free movie apps for Android and iOS operating devices. All of these movie apps we have listed here are available for free. All you have to do is just download and install these amazing applications on your device from the links we have provided and start enjoying.

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MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD App is a superb free movie app for Android, which lets you stream and download movies and TV Shows. It has a huge library of the latest and the most popular movies to choose from, so will never run of choices. With a clean and simple user interface, searching and finding your favorites movies and TV Shows is easy. Its library is updated every day.

Free Movie Apps

It has a powerful search functionality, you could filter your search by titles, genre and user ratings, so you will never have trouble finding the movie you are looking for. Unfortunately, this app is not yet available on the app, however, you could download from the link given below. It is light, it comes at just around 1.8MB, downloading takes only a second. The app does come with some Ads, but not annoying. MegaBox HD App can play HD quality in 360p, 460p & 1080p.

Get MegaBox for Android from Here

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is one of the best Android Movie Apps that lets you easily stream online movies and TV series. It is similar to ShowBox, a popular movie app which was removed recently from the Play Store due to some policies. The design is simple, it comes in black, and provides many amazing features.

Once downloaded and installed on your devices, it gives you the latest and trending movies and TV Shows which you can watch straight away or gives you an option to download to your device for offline viewing.

terrarium tv apk

It has a vast collection of downloadable movies which can be navigated quickly. Terrarium TV fully supports HD content, so you can watch movies in high definition if your internet connection supports it. The best part of this app, it is completely and no hidden charges.

Get Terrarium TV


TubiTV is one of the most popular free movie apps for Android and iOS platforms. It maintains user ratings of 4.1 on the Play Store, which indicates that it does deliver a good service. This app has been downloaded more than a million times from the App Store.

It offers free popular movies and television shows or series in full HD. Unlike most popular movie apps, TubiTV is completely free and no registration or Credit Card is required. However, the app does have some few commercial ads, but not annoying enough.

TubiTV adds free shows and movies every week, so you will never run out of entertainment on the move. TubiTV offers you the latest movies, action flicks, documentaries, Korean dramas, anime, horror and many more. It has one of the largest libraries of free and legal TV shows and movies to choose from.

Tubi TV let you watch your favorites movies or shows on multiple devices like Xbox, Roku, Chromecast or smart TVs and Multi-Device Syncing functionality. Which means you can also easily synchronize viewing between your Android device and connected TVs such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku devices, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, etc. With this app, you can also continue to watch where you left off on any device.

Get TubiTV for Android from Play Store
Get TubiTV for iOS from Apple App Store iTunes


Viewster is another beautiful free movie apps to watch free movies on Android and iOS platforms. Viewster has been one of the most downloaded apps and made it to the list of best movie app in Europe. Unlike most apps, you don’t need to sign up or register with this app, just download, install on your device and watch movies, shows, cartoons etc straight away. Not only movies shows, but Viewster also has one of the largest collections of cartoons or anime in HD. The best part of this app is that it concentrates on genuine content.

Viewster is specialized in niche picks across the fandom spectrum, from awesome Anime shows to throwback sci-fi movies and geek-documentaries. It regularly updates fresh content from some of the web’s most original creators.

The app is a clean and user-friendly interface, it displays recently added and featured content in a Newsfeed-style homepage. You can also follow your favorite channels to get updates and also personalize your news feed according to your liking. You can also add movies, TV shows or series to watch later.

With Viewster you can also browse through the biography pages of any actors, watch movie trailers, and also read the latest trending celebrity news. Viewster apps are available across all platforms such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Chromecast, Roku, LG tablets, Philips phone, LG, Loewe, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp Blu-ray players, Boxee, HP Touchpad, Xbox 360 and many more.

Get Viewster for Android from Play Store
Get Viewster for iOS from iTunes

Movie HD Lite

Movie HD LiteMovie HD Lite is a modified version of Movie HD, the popular free movie apps to stream and download movies and series for free. Like some of the above apps, this app was also removed from the app store due to some policies violations, however, the developers of the App doesn’t stop and still continues to upgrade and provides one of the best services to watch free movies.

Movie HD Lite works well across all platforms – Android, iPhone, Mac & PC as well. For iOS users, it does not force you to install VPlayer. Movie HD Lite has a massive library of cult classics, new movies and hit TV shows to enjoy.

Movie HD Lite supports HD Quality, which let you stream your favorite videos in 360p, 460p or 1080p from a massive collection of cult classics and brand new videos. New contents are being added every, so you will always new movies to enjoy for free.

The search function is simple, you can even filter your search by user rating, recently added, category and more. It supports Chromecast to watch your favorite videos from your smartphone or cast them to the big screen for a true cinematic experience.  Movie HD Lite is completely free to download & use.

Download Movie HD Lite for all platforms


Crackle is another wonderful movie app for watching movies free across various platforms. It allows users to stream TV shows and movies without any interruption. Like the mentioned apps, Crackle has a clean and easy to navigate user interface, browsing movies, TV Serials, Shows are quite easy and fun. Crackle also supports TV streaming to watch movies on the bigger screens.

The only setback is that Crackle does not allow users to download, but the app has a lot to offer. There is no registration process, so you just download, install and watch your favorites movies and shows right away.

TV shows, movies, and all its contents are provided free, so you can watch them anytime, anywhere and on any device. It has a huge library of categories which you can browse for the best movies sorted by different genre. You can stream Crackle on all your Android devices along with Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox and more. You can also create your favorite list of movies and TV shows to watch them later. However, due to some restrictions, Crackle is not yet available;e in all countries.

Get Crackle for Android from Google Play Store
Get Crackle for iOS from Apple App Store iTunes


CinemaBox is considered to be one of the best movie apps for Android & iOS devices. Known earlier as PlayBox HD was removed from the app store due to some policies laid down by the App store. CinemaBox has some killer features like offline mode, subtitle support, kid’s mode, and Chrome Cast support. The app design is very simple, light and friendly user interface. The search functionality is simple and gives you the best results. Apart from it has a huge library of movies, TV Shows and cartoons.
cinema box app
CinemaBox not only streams your favorites movies, shows, and cartoons but also lets you download for offline watching. For a better and larger view, CinemaBox supports Google Chromecast. With CinemaBox you can stream high-quality movies faster than ever. New movies and shows are updated regularly, so you can find the latest and trending movies. You can find all the latest movies in it. Not only that, but you can also photo gallery from the movies. You can even music albums within the app itself.

Get CinemaBox for Android & iOS from here.



Popcornflix is a premium app for watching free feature movies on Android phones and iOS devices. Popcornflix has more than 700 movies to watch without any subscription or fees, no hidden fees. New movies or films are added every day, so you will never run out of movies to watch whenever you are.

Popcornflix has lots of genres which includes Comedy, Romance, Family, Kids, Drama, Urban, Action, Thrillers, Horror, Espanol, Documentaries, Bollywood and many more. The best part of Popcornflix is that there is no limit on how many films can be viewed.

Popcornflix app

Popcornflix has a simple user-friendly interface. It has a simple navigation tool and search function to browse or search movies by categories, release date, genre, themes, and a number of other credentials. The main page display featured movies and shows which you can browse and watch straight away.

It lets you even sort the films or movies by most viewed or newly added. It also lets you add movies to a queue to gather them in one place, even without logging into an account. Not only that, Popcornflix has free apps for various devices and platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Amazon Kindle, BlackBerry, Roku, Xbox, Samsung TV and many more.

Get Popcornflix for Android from Play Store
Get Popcornflix for iOS devices from iTunes

Free Movies

Free Movies is another free movie app for android specially created for all Android versions, so even if you are still on lower versions of Android, you won’t have a problem watching free movies with this app. The App has 3.2 user ratings and more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store, this figure tells its usefulness. If you are having an old version of the Android phone and facing low storage problem, this app is perfect.

This is a small app, it is just around 997KB, with a simple design and user-friendly. Though this app might sound small, it a huge library of movies and has more than 5000 movies which you can stream and download.
Free Movies app
The app has a simple search function which makes searching easy and also lets you browse around from different categories like Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, War, Western, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Musicals and many more. All the movies listed on Free Movies are in the public domain and are part of Internet archive, which means they are provided legally.  Free Movies app runs a web browser to connect to public domain movies database.

Get Free Movies from Google Play Store


SnagFilms is a good movie app for Android and iPhone with over 5,000 independent movies, TV shows and documentaries to watch. And over a dozen categories from adrenaline-filled action-adventure films to hilarious comedy and critically acclaimed documentaries. It also has a special interest in gay & lesbian movies, international foreign films, and many more. Its library is updated every, so there is always something new to watch.

The movie Categories includes such as action, adventure, drama, horror, sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, erotic thrillers, and romance. It does also have Indie movies, classic movies, cult horror, silent movies, and Golden Age films. A category for kids and family as well.

snag films app

It also has a huge library of full-length foreign films from all over the world, critically acclaimed documentaries, exciting nature and animal shows with eye-opening environmental documentaries. Also interesting topics like History, politics, finance and economics and science. Not only that there are also TV Shows, which you could watch in Full-Episode and complete, full season TV shows.

With SnagFilms, you can watch your favorites movies on your TV, Android Phone or Tablet, Google TV or Android TV and a free apps for cross platforms such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Roku, Boxee, Chromecast, Windows 8, Amazon Kindle, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Panasonic Blu-ray player and much more.

Some of its functionality and features include adding films to your queue to watch later, sync videos across your devices, searching and browsing movies by genre, topic and run time. You can also see Biographies of notable celebrities, musicians, pop icons and famous personalities.

Get SnagFilms for Android from Play Store
Get SnagFilms for iOS devices from iTunes


Yidio is an impressive movie app for Android and iOS with unique features and designs. However, this doesn’t work well in older devices. The free version comes with some Ads displaying, upgrading to a Premium version removes the Ads.

This app requires In-app purchase subscription, it offers a free 7-day trial, after which a Premium subscription will cost $2.99 per month. The Premium version will also unlock real-time notifications when a favorite TV show or movie becomes available.
yidio app
It has a Universal search functionality to easily find where to watch TV Shows or Movies available across more than 60 sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, DirecTV, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Google Play, Crackle, MTV, CBS, Vudu, FOX, CW, PBS, Lifetime, YouTube, A&E, History Channel, MAX GO, Showtime, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, VH1, ABC, Starz, EPIX and Fandango, all in one app.

However, Yidio is free to use, there are many free movies and TV shows to watch, but for some movies and TV shows, you have to buy or rent those movies. Yidio is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and many more.

Get Yidio for Android from Play Store
Get Yidio for iOS from iTunes


YouTube is still is one of the best places to search for and watch movies. A lot of full-length movies have been uploaded to YouTube in recent years, so it still remains a valuable source for movies. However, due to some copyright issues, new movies are quickly removed from YouTube once they are uploaded. Reddit has maintained a list of all the movies uploaded, so you can go here and check out what movies have been uploaded.
youtube app
YouTube app is available for both Android and iOS devices for free. With a new design, you can easily and quickly search or browse videos and recommended videos. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos. Like most movie apps, YouTube lets you cast a video to your TV from inside the app.

Get YouTube for Android from Play Store
Get YouTube for iOS from iTunes


Hubi is another great Android movie app which lets users stream online movies, Tv channels and lets users download any videos for free. Hubi does not host these videos, it provides videos from the most popular online streaming services. The app is light and fast, you can stream with a slow internet connection, also downloading speed is faster than most of the above apps.

It also supports multiple downloads, provides users with a choice for the quality and speed of the downloads. All the downloads take place in the background, which means you can perform multiple tasks while downloading.
Hubi App
Hubi does not require Flash player, you can watch any videos with ease. It has a clean user interface and is designed to work even on a lower Android version such as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. The app has an inbuilt player such as MX Player, VPlayer, MoboPlayer etc so playing videos won’t be a problem. The App does come with some Ads, however, you can remove the Ads by buying the In-App purchases fro a small amount. You can even share your favorite video links with your friends through social networking sites.

Get Hubi from Google Play Store


Flipps is an all in one video app for Android and iOS platforms. Unlike the above-mentioned movie apps, with Flipps you can watch movies, latest news, hit music videos, YouTube videos, anime, science & technology, sports, and music live pay-per-views, premium & free movies, action & extreme sports. It has more than 100 channels and 5,000 supported TV models to choose from.

The App is designed to be user-friendly to personalize your experience. With its clean UI, you can quickly access your personalized content based on what you’ve watched. It has a powerful search function, it lets you search for YouTube videos and watch on your TV. It also supports cross-channel search and recommendations of High video quality. Flipps support for full 1080p HD where available. The content is neatly organized in groups of new, music videos, clips, live content, movies, series with each featuring custom organization and recommendations.
You can also watch any mp4 internet video on TV by just pasting a URL in the search box, also a linear playback for music videos on TV. Flipps does not require any hardware or TV apps, it connects your TV automatically, touchscreen gestures control for volume and playback. It also supports players such as Internet-connected TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp & Philips, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, DISH Hopper, Chromecast with no phone battery drain.

Get Flipps for Android from Google Play Store
Get Flipps for iOS from iTunes

Cartoon HD

If you are one of those guys who loves watching cartoons or anime, Cartoon HD is the number choice. This is an excellent app with a nice and friendly user interface, developed for Android and iOS devices. It was one of the most popular cartoon apps in the Play Store, but due to some policies, it was removed from both the Play Store and iTunes.

However, you can still download Cartoon HD from the below link. It is strongly recommended that you should download only from the link we have provided, as they are a plethora of copycat apps that have been created and managed to make their presence on online.
cartoon hd
Cartoon HD Download.

That concludes our list of Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS devices for 2018 to entertain yourself. If you know any other good movie apps let us know in the comments below, also please share this post if you like it!

Last Update on January 02, 2018.

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