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How To Customize Snapcode? Change Snapchat Ghost Icon Color in Few Steps

How To Customize Snapcode? Change Snapchat Ghost Icon Color in Few Steps

Want to get rid of the auto generated Snapchat Snapcode with a bright and cheery yellow with your profile picture inside the Ghost? This post will take you to the detailed steps by steps instructions on how to customize Snapcode or change Snapcode Icon Color in few easy steps. Snapcode has simplify the way of adding friends and for many of us, we like to share our Snapcodes, but it’s a lot more fun to do so when they have a unique style and design while doing so. Moreover having a unique Snapcode designs that stands out from the standard Snapcodes will surely invite more friends. Read on to find out how to create a custom Snapchat Snapcode or change Snapchat Ghost Color.

 How to Customize Snapcode ColorHow to Customize Snapcode Color

Changing your Snapcode color or customizing Snapchat code color is as easy as editing your photos using photo editor. To customize your Snapchat ghost or change Snapchat profile pic follow the steps by steps instructions below.

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Download Your Snapcode
In order to change the color of your Snapchat snap code icon, you will first need to have a high resolution version of your personal snap code. To obtain your Snapcode follow the steps;
1.  On your computer or desktop by using any web browsers go to
2. Once you entered the webpage, click on the “Snapcode” on the main menu bar of the webpage (see screenshot).

Download Your Snapcode
3. Now, on the Snapcode page, there will be a text area for Username and Password, enter your credentials. Then, check on the white square box “I’m not a robot” to confirm that you are human.

enter snapchat logins

4. Click on the “Log In” button.
5. Now Click on “Download Snapcode” button. This will give you a high resolution copy of your Snapcode for editing.

snapcode download
6. Make sure where your downloaded file is located. The download should come as Snapcodes in a zip file format. For some computers, it might display as a blank format. It you encounter this problem, click on the downloaded file, right click, select Rename, now put the extension or the file format as .zip (see screenshot).

rename snapcode

If this doesn’t work, try installing some zip file viewer or extractor like WinRar. The downloaded Snapcode file or folder contains three files- your Snapcode in a png and svg format and a pdf file containing the Snapcode Guidelines with all the do’s and don’ts.

How to Change Snapchat Code Color

To change the color of your Snapcode color you will need to perform basic photo editing task by using any photo editing tools or softwares. In this tutorial we will be using Pixlr Editor- an one online photo editing tool. If you are not familiar with this tool you can use whatever tools you are comfortable with.

Creating a Custom Snapcode With Pixlr

1. On your desktop computer, open your web browser and head over to
2. Once you are on the main webpage of Pixlr, scroll down and select PIXLR EDITOR  (see screenshot) by cilcking on the button ” Launch Web App”.

Customizing Snapcode Color With Pixlr
3. Now Click on Open Image From Computer.
4. Look for your downloaded Snapcode folder, open the folder and select Snapcode.png file, this will import your Snapcode to the Pixlr Editor.

select snapcode
5. On the editing tools menu on the left side of your screen, Select the Wand Tool (see screenshot).

select wand tool
6. Using the wand tool, Click inside the Snapchat White Ghost, you will see a dashed lines that identify the selected area.
7. To remove the white area, Press the “Delete” button on your computer or use the “Edit” menu at the top of your Pixlr screen and click on the “Clear” option. You should be left with a checkered white and grey background.

Click inside the Snapchat White Ghost
8. No go back to the Editing tools menu on the left,  Select the Marquee Tool or the dotted square, click anywhere on the Yellow area or part.

select marguee
9. At the top of the editing menu bar, select “Adjustment” menu. From the dropdown click on “Hue and Saturation” or Ctrl+L.

Hue and Saturation
10. Once clicked, the Hue and Saturation menu will popup, to let you adjust the color of your Snapcode.
11. Move the Hue, Saturation and Lightness bar to change the color to whatever you want to.

snapcode color
12. Once you achieved your desire color, Click on the “OK” button.
13. Done!

If you prefer to keep your Snapchat Ghost Area blank or white you can now go and save on your computer as a png file and use it. Or if you want more customization and want to add your photo inside the Snapchat Ghost proceed to the next step.

How To Add Custom Photo To Snapcode

1. On the same editing page, on the top menu bar, select “Layer” from the dropdown options select “Open Image as Layer”

How To Add Custom Photo To Snapcode
2. It will take you to your computer, go to the folder or desktop where your photo is located.
3. Choose the photo you want to place inside the Snapchat Ghost.
4. Once selected it will take you back to the editor, the photo you selected you will now be on top of your Snapcode or inside the Ghost.
5. If the size of the selected photo or image doesn’t fit inside the ghost, you can resize to make it fit by going to the menu bar on top and select “Edit” from the dropdown options select Free Transform”.

rsize snapcode
6. Now drag your photo to make it fit properly.
7. Once you are satisfied, head over to your right hand side of the screen. Grab the icon of your photo layer which should be markd as Layer 1 and move the layer down under your Snapcode Layer 0.

snapcode layer
8. Adjust your photo as you like.
9. Now save it. Save it to your computer go to menu bar and select “File” from the dropdown select “Save” this will give an options to save the finished photo into different formats, select PNG and then click on the “OK” button you are done.
10. You can now upload and share it to your friends.

How to Add Text Inside Snapcode Ghost

To add some text or your name or Snapchat username inside the Snapcode Ghost outline, follow the below the steps;
Add Text Inside Snapcode Ghost
1. From the left side menu bar, select the text tool.
2. On the text area type any text or your name.
3. Now change the font color to match the background, as well as the font size and the font style.
4. Once done, click on the “OK” button.
5. Done!

Few Rules for the Snapcode

Few things to keep in mind while customizing your Snapcode.
Few Rules for the Snapcode
1. Do not modify or move the dots – the Snapcode Dots must stay in their exact pattern. If you make any changes your Snapcode scan won’t be successful.
2. The boundary and the proportions of the ghost should not be changed. Changing these proportions will result in your code becoming unscannable.
3. Don’t print or resize your Snapcode smaller than 1″. Smaller 1″ will not be able to scan successfully.

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