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Periscope Sketch - How to sketch or draw on Periscope Broadcasts

Periscope Sketch – How to sketch or draw on Periscope broadcasts?

Twitter owned Periscope rolled out a new update on April 27, 2016 and brings several changes. The latest version is 1.3.8. Just like Snapchat and other popular messaging app, Periscope has now the ability to draw or sketch on the screen or video while broadcasting. The new feature is called ‘Periscope Sketch’ which allows users to draw pictures on their live streams, which disappear after a few seconds. Unfortunately this feature currently made available only to iOS. Read on find out How to sketch or draw on Periscope broadcasts.

In addition to the new sketching feature, Periscope has also improved statistics relating to the amount of data that’s available to its users-new viewer and watch timer statistics to every broadcast. Periscope update also brings some minor changes and bug fixes. iOs users are now able to edit their username using the app, simply by choosing “Edit” within one’s profile. The issue where the sun overlay may be flipped has also been fixed, Settings now has an option for disabling video stabilization.

What is this Periscope Sketch?

Periscope Sketch feature is a fun and useful tool that lets you to draw on broadcasts in real-time like the features available in Snapchat and other apps. You can just pull up the feature during a live broadcast and easily highlight what’s going on around you. Using this feature is about as simple as can be, and we have explained it for you what you need to know!

Periscope Sketch

How to start Periscope Broadcast?

1. Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store.
To sign up with Twitter:
2. Sign in using your Twitter credentials. If you have multiple Twitter accounts on your device, you will be prompted to choose which one you want to sign up with.
3. Your Twitter profile picture and bio will migrate over to your Periscope account, and we will build a list of suggested followers based on who you follow on Twitter. Remember, Periscope doesn’t automatically import your Twitter followers.
4. Enter your name.
5. Choose a Periscope username (handle). This can be different from your current Twitter handle.
6. Your bio information transfers over from Twitter; you can always edit it in your Periscope profile on iOS. Profile changes in Android will be coming soon.

To sign up with your phone number:
7. Make sure you’re using Periscope on the phone you want to sign up with.
8. Once you’re on the login screen tap Sign Up with Phone Number
9. Enter the required info and tap Send Confirmation Code
10. You’ll receive an SMS with your confirmation code. Pop that in the prompt.
11.If you have problems, tap Resend Confirmation Code.
12. You’ll go back to the login screen, wait for a few and then you’ll be redirected to create your profile! Remember, your username needs to be 2 or more characters.

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Broadcasting on Periscope

1. Once you have created an account, if your are on iOS open the Broadcast Tab by tapping the Camera icon at the bottom center of the app. In Android, tap the red Camera icon on the bottom right.
2. Enter a title that describes your broadcast.
3. You’ll have the option to manage your location settings, make your broadcast private, limit your chat and/or Tweet your live stream via the three icons above the ‘Start Broadcast’ button.
4. Tap ‘Start Broadcast.’
5. To end a broadcast, swipe the screen down and tap ‘Stop Broadcast’.

How to sketch on Periscope broadcasts

Here is how the new feature of Sketching works on Periscope

1. Open your Periscope App (make you have installed the latest version)

2. Start a broadcast and press down on the screen for a couple seconds to reveal the advanced control panel.

3. Tap the “Sketch” icon to begin drawing on your video.
4. You can choose from the default color options (red, green, and blue) displayed on the bottom of your screen. Additionally, you can also use the eyedropper tool to select a color from any image on your screen and make the world your palette!
5. You can vary the width of your lines by pressing harder or lighter on the screen. See image above.

Please note that Sketches only remain on the screen for a few seconds before fading, revealing a clean canvas for the next work of art.

This post was last updated on May 20, 2018.

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