How To Subscribe Channels in Snapchat’s Discover Section

Snapchat on Tuesday (June 7, 2016) rolled out a new update in an attempt to boost the company’s primary revenue stream, a move that will increase views of publishers’ content on it’s Discover section. The update puts a heavy focus on the Discover section and Stories page. The Discover feed is now directly below personal stories and above user’s friend’s stories in a magazine-style view, which previously only displayed a publication’s logo, for square icons that include an image and a headline. This means that Snapchat will now allow publishers to include an image and a headline to promote a story. Live Stories, which are often more popular than publishers’ stories, will now live alongside on both the Stories and Discover page.

The update makes the app look a little more magazine-like and changes in the icons now clearly indicating that the leftmost view is for chatting, and the right side view is for Stories. It also brings a new subscribe feature, which allows users to subscribe to the channels they want to follow more closely. Each Discover story also now includes the option to subscribe to that brand’s Discover stories so users will never miss out.

Once you subscribe to a channel, that channel will always appear in your stories — both at the top near the Live Stories and in the “recent updates” section. However, all publishers will still appear on the Discover page whether you subscribe to them or not.

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To check out and enjoy the new changes, you will need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version which is Snapchat The latest version can be downloaded from the official Snapchat’s website or through your respective app stores.

How to Use Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover section includes channels from top publishers that are refreshed every day. If you are new to Snapchat or just started to use and don’t how to access Snapchat Discover here’s how to use it.
1. Open your Snapchat as you normally do.
2. Once opened, Swipe left on the Stories screen to open Discover
3. Tap a channel icon to dive in. If you are unsure what channel to check out first. Press and hold on a channel icon for a quick summary of what it has to offer.
4. Tap on the screen, or swipe left to skip to the next Snap. These will include an article or video below them.
5. Swipe up on a Snap you’re interested in to see more
6. To exit a channel, just Pulldown.

How To Subscribe To Channels In Snapchat’s Discover

Snapchat Discover section has channels for almost everything whether you’re looking for relationship advice, headline news, amazing photos or something else. To subscribe to Snapchat publisher’s Channel just follow the steps below;

1. Open the Snapchat app.
2. Swipe left to go to the “Stories” screen or swipe over to Discover.
3. At the top of the screen, there are image squares featuring stories from different publishers.
4. Press and hold on a channel you’re interested in.
5. Once you see a publisher you want to subscribe to, just Tap on ‘Subscribe’ button.
6. You will get confirmation with a ✔ that you’ve subscribed!

Subscribe channels in Snapchat's

How To Check Your Snapchat “Discover” Subscriptions

1. Open your Snapchat App
2. Swipe left to go to the “Stories” screen.
3. Scroll down past “Recent Updates” section.
4. You will now see a new “Subscription” and “Live Stories” feed

How To Unsubscribe or Remove Channels Subscription in Snapchat Discover

1. Open the Snapchat App
2. Swipe left to go to the “Stories” screen
3. Swipe down to find the list of channels that you have subscribed.
4. Press and hold on the channel you want to unsubscribe from. A screen will pop up that displays you are subscribed
5. Tap ‘Subscribed.’ The icon will change to a bookmark if you’ve successfully unsubscribed.
6. Once unsubscribed, the publisher will no longer show up in your subscription feed.

That’s it on How To Subscribe Channels in Snapchat’s Discover Section. Happy Snapping!

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