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3 Essential Features to have in iOS or Android Monitoring Apps

3 Essential Features to have in iOS or Android Monitoring Apps

We live in a world where every other person is spying on someone, especially the employers. There is genuine reason for spying on employees. After all, there have been several espionage incidences, where workers spied and stole vital company secrets for competitors. For employers who are considering the use of a monitoring app, here are three crucial features to look out for in iOS and Android monitoring apps.

Most companies are strict about no distractions at work, which means no social media, no personal calls, and no idle talk. This is why; they give their employees a company issued cell phone, with the monitoring app installed in it. They inform their workers that they will be under constant surveillance, and advise them not to use the cell phone for personal use. If after that the employee doesn’t heed the information, the company is not liable for losses incurred by the employee for ignoring the warning.

3 Essential Features to have in iOS or Android Monitoring Apps

  1. Monitor Phone Calls and Contacts

Employers must be able to monitor the calls that their employees make while they are at work. Xnspy is a monitoring that offers employers a safe, 100% undetectable means of monitoring who their employers are communicating with and what about. It allows access to the following:

  • View call logs – Employers can access all call records to know when and with whom the target employee spoke during work hours. The app makes time tracking so much easier with the timestamps that tell for how long the employee was busying on the call.
  • View all contacts – Employers can see all the contacts in the target’s cell phone. This helps them make sure that the employee doesn’t use the cell phone for unofficial use, and doesn’t disregard company policies. If required, the employer can remind the worker about the policies before taking stricter action.
  • Get alerts on specific caller(s) – If employers notice personal contacts, they can put them in the watch-list to receive notifications whenever the employee contacts them while at work.

3 Essential Features to have in iOS or Android Monitoring Appsxnspy

  1. Read SMS and Instant Messenger Chats

Ideally, iOS or Android monitoring apps must have the ability to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages and messages on internet messengers. As an employer, knowing what target employees talk about using the following apps can be of great advantage:

  • iMessage chats
  • Text messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Kik Chats
  • Line chats
  • Skype chats
  • Facebook Messenger Chats

Xnspy also offers you alerts when target person uses specific word(s) in any conversation using these mediums.

  1. Track GPS Location and Geo-fencing

IOS or Android spying apps should allow users to get constant updates about the target person’s whereabouts. Via the GPS tracking feature, employers who have their workers on the go or that run mobile businesses can keep constant checks on them. If they go off track for personal errands or do not follow orders, the employers can take necessary action to discipline them. The app can tell you the following details:

  • Current Location – You can see where the target device is at any given time.
  • Location history – You can see all the places visited by the target device.
  • Geo-fencing tool – This feature allows you to monitor specific locations. You can see when the person checks into and leaves watch-listed places. You can get alerts on specific location(s). This means that whenever the target person enters specific watch-listed places, the app will notify you.

Track GPS Location and Geo-fencingandroid monitoring app

Before you move on from this article, the main advantages employers who use these apps have is that they can maintain discipline at work. Through iOS or Android monitoring apps, employers can maximize their resources, cut down unnecessary costs, and protect their company’s secrets. The added advantage of using Xnspy is that it is not just available for Android devices, but is available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices too.

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