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15 Best Logic Games 2018 for Android and iOS devices

15 Best Logic Games 2018 for Android and iOS devices

Logic Games app are a great way to widen and sharpen the human brain. Playing a logic games will sharpen your brain automatically. At first, you will not know the outcome of the game you played. You will realized it when you are trying to do something that relates with an involvement of some kind of knowledge. Playing a logic game is not just a waste of time, in other way it is the best way in charging our brain periodically. So, in this article we will provide you with some of the best logic games for android and iOS you should play to sharpen your brain.

Best Logic Games for Android and iOS

Without further ado, lets’ go straight to the list of 15 Best Logic Games for Android and iOS.

15 Best Logic Games 2018 for Android and iOS devices


REBUS is one of the most popular and best logic games app and word game for both android and iOS users. It is a game of associations, logic and stylist graphics that energizes the brain. Rebuses are pictures often made with letters, numbers or images, which cryptically represents a word, phrase, or saying. To solve this puzzle, you need to know a large number of common words, phrases, quotes, literature, and even popular culture, without knowing all this, it will be very difficult to solve a rebus puzzles.


For solving a REBUS puzzle, just tab on the visual images and type words in a special input panel. Also, there are a lot of hidden words where you need to find out by pressing on the picture of your device. In this puzzle game, it also include a lot of free levels to complete for a newly users. After completing each level you will be awarded gold coins and experience points. This points are mainly used to unlock a new level. So, try earning more coins to unlock multiple levels. You can also spend your coins for buying a new tips. You can get this app from Play Store and iTunes.

2. Brain Games – free puzzle pop mind games

Brain Games is a free puzzle pop mind games and one of the most addicting game so far for a puzzle games lovers. Once who played this game mostly turn out addicted. It is the best way to waste time and have fun all alone when get bored. The game play is easy and simple. All you need to do is put all the colourful shapes into a highlighted rectangle by dragging them on the screen with your finger. But, it is not easy as it says. Each level is more and more complicated. There are 90 levels to complete in this game.

Brain Games – free puzzle pop mind games

Sometimes it takes more than one day to complete even one level. So, it is a great way to charged and exercise our weak brain as the name itself is a mind game. You have to think it logically and used your brain. Try it to exercise brain and widen your knowledge. The app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is currently available only for iOS. You can easily get it from iTunes.

3. Brain Games: Words & Numbers for Brain Training

Brain Games: Words & Numbers for Brain Training is another free logic games app for iPhone users. This game is a combination of two different types of game mode ( Words and Numbers). According to users reviews, it can help you to reduce stress, increase vocabulary, and shows word that you missed. You can even get a “clue” word that you have not known before. Words mode is little complicate than a Numbers mode. Numbers mode is a little trick to play that made it a little easy. It is more suitable for kids to reinforce in their math skills and concepts. You can also try the this mode to solve the task how fast you can finished.

Brain Games: Words & Numbers for Brain Training

On the other way, Words mode is more challenging than Numbers mode where your brain works to look at the letters in all directions and all different ways. In Words mode, you need to swipe over the letter tiles to find words in the puzzle. There are different direction maybe horizontal, vertical or diagonally. The best part of this game is that you can check the definition of the word you found in the inbuilt dictionary. So, download now to get sharpen your brain. This app is available only for iOS and available on iTunes.

4. Skillz – Logical Brain Game

Skillz – Logical Brain Game is a good fun game to exercise your brain. It is a game where you can test your memory skills and speed. You can improve your memory, speed, get better accuracy, distinguish between colors and many more. It is a place where you can get all the things that required to exercise your brain. It is also good for children to learn and distinguish the different colours code. It helps a lot with this and improve their skills while having fun playing a game. As it is a skill test game, it come up with all age group to test their memory skills and learn to improve and exercise the brain. You can test how far your level is at this point.

Skillz – Logical Brain Game

Every level tests your different brain capabilities which is really good in order to increase something you lack, like ‘reaction time’, ‘memory’, ‘logic’ and much more. The game has a wide variety of fun games including puzzle, skill test and many tasks to complete. To enter into the next level, you need to score a point that unlock the next level.

This game also supports a multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends or relatives and have fun. The game support from 2 to 4 players at a time. Play a multiplayer mode and you can unlock all the achievements included in the game. It is currently only available for Android, you can get it from Play Store.

5. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles is another free challenging physics solved puzzle games. The game seems to be a little easy at the start, but it is not as easy from how it looks yet very challenging. You need to use your brain a lot in solving the game. To solve this physics puzzle game, you need to draw some figures and place that object inside the glass and try to complete it to enter into the next level. There are a lot of levels and stages. To enter into the next stages you need to earn a star that unlock the next stages. It is a very challenging games and lot of trick can be used.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

In the game, the physics puzzle are coded perfect as well for gravity friction inertia and sometimes extra bounce. This create users to put some tricks to go through to next level. Besides this, a lot of brain busting puzzles are added regularly. You can compete with your friends and share your unique solutions and then compare with your friends. There a lot of ways to complete the solution. After all find the best solutions for yourself and enjoy. This game is available for both Android and iOS.

6. You Must Escape

Escape the door with You Must Escape. You Must Escape is a challenging and addictive free logic games app for both Android and iOS. The goal of this game is to find an escape door and exit each and every room to go through to the next level. The theme of the rooms are different from each level and you need to find the exit door from every level for escaping.

You Must Escape app

Each level offers different adventures and tasks to solve. New rooms are added regularly to help users to get more fun with this game. Like we said, this game is a great fun and quite a challenge. Some levels are more difficult than others but all required a lot of concentration. You can get this game from Play Store for Android and from iTunes for iOS.

7. Can You Escape

Can You Escape is one the free best room escape smartphone game nowadays. Unlike other room escape game, it is a little bit difficult but addictive and interesting. The user interference is easy and simple with a high graphics and beautifully design. The main goal of this game is to break out of the rooms. You need to find all the things in the room in order to escape from that room and open the door. After that you are through to the next level. Then, go to the next floor and do the same thing and solved all the puzzles and complete the task to break through to the next level again. For now, 12 different themed rooms are available that you can escape. New rooms are more coming up as suggested from the game developers.

Can You Escape

If you are among those game addicted and want to waste a bit of free time and have an interesting fun game, why not try this game. It is a great way to exercise our brain and our memory. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

8. That Level Again

That Level Again is a simple and interesting free  logic games app for both Android and iPhone users. As from the name itself, That Level Again each level are similar to each other but the trick and solution to solved are not the same. It differs from every level. It is a tricky game that needs a bit of concentration as from the users reviews. The game developer put a clever ideas that keep the game interesting. In this game you are in a room where there are spikes, platform, the button and the door. From this it seems easy and not complicated, is that what you think? There are 64 non unique levels, but 64 ways to win. And the immortal hero is constantly resurrected after death. So, what do you think now? Well, from that, it start the interesting game.

That Level Again

After all, It is a perfect and quirky little game that will leave you frustration if the clue has stumped you. And feeling foolish you didn’t figure it out sooner. Makes great use of all parts of your phone. Definitely not for linear thinkers! Who knew there were that any ways to pass the same level! Available for both Android and iOS.


9. Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water? 2 is a cool and easy logic game for both Android and iPhone users. It is the most addicting game for most of the Disney Lovers. In this game you will be offered one of the most exciting puzzles from Disney! The game have three locations that you can choose to play (Sewer, the Soap Factory and the Beach). There are also a lot of others including rushes tunnels, guide water and steam to help Swamp and his friends. The game introduces a special mode ” Challenging Mode” that you can replay the levels you wish to relook and try in a new solutions or other tricks you can. The game has over 100 levels that you can play. It is hard sometimes to get through to the next level. So, it gives the users a great challenge to complete no matter what it is. Moreover, if you are stuck on some levels you can use the hint to let you solve the puzzles. Besides, you can also get a omplete achievements and earn special themed duckies such as gladiator-duckie, astronaut-duckie, hula-duckie, and many other more!

Where’s My Water 2

In this game Where’s My Water? 2 you can connect with your friends or families to compete in a great way. This is a fun part where we can challenge our friends and knows the best and who has a better trick on the adventure. Where’s My Water? 2, a Disney game has won many awards and titles around the world. Till now, it has received hundreds of millions of downloads on the App Store and Google Play. You can also join the community now by downloading the app straight away. It is completely a free app which is available for both Android and iOS.

10. Gears logic puzzle

Train your intelligence with Gears logic puzzle. Gears logic puzzle is a free puzzle game for Android users and one of the best logic games app. It is a friendly user interference with a high quality graphics. The game is simple and beautifully design. It is an addicted game for both adults and children. Just prepare to get enjoy and have fun. The goal of the game is simple. Just connect all the gears to get spin. For this, several gear wheels of different sizes are made. you have to move them and try to connect each wheel to spin. With their help, you can transfer the rotation of the green wheels to all the other wheels.

Gears logic puzzle app

The game Gears logic puzzle is based on physics. It has over 1000 levels full of fun and challenging. It is a great game to sharpen the brain. It include a wide variety of features that look the game beautiful. You can unlock all the achievements and leader boards from Google Play Games. You can also select the themes that you wish to look your game beautiful. The game can also be played without internet connection and no wifi needed. You can play all alone in offline mode. Moreover, you can create your own levels which is one of the fun and challenging part. Overall, it is an educational game, simple and addictive. A perfect game for you. It is available for both Android and iOS.

11. 100 Logic Games – Time Killers FREE Puzzle Pack!

100 Logic Games – Time Killers FREE Puzzle Pack! is a free bunch of puzzle game for Android and IOS. It is a place where you can play different kinds of puzzle game you wish. Are you the one who love playing a Sudoku? This 100 Logic Games – Time Killers FREE Puzzle Pack! completely beat up puzzle games like Sudoku. After playing this game, we can guarantee you that you will love playing more this game than other puzzle game.

100 Logic Games – Time Killers FREE Puzzle Pack!

This game is a lot more entertaining and fun game. It is a great way to exercise our mind. Its interference is easy and friendly with a high graphics. In this game you can choose and select a difficulty level according to your own level. You can also save your game progress, undo, restart and take advantage of the hints to keep going when your stuck. As we said a bunch of puzzle game, It includes maze, plant trees, solve math tasks, find connections, build skyscrapers and many other more. There are 10000 levels in this puzzle game. After all, if you want a number of interesting and fun logic games, step right up. This is for completely for you. Enjoy and have fun. Available on Android and iOS devices.

12. Flow Free

Flow Free is a colourful and addictive puzzle game for both Android and iPhone users. All the controls are simple, smooth, responsive, and just work like they should. Puzzles are well put together, with a few spikes in challenge that takes a while compared to the others puzzle game. The game play is easy and simple. You just have to connect the matching colour of the dots and make a line to it.

Flow Free app

Solve the puzzle by pairing all the same colours and let them flow freely. Make sure that the line should not intersect each other. The game has two modes: Time trial and Free play. Time trial is a time limit to complete the levels and Free play is completely a free play without and restricted time play. Overall, Flow Free is a colourful puzzle game with a beautifully design to make you feel comfort, have fun and refresh your mind. Available on Android and iOS operating systems.

13. Roll the Ball™ – slide puzzle

Roll the Ball™ – slide puzzle is a simple and addictive free puzzle game. It comes up with a friendly user interference. It is made simple, easy and beautifully design. The main goal of this game is to Roll the Ball to enter through to the destination. It has a lot of genres which include slider puzzles, maze games, puzzles connected with physics, match puzzles, retro games, family puzzle games and some other. The game play is simple, move the blocks with your finger to make a way for moving the ball to the red GOAL block. But remember the attached blocks cannot be move.

Roll the Ball™ – slide puzzle app

This game is suitable for children as well as adults. It has no time limit to play. You can also play without any internet connection. It is a offline game. Also if you got a mistake by chance, do not worry, you can undo it to to correct your mistake. So, start downloading and get ready to play. Available for both both Android and iOS and can be easily download from the app stores.

14. Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers is a free logic game app to refresh and sharpen our mind. It has over 1 million download till date. It has a clean user interference. The design is simple as well as the gameplay. In this game, use all your fingers to solve the puzzle and move colorful pieces of wood to fill the puzzle shape. It has over 180 levels to comlete and have 9 sets of difficulty level.

Cross Fingers app

If you can solved all this sets of levels, you can consider yourself as having a good brain and well function. You can share your game results with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites. You can also challenge your friends to play with and compete them. This app is available on the app stores for both Android and iOS.

15. Logic Square

Logic Square is a free logic games app for iPhone users. It is one of the best nonogram puzzle game available for Mobile and iPad. The game play is simple and easy. If you cannot understand by any chance, the game provides a tutorials for learning how to play. You can also find a wide variety of puzzles, lovable logic images, and tons of supporting features. New puzzles are added regularly not to get bored for active users. This let users to a great challenge in playing a new unknown puzzles.

Logic Square app

Logic Square game is a great way to have fun and pass time unknowingly. It is also a great way to exercise brain, relief stress and other more. It is a friendly user interference with beautifully design. It has more than 1 million download in the App Store. So, get it and have fun with Logic Square. Enjoy. You can get this app from the Play Store and iTunes.

That conclude our list of best  logic games app for Android and iOS that can help to increase the productivity of your memory, concentration and sharpen your brain as a whole. Also, do check out related best apps list from below.

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