What are Periscope Hearts and Periscope Heart Counts?

If you are wondering what are Periscope Hearts and Periscope Heart limit? Well, you are here at the right place. Periscope is Twitter’s new live-streaming video app. The app is great for sharing things happening around the world, such as a sporting event, or to an individual, such as one’s graduation. The application allows users to either watch or create videos on their phones which can be watched in real time by others.

Periscope is different in many aspects from other live streaming apps, in Periscope everything is instantaneous and you can interact with your audience while the broadcast is going on. Streams are only stored on the servers for 24 hours before being deleted, although you can save them to your device if you want to keep them longer and share with friends. Periscope allows viewers who tune in can follow you, comment in your live stream and “heart” your scope.

What are HEARTS on Periscope?

Hearts in Periscope are equivalent to favorites on Twitter or likes on Facebook, they measure the popularity of your video. Hearts in Periscope are a way for you to share the Periscope love. Hearts are only available in public broadcasts and replays.

Giving hearts shows that you like what you are seeing or hearing and shows your appreciation for the broadcaster. This is one of the most engaging features of Periscope in real time. The awesome part about it is you can send as many hearts as you want by constantly tapping and watch it explode into a shower of hearts. Periscope Hearts are somehow similar to Snapchat’s Score which display under the username or profile name.

Periscope Hearts

How to Give Hearts on Periscope?

Launch Periscope App: Go to your device desktop and find Periscope App and tap on it.

Sign in: In case if you haven’t Signed in or Logged in, you can do this with your Twitter Account or your Phone number. Once entered tap the “Sign in” button on the welcome screen. Tap the “OK” button on the authorization message to allow Periscope access to your account. This will take you to your main Periscope dashboard screen. The list of people you are following or on a global list that are live and that have recently broadcasted will be shown.

Select a Broadcast: Select a person or broadcast to watch from the list of live broadcasts, tap the person or broadcast you want to watch. If you haven’t followed or live broadcast is currently not available on your list, you can always head over to the “View Global List”. If you don’t know where the Global List is, look for the Globe or World icon on the bottom menu and tap on it. Tap on the one you’d like to watch now.

Send or Give Hearts. Watch the selected stream, while watching you can send or give Periscope hearts to the live broadcast by just tapping on the video. Each tap will send a heart fluttering from the bottom right corner. You can send as many hearts as you want. The Periscope Hearts you send will be in green color and all the other hearts are in colored red.

This feature is not yet available if you are watching on the web.

Why there are different Hearts on Periscope?

Heart colors change according to the background color of one’s profile picture in the chat. The background color of your profile picture in the chat is a completely random thing by Periscope. This background color of profile picture changes from scope to scope so the color of the hearts that you send will also change.

What is Most Loved on Periscope?

“Most Loved” indicates people that have a massive amount of hearts, in most cases several million hearts. Periscope does not want you to focus too much on your heart count. This feature is usually as social currency. It’s a way of showing that people love your content.

Are they Periscope Real and Not-Real Hearts?

Yes, there are Real Hearts, Real Hearts are the Periscope hearts that is shown at your Profile. Those are real and True Hearts.
“Not Real” hearts are the ones that your followers give you in your Broadcast which doesn’t count to your Real Hearts count.

Periscope Heart Limits or Count

At the moment if you view someone’s profile on Periscope you can see the total hearts under their name and username so that’s a fairly good indicator of how popular this person’s Periscope is but going forward we believe this heart data will become part of the algorithms that get built into future search functions when you look for people in niches and also in the algorithms when it might bring up suggested Periscopes to watch.

There have been questions on how many hearts are allowed every day when using the Periscope App. Yes, there is a limit on Hearst, according to our experiment the Hearts limit on Periscope is 500. You will only get credit for sending 500 Periscope hearts per broadcast or replay. Even if it shows that you sent 600 hearts, the person who did the broadcast will only get credit for receiving 500 hearts from you.

You can do the following experiment to understand it better:
1. Take the Profile Hearts Count
2. Join a Broadcast and start tapping, let’s say 600 Periscope hearts.
3. Do the math, hearts from step 1 + 600 (or whatever hearts you gave in step 2, more than 500 please).
4. You will see that the sum does not match because of the 500 Real Hearts Limit. That proves that there are a Real Hearts and Limit.

Periscope Hearts Limits Tricks

There is a little trick to get around this Periscope Heart Limit if you want to send more. If you want to send more than 500 Periscope Hearts then you have to exit and go back into the broadcast to send another 500 hearts. This only works for the live broadcast. You will still be capped at 500 hearts on the replay.

If you have any other tricks that work on Hearts Limit, let us know at the comment box below. If your Hearts doesn’t work or doesn’t show up, try updating your Periscope app to the latest version. If you don’t know where to update your app or download a fresh one, please go to the below links;

Update or Download Periscope Android version from Google Play

Update or Download iOS App from  iTunes store

If you are new to Periscope, learn here How to Use Periscope – A Complete Guide on Periscope App

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