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What are Periscope Superfans? What Does a Periscope Score and Flame mean?

What are Periscope Superfans? What Does a Periscope Score and Flame mean?

Periscope, the popular live video broadcasting and streaming service launched three new features on November 10, 2016 that will help users connect more effectively on the live-streaming platform. These new features are Periscope Superfans, Periscope Groups, Hearts and Comments. In this post we will talk about What are Periscope Superfans? Periscope Score meaning, Periscope Flame meaning and how they are calculated. If you are new to Periscope and don’t how to use it, check our previous post on How to Use Periscope.

A brand new Superfans feature will now show a broadcaster their 10 most engaged viewers called Superfans. With this new feature, users will now be able to identify their most engaged viewers. In this way broadcasters will get more insight into their biggest fans and build more meaningful relationships with them. Each Periscope Superfan is identified with an icon and a score. In addition to seeing your own Superfans, you can also see who’s got you as a Superfan, or which periscoper have you as one of their most engaged viewers.

periscope superfans

With the new Group feature, periscopers can now broadcast to and share videos with more granular sets of people. This can be especially helpful for sharing broadcasts with close groups of friends and your communities with specific interests  for example such as your Fantasy Football crew. Periscope think that this will assist periscopers in finding, discovering, and promoting new people in those communities because anyone in the group can add other broadcasters. Broadcast to your groups and share videos with them to keep everyone updated on what’s happening live.

Along with this update, Periscope introduce a more complete web experience that enables users to login to and join as a member of the audience which allows users to comment and send hearts in any live video. Also, you dont have to watch broadcasts on a mobile devices to join the audience. So lay back, relax and send hearts and comment right on the web

Periscope scores

Periscope Superfans and Periscope Groups features are now available on Android and iOS devices and on the official website of Periscope as well, so just login and watch.

What are Periscope Superfans?

Periscope Superfans are your special followers, who engaged the most with you. Every or each broadcast you create can have up to ten Superfans. You are also able to become a Superfan to anyone by having been one of the top ten people in the community who engage with their broadcasts. You can as well see your Superfans and the people who have you as a Superfan. To see your Superfans just follow the steps below;

1. Open your Periscope App

2. Go to your profile, Tap the Profile icon.

Periscope profile icon

3. On your Profile page, just below Broadcasts select “Superfans”.

Periscope superfans

4. Once selected, all your Superfans will be displayed.

What is Periscope Score and Periscope Flame?

What does Periscope Score mean? and What does Periscope Flame mean? These two indicates a Superfan. Your Superfans’ profile is marked with a flame and a different score. This Periscope score is calculated by an algorithm that is derived by multiple different engagement actions.

How is this Periscope Score Work? Periscope Score and Periscope Flame is calculated based on the engagement activities of a user with a specific person’s broadcasts. As activities are differ from one another, Periscope Scores will differ for everyone, broadcaster-to-viewer relationship. The only way to increase your Periscope Score is by increasing your engagement activities like giving Hearts and Comments. How to see anyone’s Superfans? Here’s how you do it.

1. Go to your Friend’s Profile or you can directly tap on your Friend’s Profile while they are broadcasting.

2. Now Tap on “Followers” you will see their Superfans listed as the top ten followers.

periscope superfans settingsPeriscope friend scores

Like in the screenshot above a number next to friend’s profile on Periscope or number next to Periscope profile means the Score.

Please note that to have these new features or enjoy, you must update your Periscope app to the latest version. If you haven’t update your app from your respective app store or market.

That’s it on Periscope Superfans, Periscope Score and Periscope Flame. How do you find the new Periscope features? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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