Prank Caller Apps 2018: The Best Prank Call Apps for Android & iOS

Looking for Prank Caller – best Prank call apps 2018 for your phone? You are here at the right webpage. Pranks have probably existed, in some way or another, ever since the dawn of mankind. With advancement in mobile technology, the techniques of prank calls or Fake calls have changed significantly in the past few years. The most effective ways of making your friends to break out into laughter or craziness are now at your fingertips. Its no wonder that various applications which can let you execute various pranks have quickly made their way into the app stores. A prank call is a good way to make fun of your friends. Beware that prank calling can land you in trouble and be sure you know the nature of your friends before prank calling. Prank cautiously, you never know when it might backfire.</ br>

Best Prank Caller: Best Prank Call Apps List

Whatever your motive are, here are some of the best Prank Calling Apps 2018 for Android and iOS devices that are worth trying out.

Fake Call Prank

The name tells it all. This a wonderful prank call apps to fool your friends by making prank calls. This application is completely free and easy to use. With this application you can create Fake SMS chat and fool your friends as well as make fake calls. The best thing about this app is that it does not require internet connection to make fake call or Prank calls. No one expects receiving fake calls and that is what makes this kind of apps the best for playing pranks. Fake Call prank helps you to select a caller from your contact list or enter new contact. You can also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls for different timings. Want your friends think you are getting an important call and you still prefer them over celebrities Like President or any other celebrities?

Prank Call Apps

This app also lets you record your own  voice and allows you to record fake caller voice. This recorded voice can be played automatically when you will get a call. Fool your friends with this prank call app.

Get it from Google Play Store


This app is designed for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true calling functionality. The app lets you make you fake video calls. You can also fake an incoming call from your boss, your wife, or a celebrity at the tap of an app. Get out of bad dates, impress your friends, and prank your enemies. The calls just looks real. It has a full functional keypad, speaker, mute, contacts buttons. Pressing at the button lets you make a fake call or have it delay and call you at a specified time. The app comes with 9 voices which you can select to start talking to you when you answer the fake call.

Fake a call

It also has 9 scripts to play when you answer the phone. Just answer and repeat what the voice says — answer the fake call and the app will tell you what to say to sound like a doctor, lawyer, or just someone who really needs to go. You can also record your own voice or buy additional voice, script packs with in app purchase. The Free version is fully functional and fully customizable, however there are some ads which pops up on the screen occasionally. This prank call app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

For Android, get it from Play Store
For iOS devices get it from iTunes

Prankster Best Prank Call App

This is another wonderful prank call apps, with a good ratings and reviews. The app has a nice interface and easy. To make a fake call just select a prank call scenario and use dial pad to enter the phone number or choose any from your address book.  Once selected send your call, wait for the call to be completed and be recorded. Now the app will let listen to hilarious reaction.

Prankster Best Prank Call App

It comes with pre -loaded 50+ pranks to choose from, and new pranks are added regularly. It also has the ability to saved to your phone so you can share them with friends.  You can also send calls from selection of custom numbers in various area codes.

You can prank your friends with many different prank call scenarios, among them very popular ones: “Look behind you”, “Calling My Girlfriend Is Not Advised”, “Call After Car Hit Accident”, “a call from a committee for driving stupidly”, “overdue parking ticket”, and many more.

For Android, get it from Google Play Store
For iOS devices, get it from iTunes

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Prank Dial

Prank Dial is one of the best prank caller apps available for Android and iOS platform. It comes with over 200 million prank calls sent and non-stops laughs globally. It allows users to save their calls to their own prank call history. It provides 3 free prank calls a day and more than 150 prank calls to choose from, new pranks are added regularly.


You can choose a hilarious prank call recordings, like our classics, “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”. It lets you select a friend or family member’s phone number and send them a prank call. You can also listen to the hilarious prank call reactions and share with friends. It has a nice design and user friendly interface. PrankDial will do exactly what you like and sounds like a real person. It also comes with prank call technology that automates the call, it knows when to speak, and will leave you with a hilarious reaction.

For Android, get it from Play Store
For iOS, get it from iTuens

Prank Pack

Its an all in one prank app, not only call prank calls, this app has lots of pranks to play on your friends, including a fart joke as well. The app offers 6 other pranks for free and 7 to be purchased. Among those that are charge-free you will also find many interesting ones, such as hair clipper, laugh track and fake crash.

Prank Pack is a set of the best funny prank apps in one and has a real ultimate trolling collection. It has many funny and original pranks that cannot be found anywhere else. Its main features includes-Farts/Whoopee cushion, Scissors, Hair clipper, Cracked Screen, Fake Crash, Laugh Track, Farting Camera. The features includes in the paid version are Radiation Detector, Finger Scanner, Emergency Call, Blue Screen of Death, Detector, Blood Pressure monitor, Thermometer

prank pack

The app is free but some of the pranks are premium and have to be unlocked. In order to unlock them you have to earn virtual currency by watching videos, ads or completing Tapjoy actions. You can also simply buy access using in-app billing system.

For Android devices, get it from Google Play Store
For iOS devices,m get it from Apple App store iTunes

Who’s Calling Fake Caller Free

This is another app to trick your friends with a Prank Phone Call. The characters in the app can talk to you or you can record your own voices. With 9 call screens available, fake an incoming call from a celebrity, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anybody you want. You won’t believe how easy it is to add celebrities or goofy internet pics.

whos calling fake caller free

Some of its features available are record your own sound for the callers you create, each caller in the app will talk to you when they call. You can choose from 9 call screens and comes with 99 ringtones. It has the ability to delay the call time, and comes pre-loaded with several callers to get you started. You can also add any pictures from the web to a caller ID. You can also delete callers you don’t want, to delete a caller, touch and hold until the caller starts to jiggle, then tap the X. Auto-Lock can be found in the general settings of your iPhone or iPod touch. This app does not have access to your personal ringtones and is intended for entertainment purposes only. It does not provide true calling functionality.

Get it from iTunes

Call Voice Changer App

This is another fun prank apps, it let you change your voice in real time and add crazy sound effects the next time you’re on the phone with Call Voice Changer – IntCall. Its main features includes making funny phone calls by changing the pitch of your voice while on the phone. Change the sound effect any time during your call.  You can also spice up calls with fun sound effects like siren, gong, dog bark, and more.

call voice changer

All the calls are placed over the internet using VOIP so make sure you have a strong internet connection before using the app.

For Android, get it from Play Store
For iOS devices, get it from iTunes

Celebrity Prank Call

Celebrity Prank Call is another good prank caller apps, to get out of boring meetings, uncomfortable conversations and awkward moments. Celebrity Prank Call lets you schedule a call from your favourite star at any time you want. Fun right? It is the ultimate Prank call apps that lets you give yourself fake calls from any one you want. It let some pretty and beautiful girls rescue you from any kind of unwanted situation. This app lets you choose a contact from your phone’s contacts or you can specify any name and number you like.  You can also add a photo of a top celebrity and it will appear as your fake caller photo when you receive the fake call.

celebrity prank call
Get Celebrity Prank Call for Android from Google Play Store

Fake Call 2

This prank call apps is currently available only on Android devices. It allows users to make fake calls with their own images of a caller. Its Key features are creating Fake caller id number, name of caller and call with a picture. You can also make call with your own ringtone, also schedule a fake call. The app is easy to use and has a nice design and its a perfect app to create a perfect fake call, so it will be impossible to detect who is really calling.

fake call 2

With this app you can tricked your friends that a celeb is calling your phone. You can Prank call yourself as well. It has the ability to add caller voice and remove caller voice.

Get Fake Call 2 from Play Store

Smart Fake Call

Smart Fake Call is a free prank caller app for iPhone that allows users to schedule fake calls. Smart Fake Call has certain features like getting and creating an immediate fake call on a single tap, the ability to schedule multiple fake calls for various occasions. It let you set contact of your choice and choose your preferred recording for fake calls. You can call background of your choice and let you upload any image from your device along with the caller name. This app supports 15 languages.

Smart Fake Call

Get Smart Fake Call  from iTunes

These were some of the best Prank Caller, Best Prank Call Apps 2018 or Prank Calling Apps to make fake calls on your phone. Use them cautiously.

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