Tubemate YouTube Downloader App Latest Version (2018) for Android

Looking for the best Youtube Downloader app? Look no further, Tubemate YouTube Downloader app is the number one choice for millions and the most popular YouTube downloader available. If you are not aware of this wonderful YouTube video downloader, here’s some of it’s main features. Tubemate YouTube Downloader is regarded as the fastest Youtube video downloader which is available for Android, iOs, Windows PC and Mac. Tubemate provides amazing download features and lets you download Youtube videos in various qualities directly to your device. Above all, Tubemate Youtube Downloader app is completely free. Tubemate Youtube Downloader app supports an incredible upto 4k video resolution and 60 FPS which is not provided by most downloaders. Another plus point is that Tubemate Youtube Downloader app does not have any annoying Ads which means you can download any videos without any interruptions. Not only that with Tubemate you can also download videos from Metacafe, Naver, Vinmeo and Daily motion as well.

This handy beautiful app – TubeMate YouTube Downloader developed by Devian Studio is no doubt the best YouTube Video downloaders right now. Tubemate is a very lightweight app with less than 5MB so it won’t have any memory usage issue with this app. It works well in all Android devices so there will be no problem with what Android version you are using.

Tubemate YouTube Downloader App

Some Features of TubeMate

Tubemate has a simple user interface, so using and downloading video is quite easy. It comes with a standard search bar design, like most apps, you just to have to search in the search bar. The search bar give users enough option to choose the video that you like and search it. The app gives you an option to select the quality of the video you want to download and supports different screen resolutions. It let you choose your desired resolution according to the device you are using. It supports Full HD 1080p and UHD 2160p videos that can be played by high end smart phone devices. Not just from YouTube, you can also download videos from other popular video streaming sites like Vimeo, Metacafe, Naver, Dailymotion, Vuclip, Facebook and many more.

Tubemate also supports different file formats, it let you download videos as MP4, FLV, MP3 or audio file format. But for this, you will need other third party applications like mp3 converter to play them. It has fast download mode with multiple connections for a download and all the downloads takes place at the background. So, while downloading you can perform multiple tasks such as browsing. The app also comes with the ability to pause and resume downloading. So, even if you lost your Internet connection or your download is interrupt for other reason, you can always resume your download without any problem. Like most apps, the app displays the progress of the downloads in the phone notification bar.

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The app also have an option to let you choose your download location. You can set this download location to you desire location such as external SD card or your phone storage. Keeping your external SD card as your default download location or storage is recommended. However, you can always change this when you are desire to do so from the settings menu.

The app comes with an inbuilt video player, so you can preview any videos before downloading or you can use it as your offline video player. Even if you are in a slow internet connection this app can play almost any video without any streaming problems and also it supports HD videos as well. The app also keeps you updated with the latest trending videos. With this app, you can also create your own custom playlist or favorites which you can also share with your friends through Google accounts or even in Twitter. Some of these features makes TubeMate as one of the best and recommended YouTube Video downloader app.

Where to Download TubeMate YouTube Downloader App or Tubemate APK

Please note that there a number of unofficial TubeMate app versions which are infected with virus that can be harmful for your phone. Also note that TubeMate YouTube Downloader is not available on Google Play Store, if you see any Tubemate version in Play store do not download it. Download only the official TubeMate app or TubeMate APK from it’s official Website.

How To Install Tubemate

To get and install Tubamate, follow the steps by steps instructions below;
1. As mentioned above, open your web browser and head over to, please note that this is the official website of Tubemate YouTube Downloader.

tubemate app
2. On the search bar of your web browser, type Once you entered the page, there will be a list of verified sites where you can download tubemate app or Tubemate apk.

tubemate download
3. Select any site from the list and click on the download link to download Tubemate apk file to your phone.
4. Once download is completed, Click on the download Tubemate apk to begin the installation process.
5. If the installation is blocked by your phone, you might have to allow installation of unknown sources from your device settings. To do this go to your phone Settings, Security, under Security check “Unknown Sources”.

tubemate install
6. Wait for the installation process to finish. It might take only a few seconds. Once the installation is completed open the app and start downloading.

How To Download Videos in Tubemate YouTube Downloader

To download Video files from YouTube and other sources using Tubemate, follow the instructions below;
1. Open Tubemate YouTube Downloader app from your device
2. Now choose the video you wish to download from the YouTube screen.

downloading video in tubemate
3. Click the download button which is at the top of your screen which is in green arrow button.

tubemate download button
4. Now, depending on your needs, select the resolution for the video you want to download, once you selected click on the Download button which is at the bottom of the screen. If you do not want to download you also the video in the selected resolution within the app by clicking the Play button.

tubemate download resolution
5. When the download started, the download status will be shown in the notification bar.
6. By pulling down the notification bar, you will be able to see the download progress and other download information of your video.
7. Once download is completed, you can instantly play or watch the downloaded video from the download list by just tapping on it.

How To Resume Video Download in Tubemate
In case if your download is interrupted or stopped midway for any reason, you can always continue downloading with the Resume feature. Please note that, this feature might not work on some other sites other than YouTube. Here’s how to resume your downloads.
1. Touch the menu icon of your downloaded file. See screenshot below.

tubemate resume downloadtubemate resume
2. It will take you to another page, and select Resume to continue your downloads. That’s it.

Converting File
In case if you download Video as an audio file such as MP3, M4A/AAC you can convert it by following the steps below;

1. Click on the “Download” arrow.
2. Choose the “Audio” format. See screenshot below.

convert audio
3. In the Download list, click the video option
4. Choose “Extract Audio (MP3)

extract audio in tubemate
5. Done!

Changing Download Folder.
Here’s how to Change the Download Folder
1. Go to the settings menu at the top left corner, choose the “preferences” in the menu.
2. Choose ‘Folder for Video’ or ‘Folder for Music’.
3. Now, change the download folder where you want your downloads to be located.

Changing Video Site

As mentioned earlier, Tubemate YouTube Downloader app supports downloading videos from other websties with standard HTML5 video contents. To download videos from other site other than Youtube, follow the steps;

1. Touch the Menu button which  at the top left of the screen.
2. Select a site from the list or input an URL directly.

changing site in tubemateHow To Use Tubemate Playlist

Tubemate YouTube Downloader app comes with its own video/audio playlist features. To use it follow the instructions;

1. You can create or add a downloaded video to a playlist by choosing “Add to playlist” in the option menu of the video from the download list. Streaming video can also be added to a playlist by choosing “Playlist” button after clicking download button.
2. Creating a new playlist in Tubemate YouTube Downloader app is quite simple. The app comes with a default playlist  “Current List” . To create your custom playlist just click add button at the top right of the screen. Please note that, the default Current List” maintains list of the currently playing video and will be cleared when the app is closed.
3. If you want to add video to the new playlist, just select the playlist you created, the video will be added to the list.
4. If you want to re-arrange the order of your playlist, just tap on the video or remove it from the playlist.
5. To play your playlist, just tap the Play button on the top of your screen.

If You Can’t Download Anything.

If you get the error or you can’t download anything with Tubemate YouTube Downloader app, please make sure that you download and install the latest version from the link given above only. Check the folder where your downloaded files are located. Also see if there is any problem with your external SD card. Check the storage capacity, in most cases it is due to not enough memory or storage, try changing the folder or move the downloaded in to the phone storage. Delete unnecessary files. Also always clear your phone cache. </ br>

If You Can’t Watch Downloaded Videos
If you face this problem, try downloading videos in lower resolution. Also make sure that your device can play higher resolution or HD. Some devices can’t play higher resolutions. Try  to play with some other third party player apps. 3rd party video players which support higher resolutions. Turn off and on your device and try again.

That’s it! Enjoy watching!

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