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What is Twitter Connect Tab:How to Discover New Accounts in Twitter?

What is Twitter Connect Tab:How to Discover New Accounts in Twitter?

Twitter on May 3, 2016 rolled out a new feature called “Connect Tab” which aimed at making easier for users to find interesting and relevant accounts to follow. Twitter Connect Tab will pull together follow recommendations based on where you’re located, who you already follow, and major events happening on Twitter. It also combines the ability to find friends and family from your phone’s Contact list with Twitter’s own algorithmically generated “Recommendations.”

Twitter Connect Tab will also show you why it’s suggesting you follow specific accounts (basically, if you follow a lot of basketball players, maybe you’ll want to follow more basketball players). If Connect sounds familiar, it’s probably because the Notifications tab used to have the same name. But now, instead of showing you what’s already happened, Twitter is hoping the Connect tab can actually live up to its name.

Though Twitter previously allowed you to view contacts from your address book, these are now available along with other suggestions through Connect. As before, Twitter will alert you when someone in your address book makes an account for the first time, too. The new feature will be available both on Android and iOS starting from today.

What is Twitter Connect Tab

According to the blog post on its official site, Twitter Connect Tab will connect you with the people you’re interested in —whether that’s someone across the world who shares your love for science-fiction, your friends and family, a politician, or your local sports team (go Warriors!). However, finding new accounts to follow used to require jumping through a few hoops and a dash of luck.

twitter Connect tab

Twitter also promises that will continue to refine over time — they look at who you already follow, Tweets you like, popular accounts in your local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and more. They will also let you know exactly why we’re showing you each recommendation.

The Connect tab also makes it easier to connect with your friends and family by giving you the option to automatically sync your address book. And if someone in your address book joins Twitter, we’ll let you know so you can give them a warm welcome.

How to use or Access Twitter Connect Tab?

To enjoy this latest feature Twitter’s new “Connect Tab” you must update or installed the latest version of the Twitter app. You can update from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Here’s how to discover new accounts on Twitter for iOS and Android apps using Connect Tab;

1. If you are on the iOS app: Tap the Connect icon
From the Android app: Depending on your region, tap the Connect icon or tap the overflow icon and select Connect.
2. Explore recommendations such as Trending Now, by swiping through the suggested accounts.
3. To explore additional recommendations, tap More.
4. To follow any listed account suggestion, tap the follow icon
5. Tap on Find friends to sync your contacts. When you sync your contacts, contacts from your device’s address book will be uploaded to Twitter on an ongoing basis.

How does Twitter find accounts to suggest?

Twitter’s account suggestions are based on algorithms that make personalized suggestions for you. You may see suggestions based on criterion such as your uploaded contacts to Twitter if someone has uploaded their contacts to Twitter, and your email address or phone number is included in their contacts. Twitter may also make suggestions based on your location, e.g. the city or country you are in. Also based on your activity on Twitter, such as your Tweets, who you follow, accounts you interact with, and Tweets you engage with. Twitter may include Promoted Accounts as suggestions for accounts for you to follow.

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