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What Does The Green Heart Mean On Tinder App

What Does The Green Heart Mean On Tinder App

Tinder is currently the world’s hottest app, it makes 26 million new matches each day and completely changed the way people meet around the world. If you’re not familiar, Tinder is an application used for dating, hooking up and chatting. Tinder matches people by simple mutual interest. It shows you all the men or women in your area, as a potential match (based on your profile details and settings), you have a choice to “ignore” them or “like” them. They will make the same choice about you on their own Tinder account. If both of you “like” or “Super Like” each other, you’re matched! Read on to find out What Does The Green Heart Mean On Tinder App or What Does The Tinder Green Heart Mean.

What Does The Tinder Green Heart Mean

Tinder makes use of GPS to finds location, it then uses your Facebook information to create your profile. A Tinder profile is basically made up of your first name, age, photos and any pages you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook. You can also include your education and occupation in your bio. With this data, Tinder then finds you potential matches near your location, you can narrow it down by age and distance, too.

What makes Tinder so great and popular is that there is only Match when two people are mutually attracted to each other, so you only talk to those you want to. Also, you can have multiple open chats and plan all the dates you want.

What Does the Green Heart Mean on Tinder?

Now back to the main purpose of this. When you go to your main screen on Tinder App, you should see a photo and a brief description of a potential match. Below the person’s profile, there are four buttons, the Refresh button, Red X button, Green Heart Button and the Blue Star.

The Refresh button or icon is the Super Like. This function won’t work unless you have a subscription to Tinder Plus, which is Tinder’s paid premium service. X button indicates No. If you don’t like the current potential match or the current profile, tap the red “X” icon, or you can slide your finger across the screen from right to left. This will mean that you “ignore” this user, so you won’t be matched, even if they “like” you. The blue star icon means that you “super like” your current potential match. Then, when your profile shows up on their Tinder account, it will be highlighted to let them know that you’re really interested in him or her.

What Does The Green Heart Mean On Tinder App

So, What is this Tinder Green Heart mean? If you tap on the Green Heart button or Icon or slide your finger across the screen from left to right, it indicates or means that you “Like” your potential match or that particular profile or user. If they tap back the Green Heart icon or choose to “Like” you as well, when your profile shows up on their Tinder account, the two of you will be matched.

The Green Heart on Tinder basically means that you’re telling that person you find him or her attractive. The best thing is that the other user will not know you like him/her unless he or she also presses the green heart. In that case, Tinder announces that there has been a match and you can decide if you want to chat with them.

Tinder Green Heart on Tinder Message

The recent Tinder update has added a new feature in Tinder Chat/Tinder Message, the ability to add or send GIFS and also to “LIKE” a message from another user, which essentially looks like the Green Heart function on Twitter. The Green Heart in Chat/Messages means that you like or agree with what the other person has said, also to let your match know that their messaging game is strong. It works similar to a Thumb Emjoi indicating LIKE in other messaging platforms.

Tinder Green Heart on Tinder Message

Bonus: Some Tips

  • Since Tinder pulls information from your Facebook profile, make sure that you have a properly functioning Facebook account. Select pics from your Facebook for your profile image, add additional photos from your Instagram account as well. Please make sure to have a proper display pics that should attract some attention. If you don’t Tinder to pull information from Facebook, see our post on How to use Tinder Without Facebook.
  • Try to have as many Friends on Facebook as possible. That would increase your chances of getting more common connections.
  • Keep more than 3 display pics with different angles, also provide your full body shots too.
  • If you have an Instagram account, upload all the photos from Instagram to your Tinder account.
  • Try broadening the age limit & the Search limit distance.
  • “Like” more potential matches; a small chance is better than no chance.
  • Use the “super like” function to let a potential match know that you like them.
  • Get a subscription to Tinder Plus to power up your matching tools.
  • Be careful in you writing pick up lines, you can see our collection of some of The Worst and Best Tinder Pickup Lines.
  • Have patience.

Now that you know how Tinder works and the Tinder Green Heart, do you dare to use it?

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